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  1. Perhaps some risky leases, but my experience and my two siblings leases, All were different land owners in different parts of province. No problems have occurred and a few court cases in early 2000s clarified that land lease agreements are subject to the landlord tenant act including lease rate increases.
  2. One thing to keep in mind, anyone buying a cottage on leased land, usually has tricky banking to navigate. Because the land owner wants to be the first default named on the mortgage......but major banks always want to be the first default . I know this because myself awhile ago and two of siblings recently bought cottages on leased land. The work around is to have enough equity in your home mortgage to absorb the cottage mortgage, or else you need to work to find outside major banks and find broker willing to risk it but interest will be 4 or 5 times going rate. So if you end up selling your
  3. Those are not very convincing articles....a lot of " no evidence" statements that don't prove the point but leave it up in air. Although they admit that blocks of votes occur from recent Immigrants, which is obvious when we view outcome of electing of left wing candidates in GTA. The articles also get sidetracked by black voting habits, but the black vote is much more nuanced and not as influenced as obviously as the immigrants Liberal Canada has been focused on for the past decade. .......just look at outcomes of Federal elections , the facts are obvious.
  4. Got 7 inches of fresh powder overnight here in Echo Bay area. Even with just my old 340 cc cat....it is a ball running my fields and trails !!... snow is still coming down , expecting another 4 inches. I guess I better do the driveway now
  5. The conservatives need a smart savy female leader. ( maybe even from Quebec) That then would make it more difficult for CBC and other liberal biased media from spreading false political dirt.....and Justin's dirt and errors would standout so much more.
  6. Brampton....hot zone because a dozen or more people ,(maybe related maybe not ) living in a house is typical ? Working in essential services like Amazon warehouses ? Can't be, that would be racist thinking. . .sarcasm off now.
  7. Now that things are calmer on this thread, I earlier wanted to jump in when generalizations of retirees and public workers was made . I paid into my public sector pension for 26 yrs , and I have daughters and son inlaws in teaching and nursing sector. They agree with me that things have gone far to far with closures , and that kids should be in the safest place mentally and physically and that's school, and that at least in North the ICUs are not in jeopardy, the Nurses in my family say the biggest burden on hospitals is the shortage of long care homes, and that has been present for a decade
  8. Hey I agree with you totally , Snapper, I was just showing how ridiculous society has become. And no common sense in many that dont realize how safe snowmachine use and boating is by the majority.
  9. Back in the Spring of 2020 , remember how Muskoka was trying to keep cottage owners from coming to Muskoka. I even remember on this site there was folks not wanting boaters fishing on " their" lake. Sadly much of society has become a tattletale mindset. Driven by media and maybe some jealousy. Snowmobiling should not take this personally, haters will be haters .
  10. Zoso.....maybe find a wrap for that trailer that disguises it as a Shasta Camper....or a Red Cross trailer and then head for the North. Might work. ........ but all kidding aside even Sault area here does not have enough snow for me to ride my own trails even. Feel for ya all.
  11. The winter is tough enough.....we need hockey for our sanity. They are testing very tightly and with protocols. And league paying for it. Im glad they are playing !!!
  12. Ofsc just posted on their News link that so far still open, and grooming possible except reccomend stay in your health region. So looks up beat. As of 6pm Jan 13th.
  13. Your right.... sadly besides ignoring travel concerns, that primarily young demographic has been seen to be ignoring mask and social distancing too and putting old folks like me at risk.
  14. Your right so basically the same as a Costco or Walmart.....except Doug Fords comments about skiing was the travelling aspect a few days ago. Also I have seen on various local online media the publics frenzied reaction to outsiders vehicles etc. Eg a fella from GTA was ice fishing on Lake Nippissing ( North bay) and caught a huge record fish last week that then the online media did a good news story about......except it backfired, instead the hundreds of online hatefilled reactions all related to that couple travelling to north from risky GTA. Sad state of affairs unfortunately, but Covid
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