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  1. Nothing beats launching from your own place, be that quads, bikes, sleds etc. Trailering to never land won't do it, even if gas was free.
  2. Guy can build a cottage but is afraid of two wires. Lol.
  3. It will fire up if you momentarily short the start as that's what the circuit does.
  4. What happens if you short the start button momentarily, would it not fire up?
  5. That's what I figured when I looked at the manual.
  6. The shows are a bust no matter where bs covid excuses are being used. China's are back to pretty much normal.
  7. You can. How is the wifi thermostat powered, if it is from the unit then it needs compatible voltages (ie 24V) or powered independently, hence the voltage isolation using a relay.
  8. You can connect the unit directly to a wifi switch if you can get it to autostart when power is applied. The circuit I showed you will just control the tstat, not go through a startup procedure. That is not shown in the circuit and may not be possible.
  9. I would connect to the wall thermostat J18 connector, you can use a wifi thermostat directly if the contacts are voltage (potential free) or an interposing relay connect to a wifi switch. The switch energizes the relay coil, the relay contacts are wired in series to enable/disable the circuit and then uses the existing thermostat. You then don't have to be concerned about mixing voltages.
  10. The wifi cameras are great, both Blink and Eufy batteries will last over 6 months with varied use and not to many false signals, ie wind moving leaves etc. A wifi switch should connect to a potential free relay in the circuit since you will have two voltage sources (120V and low DC from the circuit). Do you have the circuit? I'm an electrical engineer if you recall and do controls automation for a living. Piece of cake.
  11. Done, prayers for John and Allison.
  12. We are in Parry Sound and that is not the norm, it would be extreme. Even a few years ago in the summer trees nocked down power, it was back up after about 8 hours, the winter is rare but does happen and likely for a couple of hours. With internet I know exactly when it goes off.
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