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  1. You know what tourists avoid when deciding destinations? A Country that makes it mandatory you download an app that then may randomly pick you to go get tested somewhere offsite from the airport.
  2. Oh I know, my point is instead of hearing it from maybe 1 person, if say 10 were to kindly inform the perpetrators, maybe a few might listen.
  3. Perhaps we can do more ourselves. A simple shutout "Hey you know better, this costs us all" reminder can go a long ways.
  4. Hands off, that's probably for my Mach.
  5. Smart girl, we need more like her. Can teach some adults.
  6. That's why I ordered a 600 ACE for any first time riders. Kids should not be out on their own on high powered sleds. In a group would be where they get experience and comfort with the higher hp machines. Sad news.
  7. Sometimes one doesn't get it unless it affects them personally. Who has come out and condemned Trudeau for saying this. Certainly not the propaganda media.
  8. It's no longer a Super 8, just Jolly Rogers.
  9. Maybe the atvers should pay more. I support that 100% but atvs are not limited to groomed trails like sleds.
  10. Not making excuses but the riders are on legal trails. I could care less for mud holes and try my best to avoid them, we also have sledders riding reckless through private property. What's the solution?
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