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  1. snapper

    Are you getting the storm

    Global warming?
  2. snapper

    AJ Lester

    Dogs at play do not viscously attack and bite and hurt people . Dogs that fall into that category should be dealt with using the 12 gauge method.
  3. snapper

    Supertrax mag still in print?

    Consider yourself lucky Rev, I got nothing.
  4. snapper

    2020 Great Big Loop/Northern Blastoff

    Anyone spot whats wrong w/ this picture? I think the speed limit sign is out of place on that straightaway. I think Turbo Doo would probably multiply that by 2.
  5. snapper

    Fatality in Kearney

    14 year old boy left the trail yesterday and hit a tree. Very sad. Condolences to family and friends.
  6. snapper

    Map gears app

    Is this app worth getting or is it problematic?
  7. snapper

    Pricy Carbides

    Rev, you could easily make those in your shop, could you not remove the worn carbide and solder in new inserts?
  8. snapper

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    The answer to this is simple, anyone caught on trails with an exhaust other than stock will be fined, and trail permit removed from sled:
  9. snapper

    Canadian Tire Snowmobile Ramp On Sale....

    Good plan Rev, you could forget about drilling and tapping and just drill a .125 hole through tube after plug installation for a stainless roll pin. Anyone that has this ramp should replace the plastic plugs with your aftermarket plugs. Available from Roenick Powersports.
  10. snapper

    Canadian Tire Snowmobile Ramp On Sale....

    Rev, could you not weld a plug in the end of the tube and put a rad on the top edge?
  11. snapper

    Seguin Trail

    Anybody ride the Seguin lately, just noticed it is now yellow
  12. snapper

    Seguin Trail

    Raining lightly west of Ayr, supposed to change to freezing rain .Decided not to head up to cottage as trails there are not open due to $hitty weather. Heading into town shortly to pick up a prescription at the LCBO.
  13. snapper

    Seguin Trail

    I have heard people are running the Seguin from Orrville to Parry Sound and also Sprucedale. As this trail is listed as unavailable is enforcement not being utilized?
  14. snapper

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    Police have just released a description of the transport driver involved in a hit and run in Cambridge January 20th. Suspect is around 25 years old and wearing a purple turban.
  15. snapper

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    Without these inexperienced drivers my favourite show “ Highway thru Hell” would not exist.