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  1. A great letter Rev, probably fall on deaf ears, but otherwise great.
  2. AC, bite your tongue . A friend of mine was telling me awhile ago that one of his three public sector working daughters terrified of catching Covid at work was told to go home by her supervisor as stress would affect her work Within two weeks his other two were resting comfortably in their homes, all three on paid leave. These ladies were office workers not frontline workers. One thing for certain, the private sector in this province will have a hard time sustaining this overpaid, underworked sector. The province seems to be functioning with multitudes of it workers on paid leave. Time to cul
  3. Sorry, I should of specified non essential American tourists cannot fly into Canada. A customer of ours has sourced and installed a very expensive piece of U.S. manufactured equipment. Fortunately all installation was carried out by a local company. Any updated training must be done online as their in-house people that handle this were not considered essential and therefore could not enter the country.
  4. American citizens cannot fly into Canada, China, the epicentre of this pandemic is allowed to fly in here daily. If this continues the lockdown is a waste of time. Time to institute a buy North American program and reduce the amount of poor quality garbage imported from China.
  5. He left out going down to the airport to welcome the Covid infected passengers arriving on international flights still coming in daily. Only an idiot would allow this to happen.
  6. Muskoka didn’t want cottagers coming to their cottages back in the Spring, however they still wanted their property taxes to keep flowing in. I have no problem staying away from my Muskoka property if ordered to do so. They can let me know how to get a property tax rebate for the time I’m not allowed to be there. Also wandering if they don’t want the donations I make to their local hospital. Careful what you wish for.
  7. Merry Christmas to all OC’ers and stay safe.
  8. Stopped in at local dealership today and all sleds in showroom were sold. Dealer told me they are almost sold out of current inventory. Their ATV sales I was told have exceeded expectations as they sell as soon as they hit the floor. They have limited stock in that line to choose from and no new inventory available until spring.
  9. Chinese manufactured bearings are fine if left in the packaging they are shipped in. However they would be fine for roller skates and skate boards. I place them on parr with Chinese manufactured tooling.
  10. I never had the opportunity to meet SJ but enjoyed reading his posts . OC has lost a great one . Ride the clouds SJ and RIP.
  11. Absolutely true O2, however I prefer the 3-S method. Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up.
  12. Slomo, you are correct the councillor in question was re-elected to council in the last election. Unfortunately this is what happens when people vote by name recognition only. Embellishment from politicians doesn’t matter amongst the ill informed. This was clearly evident in the last federal election.
  13. This theft is upsetting, the Seguin is the 401 of sledding trails for many riders including myself. This is a major theft perpetrated by someone who is obviously a low life. Note to thieves who hinder this sport. Being accidentally run over by a sled with a studded track hurts.
  14. This place is beyond saving, if the current owner is lucky it will get struck by lightning, and burn to the ground.
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