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  1. Screw sled permits. Rider permits are the way to go just like plate to owner days its a zillion times better. Rider buys permit and rides whatever sled he wants. Same with insurance, insure the rider not the machine save for fire/theft/collision
  2. I was out of line, this was not the thread for this. Feel free to edit it all out other than the initial post
  3. I cant say much either, it will boil my blood. Trudeau is a classless Idiot, whos morally bankrupt
  4. As for gas maybe the OFSC could start looking into Card Lock type filling stations? Priced accordingly of course and premium fuel only of course and NO ETHANOL of course. Might be a way to keep that run open?
  5. Wont happen. Same crap happened at Friday harbour the developers sued the local landowners for legal costs who took legal action to stop the development. Take Adamson case and fees he would be WISE to not ignore the paperwork and simply fight it out. He will win we do not have a police system that works for some for "free" and others who must "pay" If that were the case how about billing all those G20 protesters
  6. Say what you want about me, its rather interesting that all of you cant get my comments out of your head, even if they are blocked? Maybe you ought to think about that a while and see if you can make sense of it. Stay safe everyone. Trudeau has failed Canada on epic levels, only completely lost people wont admit that now.
  7. Automobiles are subsidized. Boats and sleds are not. The value of "toys" is high because since Mcsquinty/Wynnebag and Trudope have put our credit into such bad shape our purchasing power is now about 50% and dropping fast of what it was ten years ago. This is only the beginning.... hold my beer Its gonna get fugly soon
  8. Great looking sled! Launch control with no traction control? That aint launch control thats a stutter box. Take a GTR for a spin, thats launch control.
  9. Right I was wondering about pump gas and reliability and also curious how much hp was gained.
  10. Turbo Doo did you get yours performance tuned?
  11. We already PAY POLICE to protect and serve. They are bound by oath to investigate crimes reported and theft is MAJOR CRIME. But that would involve effort, effort that doesnt involve zooming around on sleds or helicopters or boats playing badass. To be crystal clear here, the CORE issue is political problems that have been driven by the lefty policy swinging wayyyyy too far out. The OPP openly campaigned for relecting Kathleen Wynne which is ILLEGAL and hardly a person made a peep and the OPP was blatant that it was about raises for them and screw everyone else. I guess? Well now look at what is happening to the police? If you think their political support to LUNATICS is not the big teeth now biting them in the ars? Your fooling yourselves. Teachers, Fire Fighters, and on and on and on its coming for all of you people ( pun intended ) You simply cannot work with people whos political goals are to keep moving the goal post every time you get near. This is PRECISELY what Trudope and ALL of todays Liberals are doing and the NDP wants to go even harder with their great leap BS. I know some of you here likely hate me for pointing this stuff out in previous discussions I remember the "shut him down" crap. Remember, Im posting this FOR YOU because if your Canadian? I want the BEST for you and todays liberals and NDP are the worst of the three.
  12. Police Helicopters chasing snowmobilers who might be speeding? Not my tax dollars thank you. Have you seen the base salary for police these days? Real crime is up, complaints against police are up and has been moving upwards for years. If your unfortunate enough to suffer a crime the police rarely show up. Most of the calls to police are domestic issues and their track record has been pretty awful for deescalating mental health related problems. While this left wing defund the police NONSENSE is literally just that, your fooling yourselves if you dont see changes to the current policing budgets and methods coming, and coming BIG
  13. Stupid is as stupid does. Thankfully stupidity cannot be ignored forever, we have to speak the truth regardless of those who want to shut us down and ride out this mess. Theres a quote I think applies here; “1. Hard times create strong men. 2. Strong men create good times. 3. Good times create weak men. And, 4. weak men create hard times.” We are in stage 4 right now. The humor is watching some people openly scream and shout down at people like me, try to shut anyone who speaks truth and cancel them for speaking against it. Yep, thats gonna look good on ya in 20 years there, good luck with that
  14. So sorry for the landowner. Respect the law and dont trespass. Funny isn't it how the coppers are out in full force harassing sledders on our OWN TRAILS yet none are set up catching these blatant trespassers on ATV's? Nice job there
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