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  1. Where is a good place to park at the south end of Cameron lake in Fenlon Falls thanks
  2. Is this allowed ? Friend told me he was riding with some guys from Exeter today and met up with some others who told him they heard of 2 guys that trailered from Exeter to Sudbury and where fined $38,000. Seems like an unlikely amount to me but just wondering what the law is on this ? Can we be charged with something for this and how much ? Anyone in the know ?
  3. Is the trail open want to go to my cottage to check on it and back in same day. Was riding on this past Sunday and noticed that many trails that where red where open and most traffic seemed to be going along them. They were between health units and showed red on map but were actually open. thanks
  4. That would be good except trail is red there. Need spot along trail that is yellow H6 (H5 at Ganton rd is red)
  5. Want to park somewhere along here if can
  6. If they just banned snowmobilers from staying at hotels maybe they could keep,the trails open with the idea that you can only do day rides. If they ban day rides then hiking, snowshoeing, skating and cross country skiing at parks, trails, forests and lakes/ponds also need to be banned.
  7. So if trails don’t open in some areas cause of no snow do the people in those areas get their trail pass money back. I am certain they don’t so that means they will travel to sled.
  8. Anyone ridden it lately that can report on it and know why it is still yellow ? thanks
  9. Can you still get to gas station on 115 near where you go under it to ganaraska ? the snowmobiling interactive trail guide no longer shows a trail to it. thanks
  10. 402 comes into Lindsay from Ganaraska, and 309 goes out of Lindsay to Fenlon Falls, but does not seem that they connect. Is there anyway to get from 402 to 309 ? Want to Go from Ganaraska to Haliburton through Lindsay. Thanks
  11. Is there anywhere to,park in Lindsey on the trail ? thanks
  12. So am I reading some of these posts right ? All 4 major loops are not complete this year and won’t be ? loops being the chiniguchi (wolf loop), Cartier (moose loop), rainbow (elk loop) and the deer loop thanks
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