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  1. Also looks like they are starting a scrap yard, old vehicles all over with hoods up, and junk all over the back too. Do not even want to check it out anymore.. shame it is.
  2. I think it is great. for the couple of bucks it is , nice when you are out on trail and do need to know road names etc etc. have not tried the location thing with friends yet but kinda cool too.
  3. O-YA bring it better than Christmas. will be either this or this
  4. me and my wife love are TS skis adjust for conditions is great , we do not find darting issues and I have 6000km on mine and her sled has 11,000km and they are still fine shape, only had to shim skis from get go, set toe, and set snowmobile up for riders weight. I find to check this stuff as my dealer never does and is always off. I have had one set of snow trackers on a Yamaha I owned one time, ya they where great one hand steering but found I could never back up and turn around on any type of loose trail without spinning /trenching and getting stuck. on a super hard pack road/trail yes you could. for that reason I will stay away. I also tried the 7" plus the extra .25" ts carbides on my sled when it was brand new never tried the stock except maybe for a quick rip around home, but changed them and went north, found they where to much and put stock back on, the 4 stroke does not need the extra bite . i will not complain to much on price they last for us. " just my 2 cents."
  5. one of these times we will meet up. maybe even get you"s over for a burg and beer and a chat, I am only a minute or two off the A trail, now that the detour has been made .
  6. bar good to go. when I was there a couple weeks back I got a burg, no fries on menu. so did not ask for them. but I did notice at the table that the locals kind of sit at, the one closest to the food window. a couple burgs got served with fries on there plate ?. was so busy the day I was there, there is no way the oven would keep up to the fry orders. maybe just to painful for them to try and serve anymore. just a thought. getting things ready to head back up soon for a few more weeks of winter fun
  7. been riding that area for years and years and still have a hard time with timmins
  8. A 103 is part yellow now
  9. bearcat 5000 = 64.4 litre tank damm. I wish my sled had that , I hate when they improve fuel mileage on sleds then take away fuel capacity.
  10. Filled wifes sled yesterday "always fill full and burp each time " 242km on wifes 900 ace and was 28.4 L to fill no fuel lite yet and still showing a bar on gauge. Still had 11.6L in tank. And it never goes off sport mode . Now if only my 900t would do that.
  11. Asked Kenny they are logging on west side of L103
  12. ΔΉ 103 one of my favorite little loops, leave cottage A trail south to A103 over to A106c to C trail up to smooth rock falls back on A to home great day ride for wife and I to get some fresh air
  13. Ha I am going to ask for other half of L103 see if this works or not.
  14. C trail from smooth rock just went yellow
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