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  1. Probably 2 ft in the last 24 hrs in Chesley. Nice snow for packing, trails are open limited but should groom up nice.
  2. 14000k on 07 , exhaust and bushings, still runs great
  3. As an FYI, Meaford and Central Penn are both having Poker runs this weekend (Feb 15th) if trails are open, Southampton has one on Sunday (Feb 16th) and Stoney Keppel Riders are hosting on Feb 22 . All should be on the respective FB pages.
  4. https://blackburnnews.com/midwestern-ontario/midwestern-ontario-news/2020/02/10/snowmobiler-killed-crash-southeast-ethel/ Saw this just now.
  5. Placing a helmet back on the trail a distance behind a broken down sled is a great signal
  6. Contact Mike Farr at OFSC. If you can t find a # call Karen at D9 office.
  7. Not sure what's the issue here. Common sense should dictate that shit does happen. Lids have straps, cars trucks have seatbelts. Pretty simple. I personally did not agree with belts but as has been stated, better than straw fed, slobbering crapping my pants in a hospital bed. I totally agree with Pro-active common sense policing
  8. No snow man. Landowners already pissed. We should not be grooming or riding. Chesley opened Sat and closed the west on Sunday night due to revoked permission.
  9. South of 21 is best described as hit and miss, wind blown fields and scratchy roads. This weekend will kill sledding s/of 21. Chesley west is closed, open last weekend and the trespassers killed it, dead. Permission gone, don't come back. Friend rode Wiarton north to the Tub, Wiarton to Ferndale was best not described but north of that great riding conditions. We're riding a fine line here.
  10. CV, blame it on me, haven't been in shit in, well, at least 1 day, getting bored.
  11. I am led to believe that the Not For Profit legislation has provisions for the dissolution of assets prior to the corp being dissolved . OFSC position is that all groomers are owned by the OFSC.
  12. Was in Owen Sound yesterday and they were getting snow in a big way but south of Hwy 21 things are different. A lot of fields are still showing corn stubble, its blowing right through to the fence rows. Sadly a wait and see what happens this week.
  13. If that's Durham Ont, the rail line from Markdale to Owen Sound opened with much more to follow. Lots of snow happening right now.
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