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  1. ALL Seadoo and ATV production is in Mexico. The only thing built in Canada is Skidoo and Spyder.
  2. Transport sitting at St Onge right now unloading sleds according to my buddy who works there.
  3. Is it a Yamaha? Yamaha is having a huge problem delivering units. My Yamaha dealer buddy has already given back 20 deposits for MY21 YZs that have not shown up.
  4. There is a shortage of 900R motors. BRP has cancelled all 900Rs that were ordered as "demos" or "unsold-stock". My dealer told me that BRP is scrambling to figure out how they are going to supply all these motors.
  5. You may be right. I just dont need to tie up $40K in 2 Seadoos and a trailer for a month and a half of riding. Its the same as getting your new sleds in Feb.
  6. Rumour has it that BRP is coming to the realization that they do not have enough 900R motors to fulfill all Spring Orders. All demo 900Rs orders have been cancelled and there will be none available for stock in the fall.
  7. My 2 new Seadoos are pushed back to June delivery which makes me think that it will be July. I made it very clear to my dealer that I will not be taking them if I am not riding by the 2nd weekend of July.
  8. I will still buy an Ontario permit in hopes that we get some local snow but my trips will be in Quebec this winter.
  9. I am glad someone else said this. All that was going through my mind when reading this thread, was that I will definitely be buying a Quebec permit this season if this loop is not open.
  10. My mistake. I thought it was 200kms from that gas station. We normally top up there when heading to Matagami. My buddy with a Summit 154 will burn through a full tank and most of a Linq can on that run as his machine is geared so short.
  11. Agreed. The OFSC will not allow a trail that is that far between fuel stops. The longest trail I have seen without fuel is from Amos to Matagami in Quebec and that is 200kms. Way too much liability for the OFSC and Clubs in the event that someone gets stuck on the trail and runs out of gas and potentially dies.
  12. The last time I did that run is when the old trail was still there that went to Missinabie. Maybe they will have no choice to but to try and re-open that trail?
  13. This is another blow to tourism in that area. So does this mean that you cannot get from Chapleau to Wawa anymore either?
  14. I saw you on the trail 2x last season around Seaforth.
  15. I switched to the windshield mounted ones last year and will never go back to the handguard mounts.
  16. I know one store that has a big sign on the door saying "All prices marked INCLUDE a 2.5% cash discount - if you would like to pay with a credit we reserve the right to increase the price by 2.5%".
  17. Not everyone is in that position. Its a lot easier for someone with no kids to do this. Not picking a fight but its pretty tough for a 45 year old guy with 2 kids in hockey or even worse, university to pay cash for anything.
  18. Do you have kids? There arent that many people who just have $25K laying around to buy a sled, bike, boat etc.... Even the ones that say they are paying cash are putting them on a HELOC. If you can get 0.9% or something like that, you are probably smarter to finance it even if you have the cash in the bank
  19. Its never the tether part that fails. Its generally the post and even that is a very very rare failed part.
  20. At some point, I will do the same. I give it 4-5 more years. I wont be too old to ride, but I will just move onto a new hobby. It wasnt many years ago that I was driving to TN or SC every 3rd weekend to race my dirt bike in the winter.
  21. I guarantee that 70% + of all powersport machines are financed one way or another. Either through a loan or on a LOC. There arent a lot of guys who can truly pay cash for a $20K toy.
  22. I had the exact conversation with my dealer yesterday. He said that on a normal year, 5-6% of people who Spring Break a sled dont close the deal. He said he is quite concerned because if that number creeps up to 10% he could end up with 40-50 extra sleds in the fall that have no flooring or terms.
  23. Nope. I just peeled it off my sled when I gave it a good wash before it went away. I peeled it off and stuck it on my tool box actually.
  24. Most OEMs pay retail now. KTM pays retail on parts for warranty work.
  25. Mine peeled off just like that this year as well.
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