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  1. cookster

    Fuel Mileage Challenge (kind of)

    bearcat 5000 = 64.4 litre tank damm. I wish my sled had that , I hate when they improve fuel mileage on sleds then take away fuel capacity.
  2. cookster

    Fuel Mileage Challenge (kind of)

    Filled wifes sled yesterday "always fill full and burp each time " 242km on wifes 900 ace and was 28.4 L to fill no fuel lite yet and still showing a bar on gauge. Still had 11.6L in tank. And it never goes off sport mode . Now if only my 900t would do that.
  3. cookster

    Cochrane area conditions

    O-ya L123 open
  4. cookster

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    Asked Kenny they are logging on west side of L103
  5. cookster

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    ΔΉ 103 one of my favorite little loops, leave cottage A trail south to A103 over to A106c to C trail up to smooth rock falls back on A to home great day ride for wife and I to get some fresh air
  6. cookster

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    Ha I am going to ask for other half of L103 see if this works or not.
  7. cookster

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    C trail from smooth rock just went yellow
  8. cookster

    Cochrane area conditions

    -3 this morn 4" of fresh powder over nite. Mission for the day was for wife and I to go for lunch in ramore/rollys restaurant well A trail to Matheson was A+ groomed great and with the fresh powder was a superb ride. Matheson to rollys well it was a R-motion work out but not that terrible will get better over time as trail is just opening up. Lunch was very good, always like it at rollys, and ride home was still very good bit ruffer due to traffic . 335km of pure winter fun. Not a lot of pics but a couple for you.
  9. cookster

    Cochrane area conditions

    Same as every day up here fairly good in the morn and ruff coming home. Get off of A trail and enjoy the loops L119 and 125 are as usual great L101 was good and L103 to the bridge and back was great.. just glad I am putting km on.
  10. cookster

    Cochrane area conditions

    to damm hard to text and ride. and as of jan 1st even worse fines. LOL 14 hrs and counting till heading back up to cottage.
  11. cookster

    Cochrane Travel Centre - NEW

    yep it is just A&W fills the gap
  12. cookster

    Cochrane Travel Centre - NEW

    had a teen burger and fry and a root beer on the 27th there sit and eat joint. not to sure about the little caesars express looked like a oven warmer on back wall in the convenience store, did not look to close
  13. cookster

    Cochrane area conditions

    enjoy guys, worth the trip for sure. I can not wait for wife and kids to get home from the south. have a quick visit with kids and send them back to there homes. so wife and I can head north. couple more pics not of much but may give you a idea of snow amount. never take very many pics when I am out. the detour on A trail on way to green water park is only a few hundred yards from my cottage this year just on the other side of lower deception lake. damm near see it , trees just a wee bit to high.
  14. cookster

    Cochrane area conditions

    was going to post this in club Ontario north but I seen this post. just came back from Cochrane. was up for a week. was great 22 23 24 25 26 but on the 27 the traffic picked up big time and it was warm, so the trails got very ruff and beat up. but to be expected with the traffic. the clubs are working there butts off trying to please people with what they have "not a lot of snow by any means" but hey ruff trails /beat trails are better than no trails, do not get me wrong they are pretty good for as early as it is in the season, and when groomed they are good usually ruff by end of day. HATS OFF to all the clubs in the north for what they are doing. O did I mention the traffic full house in Cochrane. heading back on Jan 2 just waiting on wife to come home from florida "I opted for the north instead" and we are heading to cottage with 2 other couples for a week then when they leave me and wife are staying for another week here is a couple pics last one gives you a idea of district 9 trails around my house when I got home from the north. PS I was checked twice by the cops for the usual stuff so they are checking " good to see"
  15. cookster

    itg ?

    ya new app on phone and updated, wifi and data on all the time and every once in a while it updates. still not showing green on the L103 loop on my phone but when you click on it it says 14.3 km available and 19 unavailable, but on my home computer it shows green on first half and closed on second half and when you click on it it shows the same 14.3 avaiablel and 19 not available. no biggie just something I noticed, there are other area's I see are not the same either. hate to be out riding and they close a trail that was open and for some reason it gets closed and I do not see it because my phone app is way behind. not going to loose sleep over it , just something I noticed. come on sunday heading north:)