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  1. Just went through there. C trail is open I think cause bunch of groups on the south end. But beat to crap. I ran into the groomer about half way. He said they haven’t groomed it yet. He said they weren’t allowed. Said it would take him 4 times to get it fixed. Anyway I thanked him and it should be ok now.
  2. Macteir would've have maybe gained some business if the would've joined the muskoka HU instead of PSHU for the last month if they would've open the "southern pointed" trails. Looks like the blue HU line is more north. But what do I know and I don't want to get this thread to go where others have gone. Thanks for the info guys I just may have to go see for myself. Seems to be a key connection point for the eastern side of muskoka.
  3. Wondering if anyone knows why the C trail and 102D are red in this area. Kind of screws me on making an easy loop around there. Any insight would be great.
  4. I'm in Timmins right now. Started in New Liskard on Tuesday. Tuesday we ran from NL to Timmins via L143.....tons of snow and awesome trails. People at Auld Reekie told us they we going to groom the L143 Wed night. Wed we rode around Timmins and up to Kirkland lake and back. Again beauty trials. Thursday today we thought would rain all day. It spit for short periods of time. I rode myself up to Cochrane and back to Timmins. Never saw one sled all day. Weird. But trails again we great. Some pics from today attached. They all look the same cause it's all good.:) They have
  5. I just talked to a lady at Gowganda Lake Lodge and she said it's because their groomer is down. I'm glad she was nice enough to inform me before I booked a room. So I hope they get it up and running soon for the both of us.
  6. I'm up to join you for a ride. I need to get out before this warm spell. I will PM you my number in case something changes. Look for a grey dodge ram and a black cat. Thanks
  7. Heads up on Footes in Nipissing. Great place to stop but the don't carry Premium Gas. Just regular. Was through there 2 weeks ago. Just an FYI
  8. More good info thanks...Leaving from work in 20min from Mississauga so we'll see what happens tomorrow. Might have to join in on that Poker Run Saturday depending on what our group plans are...which at this point is whatever comes up and wherever the trails take us. Cheers
  9. Great guys thanks for the help and advice. Going to check out Jakes for sure.
  10. Hey guys, anyone know a spot in Restoule area to park a truck and trailer for the day. I rented a cottage in the area for the weekend that's not right on the trails so need a place to stage from. With the weather I wish I could cancel but that's not in the cards. So any help would be appreciated. Any suggestions on 200km loops or areas to avoid would also help. Thanks ,Mike
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