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  1. Stainless and aluminum do not get along especially when road salt and slop are involved. This increases galvanic corrosion. Better off using plated hardware, also areas where metal and aluminum touch should be insulated.
  2. Make a good practice site for the local fire department.
  3. TD, the area you ride does not have this forecast. Wishing you luck on the arrival of your new toys.
  4. Don’t recall saying I was looking for restitution but I know for a fact the businesses that rely on sledders will never forget the actions of this incompetent idiot.
  5. I care less what permit prices are , but those riders from district 10& 11 should be given a discount this season as these districts were closed for most of last season due to the decision made by an incompetent health official.
  6. It garnered many votes for Captain Crunch.
  7. Not to worry TD the lefty socialist snowflakes that think this would be ideal have no idea what draws the sane people to sledding. When the first electric powered airliner comes on board I doubt any of them will be on it.
  8. Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up, prevents reoccurrences from guilty party.
  9. Another prime example of some non elected twit causing financial hardship to hundreds of businesses and citizens of these districts. Hard to believe his compensation package is just slightly south of the train wreck we have steering the Canadian ship.
  10. Amongst discussions in the area regarding Dr. Cheerios two words seemed to be prevalent in describing this beloved Dr. I was surprised when I found out he wasn’t a proctologist.
  11. Great news! Now the province can start issuing refunds of 75% of permit cost to purchasers in district 10&11 who were fleeced by an idiot
  12. It was even dumber that these trails were closed to begin with. Only districts in Ontario, another example of someone put in a job they are incapable of doing. Much like the train wreck we currently have steering the Canadian ship.
  13. Just did some math. 0 klicks or 0 miles so far, one of the benefits of riding an area controlled by an idiot.
  14. Why are these trails still being maintained? They are not going to open this season. The OFSC would like to thank all sledders who purchased permits to ride districts 10&11 and got shafted. As for businesses that have suffered insurmountable losses due to trail closures look no further than the poster boy for stupidity. Cheerios
  15. Yes he did make sure they made it safely back off his property. They told him he would be reported to the local health unit and would be charged by the police for breaking safety protocol. He told them to enjoy the rest of their day and left it at that.
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