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  1. Many years ago, I dated a girl who had a property in Sauble Beach and I noticed all the properties at the time leasing land had for sale sighs on them. Never will I ever be held hostage to that nonsense.
  2. Truthfully, I've gone back to old school with dividend stocks and private equity as I sold off most of my open market equity positions. So your Enbridge, TransCanada, BCE etc.
  3. Living off the government? We would have gladly op't out of the teachers pension plan and gone straight to an RRSP, but this request was denied. You know when you do that it reduces your income so you pay less tax so a 28K contribution gets you over 15K back, essentially 13K. This is not a taxpayer contribution, its actually your own.
  4. Also let's not even discuss how to become an entrepreneur as we can all live off government.
  5. My wife is smart enough to trust me with the finances and investments as she has no clue. The model I used is a real one I'm actually using and puts me ahead about 150k a year so tell the class Mr accounting teacher what your fantasy investment to the kids should be, cause using quicktax to file your income tax is hardly worth much. Understanding tax obligations is great but understanding tax efficiency goes much farther outside of registered accounts. A good exercise would be for the class to create a virtual portfolio for registered and non registered portfolios and
  6. The bottom line is in the current low rate market there are many opportunities to use financing leveraging to your advantage. It doesn't have to be against a 0% financed toy. For instance, say a 1 million mortgage against a paid off home will cost less than 5K a month to carry and give almost 25K a year of interest deductible against your income. If invested wisely, it can easily generate a 75K+ a year return of capital income stream with separate capital gain potential. This model can be scaled up or down.
  7. Who's gonna teach the people teaching it.
  8. Many states allow the full sxs (not quads) on the roads, ie Oregon, Washington.
  9. Yup. Should we exclude smokers, drug addicts, alcoholics, fat people, bad genes etc etc? But hey, lets target someone in a group who I'm not a part of and does not impede my life in any way. You don't want to wear a helmet, your choice. Now third party insurance is another matter that will punish people for all those above including bad genes. Also don't assume out of country/province health insurance will cover you for anything Covid related, most do not as they consider it pre-existing.
  10. $1K for the Mach Z, $500 everything else.
  11. How old is your grandson? How long before he outgrows it? When my son was 10 he was already past a 120, so I got him a Formula Deluxe 380, it was right and he had for a few years. I won't lie, it was fun to hold that a full throttle without a care. Regardless, you'll resell both for close to what you paid.
  12. Neat. Made in Canada of course.
  13. The good, the bad? How about the ugly. lol. Its great when dealer(s) deliver on goods but when they don't (it happens) and how that gets taken care of is the true distinguishing measure. crap happens don't make your customers your scapegoat. Also something that gets missed often is the value add in customer service.
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