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  1. Absolutely! We enjoyed it last March too. A little off the trail (L123) if you're touring thru, and a pretty big lunch too. But definitely better than grinding thru town.
  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! What a disappointment, we loved that spot and so convenient with gas there too. Now it's back to that $h!t-show thru Kap again.
  3. Just a shot in the dark: Anyone know someone who might have a flywheel for a Yamaha YS-624 Snowblower? Or someone who repairs them and might have scrap parts? It's not a common part to replace but maybe someone broke a rod or something? Flywheels were the same for like forever. This recoil grenaded and munched the flywheel. New one is $600 !!! Then again, new tracked blower is 4 grand. Appreciate any help or info.
  4. Would pay rates not be decided at a separate Trails Committee meeting? Trails Committee board may be a different set of delegates, no?
  5. There is evidence of substantial reno occurring at Caswell, with piles of old materials etc piling up outside. Time will tell how extensive and effective they are.
  6. So, speaking of accolades, a big shout out is in order to Gaston's Sports in Kap. Last week we unloaded our cousin's Vector at the Advantage only to discover an oil puddle in his trailer, and another one growing slowly in the snow under the sled. A quick look indicated it was not a cracked oil tank, but seeping out from the belly. Not something we were going to address in a frozen parking lot. Rather than load up and head home we called Gaston's and they said "Bring it right over." Dropped it off at 10 am and they called us back at noon. Turns out it was not a big issue, and the bill was
  7. You guys not worried about +5 and rain next week?
  8. Yes, I have an opinion about this, don't need to discuss it.
  9. To be fair, I understand he later earned a degree in Public Health Admin or something like that. One of the problems with removing him is there is a shortage of 'qualified' Public Health professionals. Apparently, there are a number of Districts with 'Acting' Heads for that reason. The other challenge is he is a card carrying Conservative and they will circle the wagons. He ran (unsuccessfully) in about 2004-2008 to be Conservative Candidate (MPP I think). Not defending him by any means, just offering info.
  10. And once again he will stonewall because he is the all and powerful Oz.
  11. Yup, Cheerios' plot to convert us all to criminals is gaining steam.
  12. Interesting. We were stranded in Capreol one time and CAA refused to help. Said he wouldn't "play that game."
  13. Rona Ambrose coulda kicked his ass with her eyes closed but I guess she's too smart to get in that deep.
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