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  1. I’m hoping Tyler’s grandfather had a chat with Tyler about life. Then Tyler showed up the next day on time for his job interview and Blackstar hired him. Tyler’s been working hard for the last four days and goes home dog tired after each day. He shows up the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to take on any task that is asked of him…. 😃
  2. Your drive home on Friday might be difficult. Stay safe.
  3. Fishing Moose Lodge has a picture of you and your wife on their website. I just googled the lodge to find out more information about their accommodations.
  4. Ontario F7 and I launched from Birds Creek today, just north of Bancroft. Rode up trail 175 to Madawaska and stopped for fuel, and we ran into SKSMAN from the forum. Rode across the freshly groomed B trail into Barry’s Bay and had lunch at Balmoral Hotel. After lunch we rode down trail 157 to the lookout point. Rode over to Whitney for more gas and then back down towards Bancroft. Finished the day off with some fun on Baptiste Lake before heading back to the parking lot. It was a beautiful day for my first time riding in 2 years. Thank you OF7 for letting me ride your spare sled. 👍
  5. Thank you for the update on trail conditions.
  6. I drove to Gatineau today to pick up some doors. The trails around Bancroft and east towards Renfrew were able to keep their base.
  7. Nunz is our Polaris ambassador and will be able to guide you in the right direction. I recall him advising another member on the forum to contact Rickwards the Polaris dealer in Kearny. They might have a demo sled for you to ride.
  8. It’s a beautiful area to ride in. My phone just told me that we were there 7 years ago today.
  9. ^^^ sounds good. I heard a rumour that L125 might not open this season because of logging operations. Can anyone confirm this rumour?
  10. Update: the single lane roundabout is complete. I’m sure tractor trailer drivers hate it, but it definitely helps traffic move through the area. The snowmobile trail 103 has been marked/signed and is ready for the snow to fall. The trail crosses hwy 12 just south of the roundabout and then crosses hwy 169 east of the roundabout.
  11. Thanks for posting this information. It will be great to have a Motel in Hornepayne, and somewhere else to stay when Relais Magpie Relay in dubreuiville is booked up.
  12. Thank you for sharing your story of courage and determination. You’re in my thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.
  13. lol. The inner child in me wants to, but I told him we’ll have to wait.
  14. PLC is correct. The $26,800 out the door sled is located in St Catherines. I posted this ad to show that prices might be dropping for some makes and models.
  15. This topic is bringing back memories of sled junk. He wasn’t happy with the spongy material used in the Yamaha vector seat. Dave removed the cover from the seat and added padding until the correct firmness was achieved. Unfortunately the padding turned very hard in the cold and the seat had a firmness similar to concrete.
  16. Arctic Cat canceled my order in the summer, for unknown reasons (over promised and under delivered). My dealer was able to find another sled for me, but I didn’t purchase it. I haven’t been able to sell my building lot in Stouffville, so I’ll sit on the sidelines until that happens.
  17. I found this prostarr for sale on kijiji 👍
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