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  1. crispy

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    We already PAY POLICE to protect and serve. They are bound by oath to investigate crimes reported and theft is MAJOR CRIME. But that would involve effort, effort that doesnt involve zooming around on sleds or helicopters or boats playing badass. To be crystal clear here, the CORE issue is political problems that have been driven by the lefty policy swinging wayyyyy too far out. The OPP openly campaigned for relecting Kathleen Wynne which is ILLEGAL and hardly a person made a peep and the OPP was blatant that it was about raises for them and screw everyone else. I guess? Well now look at what is happening to the police? If you think their political support to LUNATICS is not the big teeth now biting them in the ars? Your fooling yourselves. Teachers, Fire Fighters, and on and on and on its coming for all of you people ( pun intended ) You simply cannot work with people whos political goals are to keep moving the goal post every time you get near. This is PRECISELY what Trudope and ALL of todays Liberals are doing and the NDP wants to go even harder with their great leap BS. I know some of you here likely hate me for pointing this stuff out in previous discussions I remember the "shut him down" crap. Remember, Im posting this FOR YOU because if your Canadian? I want the BEST for you and todays liberals and NDP are the worst of the three.
  2. crispy

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    Police Helicopters chasing snowmobilers who might be speeding? Not my tax dollars thank you. Have you seen the base salary for police these days? Real crime is up, complaints against police are up and has been moving upwards for years. If your unfortunate enough to suffer a crime the police rarely show up. Most of the calls to police are domestic issues and their track record has been pretty awful for deescalating mental health related problems. While this left wing defund the police NONSENSE is literally just that, your fooling yourselves if you dont see changes to the current policing budgets and methods coming, and coming BIG
  3. crispy

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    Stupid is as stupid does. Thankfully stupidity cannot be ignored forever, we have to speak the truth regardless of those who want to shut us down and ride out this mess. Theres a quote I think applies here; “1. Hard times create strong men. 2. Strong men create good times. 3. Good times create weak men. And, 4. weak men create hard times.” We are in stage 4 right now. The humor is watching some people openly scream and shout down at people like me, try to shut anyone who speaks truth and cancel them for speaking against it. Yep, thats gonna look good on ya in 20 years there, good luck with that
  4. crispy

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    So sorry for the landowner. Respect the law and dont trespass. Funny isn't it how the coppers are out in full force harassing sledders on our OWN TRAILS yet none are set up catching these blatant trespassers on ATV's? Nice job there
  5. crispy


    Hes probably too busy innovating to look back. Him, the Boivins, and Holtzman are another set of brilliant innovators
  6. crispy


    Cheapest easiest fastest solution and almost certainly what will happen is a negotiated settlement and roylaty use moving forward or redesign away from the patent. Sucks to see this, but its a good sign that the courts are standing up for the law. As for Kirk Hibbert, does he hold a patent? If so off to court he should go
  7. crispy

    AJ Lester

    Very sad news, so sorry to hear. Best wishes for a full recovery
  8. crispy

    Stolen Sleds Recovered

    Thieves suck, hopefully in prison
  9. crispy

    Trying times

    Good time to count your many blessings and be thankful we live in Canada. Best wishes to everyone through this silent storm
  10. crispy


    Ive suffered a lot of failures too. More engine meltdowns than I can count. The scariest was during a loooooooong water crossing in Northern Ont on a Mach 1 where the PRS boot was cracked and powder snow was getting in and caused the clutch to suddenly slip, over rev'd it and burned the motor down. Standing on 1" of cracking ice trying to figure out a way out of there, not too fun lemme tell ya. This was a dumb situation furthered by our so called guide at the time making a dumb decision. It was my first time in the area I had no idea what we were riding into. Fortunately aside from the engine, no one was hurt that day. I put a stud through the heat exchanger on my brand new MXz second ride out up in Cochrane. Melted the pistons a few mins later,, first day of holiday yippeee! I've had torsion springs fail a couple times, one wrapped up in the track so bad we couldnt move the seld. That was near Bancroft. Its part of this sport especially with two strokes
  11. crispy

    Fatal WEst of Listowel, D9

    Tragic loss. Condolences to the family and friends, RIP
  12. crispy

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    I'll be even more BLUNT! Hey can manufacturers WAKE UP and innovate rather than wait to be regulated, create the standard by researching legal DB requirements and get out in front of these issues before Gov't or law enforcement needs to be involved. Market that your products meet legal DB requirements and show off the tag YOU CREATE before someone creates it for you etc etc etc. Snell is simply a family who lost a son to a crash they blamed the crappy helmet for his death on. They created a standard, pipe guys ought to be doing the same considering all the flack these damn things are causing the entire sport
  13. crispy

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    I dont see why a standard cant be set for the suppliers to meet and get a certification sticker ( think DOT for tires, helmets etc ) if the can has the tag welded to it its met the legal requirements and thats that. Off road pipes or cans? No tag, ticket the idiot if hes on a trail. Its not that complicated. I dont like the spot check for no reason thing though. My wifes family were whisked off to the Gulag never to be seen again by police with too much power and yes some of you are laughing at that comment thinking something about how ridiculous etc etc etc but let me tell you the police there didnt hold elections on getting this power, the people willingly went along with random stops at first, then random paperwork checks, then random house inspections to check for illegal things reported by "someone" who sources cant be revealed during an ongoing investigation and then BAM, rights gone, off to the gulag you go and NO WRITTEN HISTORICAL RECORDS OR ACCOUNTABILITY by the state. Its all hush hush the state is super great and everything is better blah firggity blah. DONT give up freedoms even if you dont like them, work around giving them up to the LAW and find a smarter way forward
  14. crispy

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    This. Push back intensely until this is established and the aftermarket will comply and they can keep selling their stuff. The Government peeps do take the easy road, DON'T MAKE GIVING UP FREEDOMS EASY!!! After all this is a freedom. Be the squeaky wheel here and be respectful and intelligent about it. I dont like the loud cans anymore either but as power goes up so does decibels its a fact. There are ways to tune a muffler to compliance at pretty much any power level, to practically any DB level its only a matter of cost, and WEIGHT. Two things no one willingly asks for more of
  15. crispy

    2021 Doo Release

    Renegade 850 turbo 200hp is my guess