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  1. Thanks for the update. I was driving on Winhara Road today and I noticed the reroute.
  2. 2 cents plus inflation
  3. Great job guys. 👍 Thank you
  4. I found one in washago, 400km, $28,000. I can send you the details if you’re interested.
  5. OS, thank you for your dedication to the Eganville club, as well as the president, secretary, and groomer coordinator. The future of the club is uncertain, but we’re very grateful for your hard work in the past.
  6. I had the same sled, but I sold it last year. 1973 Olympique
  7. Any thoughts on a Yamaha dealer selling Arctic Cat snowmobiles? Is this happening elsewhere?
  8. Between McRae point and Strawberry island.
  9. That belongs to 0F7. He graciously let me ride it after I sold my 2 sleds for financial reasons. That picture was taken on Lake Simcoe last winter, and OF7 is in the background on his red viper. I really enjoyed riding the srx, so I tried to order one a few weeks ago from Fenlon Falls Marina (Yamaha dealer). The very nice owner contacted me and said all sold out, but have you considered Arctic Cat. I said no, I prefer Yamaha because my friend SJ was Mr Yamaha. He said it’s the same sled, same engine, and the clutch is new and improved. So I gave him my credit card number for the deposit and he was able to secure one for me.
  10. Power steering might be a nice upgrade??
  11. ^^^ I was thinking the same thing, boy did I start a boring snowmobile thread, but informative thread about the future of our youth. Polaris and Skidoo are definitely more popular on this forum and elsewhere.
  12. April 19th is the release date for 2023 Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Who is putting down a deposit on a 2023, and which model?
  13. The township is going to resurface the road in front of our farm. They want us to donate (or they’ll expropriate) some of our land. While talking to them about resurfacing our road, they mentioned a roundabout at 169 and 12.
  14. I recently found out that a roundabout will be installed at hwy 169 and hwy 12 in Brechin. Presently the 103 snowmobile trail crosses hwy 12 and heads northeast beside hwy 169. I’m not sure how the OFSC will handle this reroute. What are your thoughts? The blue arrow indicates where the roundabout will be, and the yellow line indicates the train track location.
  15. A light dusting of snow overnight.
  16. Tatachikapika Lodge offers hot sit down lunch. I recommend contacting them to confirm they are open.
  17. The long range forecast for the next 2 weeks looks decent. 👍
  18. When I took groomer training at the Heart of Ontario snowmobile club I was told that we could get paid to groom or volunteer.
  19. I’m face book less, so I definitely appreciate TD’s efforts.
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