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  1. ran into a group a couple years ago, same thing all over the trail, never on their own side. They don't respect anything or anybody but themselves so not much chance of any courteousy on the trail. Respect should have been taught when they were younger.
  2. With all the negative comments i can't believe the MPP (who was elected) for this area isn't stepping in to help this (appointed) guy clear this up. But then I can't buy a tv at this store but i can at another. hmmmm
  3. Now that there is a whole new can of worms so to speak. Thats just been allowed to fester and fester and fester. Yup welcome to downtown Burbank.
  4. Is that good or bad though? Our mayor doesn't live in our city and since she doesn't think drugs and crime are a problem i don't think she has been here since this started.
  5. That is thoroughly disgusting . there has to be a way to catch these morons. Just a total lack of respect.
  6. Seems funny that now that they closed the trails for this , yet where were they at the start of the season when they were tearing up closed trails and pissing off our great landowners.
  7. my thoughts exactly. from what i read some places don't have whats needed to do the tests before boarding so they are exempt. wonderful
  8. It is amazing that it happened twice (in one week) let alone a third time. Air Transat is Canadian out of Montreal. Pearson is no better. Have a friends son doing work there and he says it is terrifying to watch what goes on. Crowds of people just doing what they want. Hes thankful he is in an area where people aren't allowed. And yet we can't snowmobile or slide down a hill . PS. I went for a short walk today, no one around except the clown that opened his door and told me to go home.
  9. Just read the headlines in the Sun. another plane load of sick people land in Montreal with Air Transit. the 3rd plane load in two weeks. Yet i can't sled down a trail or take my grandkids sliding in the park.
  10. When the trail is closed they can ticket everyone instead of just catching the odd one. Making it so much more lucrative a cash grab for them
  11. that is amazing Dan to see that little snow at this time of year, from your photos from previous years.
  12. that pretty well sums it up. Can't shop for a tv in my friends store but i can go to costco or walmart and shop for one. This closing trails is bs. Whats the difference putting gas in my car or snowmobile, picking up takeout from a restaurant. its going to prove nothing.Factories supposed to be working safely through this but look at Conestoga Meats . Schools closed yet school kids sickness up 53% since January 1 when no school. Teacher has a test goes back to school and 3 days later 6 classrooms sent home cause he is positive but don't you dare think of snowmobiling. Its going to be a long time to end if they don't go to the source. Forgot father and 2 kids kicked off hill in Cambridge park on sunday. Apparently not allowed.
  13. I think i might be more inclined to get my insurance money back. Its about 3 X the cost of a trail pass and how much do clubs spend before they find out their trails will not open .I'm sure they all spend money before the first snowfall.
  14. There are too many now that have no respect for anything or anybody but themselves. thats terrible and disgusting what some of them will do and think nothing of it. Unfortunately i don't see enforcement getting any better simply because of the high cost of it here. But i think big fines , loss of sled for a while might help. and our volumteers shouldn't have to patrol this either . they do enough to keep the trails open
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