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  1. Wolf

    Gravenhurst watch out!!

    I'll second that. They did a great job for us.
  2. Wolf

    Port Sydney Gas

    And the sign's are up... it's actually called Smith's once again. After all this time a lot of people still referred to it as Smith's Gulf so guess the owners decided to rename it as such. Recently saw someone here on the forum refer to it as Smith's Gulf, must be an old timer like me.
  3. Wolf

    gas & dash

    That would give you 6 numbers no? Zip codes are 5 numbers. Saw an article in recent CAA magazine indicating that you can use the 3 numbers only of your Postal Code and add 2 0's to it As an example if your Postal Code is M5G 2E1 the enter 52100 . Haven't had a chance to try it yet though.
  4. Wolf

    What a CRAPPY Weekend

    Like your idea of the camera. Any recommendations on model and where to get one at a decent price? Thx
  5. Wolf

    Groomer GPS Tracking System - Batteries dying

    I'd have to agree with you there, GPS units shouldn't draw much power at all, insignificant during the grooming season if the battery and charging system are in good shape. Why not consider a battery tender unit? I use these for my off season battery storage requirements and know numerous folks who are having great success with them when storing vintage vehicles.
  6. Wolf

    Toronto Snowmobile/ATV Show (2012)

    Interesting now that Apple has brought out their mini it is being touted in the media as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Two years after the others, twice as expensive and still lacking a number of features of the others.
  7. Wolf

    favorite video

    Think your right. I heard that too. Looks like the small craft route south of Go Home Bay
  8. The evolution of Jet Skiing? http://www.gizmag.co...rt-boots/20772/
  9. Wolf

    A new track system

    Ya noticed the link to the lug nuts area as well except in the case of the Hummer installation. Regardless the lug nuts normally rotate in the same direction as the wheels. Using reverse directions would result in significantly different ratios I would think. Agree that there must be much more to it.
  10. Wolf

    A new track system

    Wondering how they get the tracks rotating in the right direction.
  11. Wolf

    A new track system

    Check this out....
  12. My thought process is the same as when I'm driving my car or truck on the road.. In these situations I encourage them to pass as soon as possible...I'd rather have you in front of me than behind.
  13. Wolf

    New Restaurant near Kashe Lake?

    YES!! That's the place I was referring to in my original message. A quick look as I drove by had me thinking it was a restaurant. Will have to check it out next time I drive up that way. Thanks for the info Slomo.
  14. Wolf

    New Restaurant near Kashe Lake?

    No it's not that one; that one's called Stop 11 or something like that now- used to be a Country Style. I'm referring to the one quite close nad just south of the Denne Marine building on the east side of Hwy. 11. Can't remember the intersection but think it is south of the one you reference.
  15. Wolf

    New Restaurant near Kashe Lake?

    Don't think so. Recall building there before just south of Denne Marine but can't recall what it used to be.