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  1. FYI https://www.ofsc.on.ca/2020/12/21/snowmobile-trails-grooming-operations-allowed-during-provincial-shutdown/
  2. on the lower left you can choose show map layers. but generally for that application Grey is private, green is provincial/national park yellow/orange is crown, the different colours show different land use areas(this is for northern Ontario), from there you can click through to see the actually policy documents to determine what is allowed on a specific land use area. Lots of info through that application once you spend some time using it. But not the easiest to navigate superficially.
  3. We installed the hydraulic cylinder on our drag a couple years ago. Works great (with an attentive operator) as we have it set to extend to about 10 degrees past vertical and it cuts way more. Can retract in to better balance the drag on side slopes and to avoid trees, later in season, or with less experienced operators we can leave it retracted in rather than removing like we did in the past. Not sure on specs for hydraulics. Ours came from Ebert with the brush bar, sat on a shelf for years as some of the other guys didn't think it was worth installing.
  4. I had my little guy out for his first ice fishing trip today (just under 6 months old). Still 24+” of good ice where we were today. Supposed to be warm but maybe we will have May ice fishing.
  5. Just an update for anyone who is looking for food in Hornepayne there is a new location to eat. The canteen at the arena is open as Mama Bs Bear Den for the winter 10-8 daily. Menu is a bit limited but Brenda is an awesome cook (cooked at Cindys and I believe 4 Stevens back in the day) who is running the canteen this year. it is a little bit from the trails but streets in town are always snow packed.
  6. matt17

    Ofsc ap

    The reason that was given was they increased the level of “zoom” available when offline for navigation. This would make the file too large for most if you downloaded the entire province. This way users get the increased detail they wanted and asked for last year. you just need to download in sections that relate to where you ride.
  7. There is a new 120 foot bridge over that river. The lumber company here has invested substantially (2 million +) in roads and bridges south of Kaby lake. Almost all the winter wood for the mill this winter is coming across that new bridge. You can now drive from Hornepayne to either Dubreuilville or Oba entirely off-highway. On the other side there are also connections to White River and Hillsport in the works (approved but not completed). With fewer mills wood is travelling further, it is cheaper for them if they can keep it off the highway (utilize dyed diesel and wide bunk trailers hau
  8. Cochrane should be a good bet. Kenny was out tonight taking advantage of the heavy snow to build some base.
  9. Just a heads up that one of the options that I had encouraged for food in Hornepayne in the past, the Hospital Cafeteria, is no longer serving food to outside clients. Due to some changes in staffing/services offered to the Long Term Care residents they are unable to sell food to non-residents. I know Denis and possibly a few others had been in the past just wanted to let everyone know so they do not try and get dissapointed. Cindy's has expanded the restaurant area and the new manager is working hard to try and improve offerings and services. Overall it seems that things are
  10. I love my InReach Mini, I have it linked to my phone. Haven't used tracking much but is great for 2-way communication when I am out and about on my own (often fishing up to 50km from the highway solo) or out in the groomer/sled. I also carry it in the truck when driving up here just in case, lots of dead spots on the highway. A little more expensive than the SPOT unit it replaced, but the piece of mind for my wife and I is well worth the monthly subscription. Not sure on the SPOT X, I like the integrated keyboard on it but have not used it and from reviews I read the InReach satellite cons
  11. https://www.allhomemadecatering.com is a new pizza delivery place that has started up and I believe their kitchen is in the Mission (small village that the D trail goes through south of Wawa) so I am sure they would deliver out to the Mystic Isle. Had their pizza once this winter at my parents place and it was pretty good.
  12. And if coming along the D trail from the south there is some (4-500 meters) of road running in the small village south of town. Otherwise yes trail leads straight to the motor inn.
  13. In my opinion, like a lot of things it comes down to the nut that connects the throttle to the seat. I enjoy most forms of snowmobiling but off-trail riding is my favourite. Despite many peoples wishes it isn't going away. Blaming it on the manufacturers or advertisers is a cop out in my opinion. The blame lies with those who trespass to participate this activity. In my opinion it is no different than those who enjoy snowmobiling for the speed aspect of it. There is a time and place for it and knowing that and exercising judgment is key. I don't see people complaining that manufacturers
  14. It is 240 km gas station to gas station filling in Hearst and Longlac from what I have been told. I know of 2 900 ace sleds that did the trip last year and were ok on fuel. Funny enough based on what I was told they actually used more fuel on the Eco setting than standard. Based on my calculations I would be ok making it on my 600 Etec Summit if I stayed on the trail the whole way. Would bring extra gas for some play time. Depending on how this weeks weather goes I may try riding it with Denis on the weekend, was a great trip when we did it last year. Lots of snow so trails
  15. It is not the operating mine in Dubreuilville that he is involved with to my knowledge. It is an exploration company (Manitou Gold I believe it is called). I think they have property out in the west of the province (Dryden area maybe) as well as in the Localsh area near Dub. There has been quite a bit of exploration activity in the Wawa area in recent years. Will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.
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