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  1. Nutter


    Agreed 100% It's shitty that the boat license "authority" folks saw the chance to make a buck and sold our government on a pitch that it should also be on line. Forced hand we certainly didn't want. IMO the only good that has come with the on line driver training is that it served many kids and parents well last season with the Covid issues we've been facing, and for kids that live out of reasonable reach of a course. There would have been over 2500 kids last season that would of been SOL otherwise.
  2. Nutter


    At first I wasn't sold on even just the thought of online sales, but having been privy in the past to seeing the costs and loses, and seeing and experiencing first hand the volunteer burden, stress and safety that came with live sales it changed my view on it real fast. I really don't like the online driver training at all. It takes away the first contact new young sledders have to volunteerism, and it's importance to organized snowmobiling, along with all the other things live courses provided hands on in person. However I do know if the boat license people were successful in th
  3. Nutter


    Saving money sounds great on paper but there is a lot of provincial disconnection right now, lots of clubs floundering with next to no volunteers and no clear direction of how to do things. Some volunteers adapted well to doing it this way, many haven't. Without volunteers and them having a good grasp of how to do things correctly and clubs relying more and more on OFSC staff to direct the direction of the org, along with clubs/districts and the OFSC having to contract out a lot of what used to be day to day operations (which has been grossly accelerating even before Covid). Costs
  4. Nutter


    IMO that is always just as important as making sure your club carried the votes voice of it's membership. Over the past 18 years I've seen many new volunteer club exec leave AGM weekend with the knowledge and go to friendships from other clubs to give them a good running start at running a club. Most are still well involved. 🍻 Seems like yesterday Yukon, TVBrian and myself were doing AGM seminars/workshops on how to set your club up with a Webpage, then a few years later Social media lol 🍻
  5. Thanks guys, I'll fiddle with it this weekend. I'm guessing it all depends on if it stays on in a standby by mode when hooked to a thermostat ? I did read this in the manual and check the cold start procedure they refer to, it wasn't of much help lol Sorry didn't mean to highjack your post Stoney
  6. You kind of lost me there lol Would I be able to leave it turned off and turn it on on Thursday or Friday morning ?
  7. Awesome thanks Here's a link to the manual for the stove, circuit diagram page 21. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2071/6041/files/25-PDVC_USandCANADA.pdf?14626357853177001156
  8. Thanks Rick, going to start doing more wifi stuff for piece of mind and convenience. So far we've got a 4 camera set up and a bunch of lighting tapped into our phones. The garage pellet stove is a bit of pita to figure out, I need an electronics guru to tap into the stoves on off circuit in the motherboard, so I can jump it to a wifi switch.
  9. It is much better spot, plus no partners in on this one. It's the perfect area for us, just over an hour commute from home, with the Haliburton/Victoria County Rail Trail right at our doorstep. Never worry about snow conditions in the winter, and access to 100's and 100's of km of SxS trails in the off season. Another bonus is road use with the SxS, the only road we can't ride on is HWY 35 south of Minden, everything else is legal, trail connectivity is just as good as sledding with road runs and bridges taking the place of lake running.
  10. That's going to be a game changer. We have high speed internet but I just haven't bothered to put in a wifi thermostat, keeping it at 58 it's less than hour to get up to 70 in the cottage. But want to do something with the garage since it's where we spend most of our time, it takes a few hours to get up to temp with only a pellet stove. Right now it's a none issue with a buddy down the road hitting the on button for us Thursday or Friday mornings. But I would like to figure out a way to have it turn on via wifi.
  11. The 2 story was our flip cottage/house in Norland Stoney, we finished that 5 years ago, that one was huge, we doubled the size of it, and added an attached garage. We bought this one in 2017 just north Kinmount in Howland Junction right on the rail trail, just a bungalow, intentions were to flip this one too, but we like it there so much it's keeper.
  12. 1100sqft cottage, 3 bedroom 1 bath open concept kitchen, dining and living room and 10x8 mud/laundry room addition. 40 inch crawl space on piers, sand ground with 8 mil polly covering it, outer walls in crawl space skirted with wood and 2 inch Styrofoam, under floor is pink fiber held up with stapled strapped Tyvek. Cottage and garage are both 70's 2x4 stick frame, new insulation and vapor barrier when we bought and did a full gut reno on the cottage, also pulled the oil furnace and went to propane, pellet stoves in both cottage and insulated unattached 24x26 garage. We leave the furnace at 58
  13. I'm not saying there's a law but you can bet there is a contractual chain of custody with all information collected through trail permit sales. Could a private service Ontario outlet publicly release provincial MTO stats ?
  14. As the old saying goes, if one has enough concern over such numbers then they should have enough concern to be involved with their local club at some capacity, where they will be able to see all those numbers.
  15. I believe the reason is because permits belong to the MTO (instrument of the province), the OFSC is the exclusive selling agent of the permit and distributor of the funds to the districts (formerly clubs). Legally that info can only be shared to these stake holders, which includes districts, clubs and their members.
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