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  1. New front end on the doos looks promising
  2. Lax legal system promotes criminality. Crazy aint a strong enough word
  3. Fubar! Anyone who attempts such a thing is a scum bag for dragging liability into the club. Hopefully the OFSC has enough legal front end to absolve themselves from any such stupidity. If you cant drive and control your vehicle? Its not the road or trails providers fault. Weasels who try and leverage liability like that are the kind of scum who are ruining the Canadian way of life.
  4. Interesting to see the differing view points here. If i was on a bench in that one? Sled guilty of careless driving. Trucker zero charges. Sled at fault 100% in my eyes.
  5. ? Sled is at fault 100%. Drivers a total dumbass imo. He's darn lucky as mentioned above that was a real trucker and not some humbolt dolt.
  6. Sno-Rake. Great products I use one of these and have different length handles for different jobs. They have a lot of different products I use the one linked below. I got onto these by Roy Foss when we got my wifes Caddy I went to pick it up there was a guy on the lot going to town scrubbing snow off the caddy's in the lot with one of these. Of course my curiosity got me over talking to him as I couldn't believe it wouldn't damage the paint. You can scrub the snow almost scraper like off painted surfaces without damage. Love mine, had it over ten years too still going strong and it sits outside leaning up by the door all winter long too. https://snorake.com/products/sno-rake-101
  7. crispy


    So did mine. Thats how we got wrapped into this mess by good be staying quiet while narcissistic said plenty and did all the damaged. No speaking out now is akin to consent. Time for silence and trust has unfortunately passed
  8. crispy


    You have to be a certain kind of bonkers to support a government scheme that by design makes living life harder, more expensive, and grants freedoms away to government bureaucracies. HARD NO! Carbon tax must go.
  9. Happy new year everyone! Not to sound like an old fart but dont drive if your drinkin!
  10. I think you are correct on the year. In fact Im almost certain is was 84 now that I think more'on it 😳 hence my question mark. I was back and forth so many times in the 80's it was all a blur but the sled prices out west were literally half of what they were in Ontario. What triggers the memory most is a buddy of mine bought a 85/6 formula MX new and that was the second winter with the Blizzards so it must have been 84. Geez when did 84 become a long time ago? 🤣
  11. El Nino is so severe this year the forecast carries it until April. Sometimes the nino brings insane snow falls later in the season but if the base doesnt freeze up, well you all know. I remember in 81 or 2? Same sort of inflation problem ironically another Trudeau issue also had a couple extremely mild winters out west. I bought a couple blizzards cheap as heck with almost no miles. One was a 79 7500 RV style. Wish I kept that one. I barely rode it iirc it had 1500 miles on it when I sold it in 89. I rode the hell out of that 9500 though, that thing rocked
  12. It's simple. It's all about money, debt is not going to get us anywhere good. EV's are a money loser at the moment we need to fund the shift and increase innovation which takes even more money. We have oil to sell, we need oil in the short term and as mentioned earlier we can greatly improve the entire oil consumption industry once we have the money to do so. We need the money first so its time to sell sell sell oil and begin planning and developing once we actually have the money, not before. As always we get what we pay for. Period
  13. #4 i took a stab at it because I thought the stripe was the purple. I should have added the ? to the end of that one. After closer look with fresh eyes the stripe appears to be red. The ski roule guess was just because of colour kinda in the ballpark. Wasn't sure and looks like you guys got it. I dont think I ever saw an AMF skidaddler. Man there was a boat load of sled brands back then. Most had the same or similar motors though. JLO, Sachs etc
  14. 1. Rupp 2. moto ski 3. Boa-ski 4. Arctic cat 5. Snow-Hawk 6. Johnson snow cruiser 7. ski-doo, olympic? 8. ski-whizz 9. Ski-Roule? 10. Merc SR 11. Moto ski, capri? 12. Skidoo citation 13. cant see it 14. Evinrude 15. John Deer 16. Polaris 17. Snow Jet? 18. Huski Diablo rouge I cant get most of the models. Any vintage sled fans my buddy Matt here has a great channel eh! GIve em a like and subscribe he works hard at this
  15. Under the current regime crookedness I can sure relate to that. Realistically there is no need for anyone to be left out of the supply chain. We need to run LNG and crude lines to every province. We can equalize taxation so the competition is fair province to province or do like the breweries did, must brew in own province to sell in said province. Plenty of ways to make sure everyone gets made whole when we are actually generating income instead of piling on debt. Debt can only reach so far before inflation takes off. Generating wealth has an entirely different knock on event. Ironically the most significant event for haves is many use less resources than poor due to top line cleaner technology and happy at home because home is awesome and not some tar paper shack. The entire lie the Liberals and NDP climate mongers have sold us is complete hooey. In no sensible fashion whatsoever is it going to accomplish anything of benefit for the climate, and especially not for the people. Its the bend over and line up for your shot plan. No thanks
  16. We have enough oil reserves in Canada to service our demand for over 1000 years. I've said this before so I'll say it again. Can you imagine how good we would have it if the stoppid federal libs put all their efforts into improving Canadas oil and gas industry instead of gutting it? Start with nation wide pipeline supply to every province and Territory. Offer incentivized profit sharing to all employees who innovate ideas to improve emissions on refining. Take all the carbon tax off and cut the rest of the tax in half. This alone would make it financially impossible to import oil into Canada which would save massive emissions. Once we had supply finalized and working add a 1% tax for a university solely dedicated to improving ICE emissions and performance again with profit sharing incentives for students who develop technology that improves overall gains in both areas. Patent and sell at fare rates the useage of said tech to the rest of the worlds manufacturers which will do a massive amount more to reduce emissions than any stupid carbon tax ever will. Remember this school would be focused on all transportation. Looking for gains and improvements everywhere; trains, planes, autos, boats all of it. Off the top of my head I would easily believe we could see a 50% drop in fuel useage in ten years if we focused on how to use fuel better instead of leaving it as is and simply how to make it more expensive. Once this is moving along add a 5% tax and bind it to law to eradicate Canadas debt. Once the debt is gone use the 5% to generate a sovereign wealth fund. Using only gains upon this fund never touching the principal to improve health care. Begin the same model with health care where we improve care and service to worlds number 1 ranking. Then use half the gains from the fund to service this system once completed #1 ranking and the other half to start a medical university with sole purpose of innovating newer and better health care technology again with profit sharing to the students who invent things/drugs/etc that improve health. License those patents out globally. Once that system is up and running we can start serious talks of what to do next
  17. Not much for vintage sleds this year. Lots of attendees though, seemed like a much bigger turn out than last year
  18. Happy thanksgiving all! I must have gained five pounds tonight 🦃
  19. Anyone know whats up with the North Bay ice drags? Used to be a huge event
  20. A close friend of mine retired and moved to Kingston. I've never ridden the area he doesnt do the internet so anyone here familiar with the area is it any good for sledding? Do they get decent snowfall out there? What about Prince Edward county is there trails all through there or none? I checked the OFSC site but it seems theres no longer trail info published for the summer ( weird ) so I cant do my usual look see.
  21. The goal is to make profit, this is precisely what our economy needs. More profit not less. Profit is money spent on wants not basic essentials. We surely do not want to live in a Country where the only things we can afford are basic needs. If people do not spend money on wants those sectors dry up and go away and are not so easy to restart. For instance why dont we all band together and open a snowmobile manufacturing co and compete with BRP? Ridiculous concept surely you all agree. But if BRP gets hurt and made non profitable the sleds we love go bye bye. Yamaha just did this for this reason. Not profitable enough to be worthwhile anymore. To intentionally drive up costs to produce and make profiteering some sort of boogey man to sell to the public is what the Liberals are doing and quite successfully too I might add. Just look at the sheer exodus of Ontarios manufacturing and business sector under Kathleen Wynnes ridiculous policies and hydro costs. The numbers of corporations that pulled the pin, packed up and closed or moved to the United States under Ontario Liberals watch was staggering and should scare the pants off of all of us. Think about it. Blindly and intentionally driving profitable businesses into financial ruin by design. Thats the government Ontario voted for. Trudeaus butt buddy Gerald Butts was key in these efforts with McGuinty/Wynne. Sure the school teachers all got raises during this time, and sure the cupe guys all got taken care of, all with DEBT not a one of these systems is safe now that the finances are in shambles. The smart move would have been to not do the windmill scam crap and not try and buy votes with billion plus dollars of scuttled Oakville gas plants etc etc etc. In order to pay the bills we all need corporations to make a lot more profits. The only way to do this is to create an environment where these business interests are protected to insure their investments over time to make it worthwhile to grow and stay in Ontario, and Canada as a whole. Right now our corporate investment is at frightening low levels and why wouldnt it be? The Liberal/NDP scam artists have everyone angry at busines making profits as if this is somehow bad for us? Wow, shocked here. The ability to pull the wool over Canadians eyes is so easy these days. Point the finger and say" Thats the bad guy! Next thing you know the companies who bring our food to stores for us look like this
  22. Bob Rae NDP one and only term as Ontario gov't ran the deficits up so extreme during his tenure Mike Harris had to make some rash moves to get the finances back in order. Harris had his hands full and like him or dislike him he did what he campaigned for ( only Canadian elected official I know of who actually did this ) and he left Ontario with a balanced budget. Took selling off some huge assets to do this. Sucks that this was done, but surely better than firing half the government workers and services instead. Financial choices are hard. None that are worthwhile are ever easy. Easy promises and lies is what the NDP and Liberals do. Never live up to their promises and always bury us in more debt. All the same? Now thats a lie and a load of BS. If they are all the same why dont you all simply vote for who I tell you too and we can cease ever arguing or talking about any of this again, after all they are all the same why not kill two birds with one stone? TCW3
  23. Apologies it sort of slipped into it. Seems all too easy to do nowadays, everything is one remark or comment away from it. Looking ahead to days when it doesnt all turn political every two seconds.
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