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  1. There is a roundabout on Hwy 17 going thru Mattawa, its pretty small diameter, I bet trucks hate that one. There is one in North Bay too that is a block or so north behind the Hwy 17 truck Weigh scales. ( I use that roundabout route when I wanted to to avoid the weigh scales.
  2. Good memories of the Horne Cliffs......When my kids were young our spring hike would be up the skihill then North along the ridge to the top of Horne Cliffs for lunch and pictures across Horne Lake of town from up high.
  3. It seems that some here are ignoring the posts from Dan Senior, about the unbelievable snow dump that area got. ......and no Armed forces to dig them out like Toronto needed a few years back ......but I agree a team effort from all parties involved might be able to keep future years feasible.
  4. https://www.sootoday.com/local-news/halfway-haven-ending-season-early-after-heavy-snowfall-causes-safety-concerns-for-employees-5097751
  5. Eacom changing ownership.... https://www.sootoday.com/local-news/eacom-timber-officially-acquired-by-interfor-5092545
  6. Okay ,I will start the bashing......reason 1 ) why should the thousands of Northern Ontario snowmachine owners that don't use OFSC trails at all ,( many do not even live close to trails and use crown land instead) pay for people in Southern Ont like yourself to do your sport. The political pushback would be substantial. ...Reason #2 - the lack of control over trail enforcement occurred when the Onrario Government took on more control over the OFSC a few years back, ....having them take complete financial control over the system, with would put non snowmobilers ( politicians) decision control over a complex system that needs expertise not more bureaucracy.
  7. As an example of the lack of commonsense in new riders . i have a relative that lives on North Mary Lake near Huntsville that bought his first ever snow machine ( a couple years old 1200cc MX ? Skidoo,) for him and his 14 yr old rookie son to use. He posts how he has been riding private trails in his area. I see from FB that a neighbor informed him the last year sticker on his machine is not valid. So he promised neighbor he would pursue. But unless there is truly a lot of private trails in his area , then he is freeloading probably on closed trails. . And this is a well educated IT Manager that unfortunately has no common sense . I also suspect the 1200 cc is going to maim him or his son , but that is another story still to be written.
  8. I think your right, .....I had to post my 40 acres with 3 inch red dots on white background signs on border trees, to inform all that it is private , no hunting. If I didn't I would not have legal leg to stand on to uphold my land rights. ( or else it would be assumed crown land) Imagine me expecting people to go on the Ontario crown land website to determine it as private. Its too much to expect.
  9. So true, I live in another Northern Ont town serviced by OPP, my wife and I make it a conversation event if we see an OPP cruiser on our long fairly busy township thru road, and when we do see them it is a Monday or Tuesday morn , when all the DUI are never around. So expecting OPP on the trails is pie in the sky.
  10. https://www.sootoday.com/local-news/halfway-haven-plans-to-open-this-season-but-needs-help-4840074
  11. Perhaps some risky leases, but my experience and my two siblings leases, All were different land owners in different parts of province. No problems have occurred and a few court cases in early 2000s clarified that land lease agreements are subject to the landlord tenant act including lease rate increases.
  12. One thing to keep in mind, anyone buying a cottage on leased land, usually has tricky banking to navigate. Because the land owner wants to be the first default named on the mortgage......but major banks always want to be the first default . I know this because myself awhile ago and two of siblings recently bought cottages on leased land. The work around is to have enough equity in your home mortgage to absorb the cottage mortgage, or else you need to work to find outside major banks and find broker willing to risk it but interest will be 4 or 5 times going rate. So if you end up selling your Parry Island inheritance, that is probably what hoops your buyer will need to jump thru.
  13. Those are not very convincing articles....a lot of " no evidence" statements that don't prove the point but leave it up in air. Although they admit that blocks of votes occur from recent Immigrants, which is obvious when we view outcome of electing of left wing candidates in GTA. The articles also get sidetracked by black voting habits, but the black vote is much more nuanced and not as influenced as obviously as the immigrants Liberal Canada has been focused on for the past decade. .......just look at outcomes of Federal elections , the facts are obvious.
  14. Got 7 inches of fresh powder overnight here in Echo Bay area. Even with just my old 340 cc cat....it is a ball running my fields and trails !!... snow is still coming down , expecting another 4 inches. I guess I better do the driveway now
  15. The conservatives need a smart savy female leader. ( maybe even from Quebec) That then would make it more difficult for CBC and other liberal biased media from spreading false political dirt.....and Justin's dirt and errors would standout so much more.
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