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  1. snapper

    Seguin Trail

    Raining lightly west of Ayr, supposed to change to freezing rain .Decided not to head up to cottage as trails there are not open due to $hitty weather. Heading into town shortly to pick up a prescription at the LCBO.
  2. snapper

    Seguin Trail

    I have heard people are running the Seguin from Orrville to Parry Sound and also Sprucedale. As this trail is listed as unavailable is enforcement not being utilized?
  3. snapper

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    Police have just released a description of the transport driver involved in a hit and run in Cambridge January 20th. Suspect is around 25 years old and wearing a purple turban.
  4. snapper

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    Without these inexperienced drivers my favourite show “ Highway thru Hell” would not exist.
  5. snapper

    Are you getting the storm

    We had a huge downfall of 1/4” last night just west of Ayr.
  6. snapper

    Are you getting the storm

    The Winter of Water. ☹️
  7. snapper

    Are you getting the storm

    Raining here outside of Ayr, snow completely gone current temperature +11C. Was going to head to the cottage but changed mind after checking weather up there.
  8. snapper

    How much snow do you have?

    Checked snow depth just west of Ayr .75”, yesterday 0.00000”. Ground is not frozen. Fortunately for me I only sled from our cottage located near Parry Sound not good there either (lol) Note to DarkCloud- please sell sled.
  9. snapper

    Happy New Years

    Happy new year!
  10. snapper


    Not to worry Rev, you should be okay in your home shop running your shop vac and pencil sharpener. If you were located in China you wouldn’t have to worry as workplace safety is nonexistent there.
  11. snapper

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Be thankful for climate change, otherwise you’d be looking at -40 — -50 degree temps.
  12. snapper


    Received my permits yesterday, same day they were shipped.
  13. snapper


    Received confirmation this morning that permits were shipped today , ordered October 27.
  14. snapper


    It would be even nicer if the Snow Fairy paid for it.
  15. snapper

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Great review Slomo!