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  1. rippintheyammi

    Used sled prices are insane!

    I was being sarcastic. I feel sorry for any sucker that bites on that.
  2. rippintheyammi

    Used sled prices are insane!

    I think you raise a good point having a friend who was in the 0% financing /extended warranty boat. I tried to explain to him that it was just a sales ploy to get people into the dealership. You're right that eventually a deal will come along or someone will be in a position to realize that my offer is actually what their sled is worth. At the end of the day, either people have way too much money, money is too cheap (low interest rates), or none of these sleds are selling on kijiji.
  3. rippintheyammi

    Used sled prices are insane!

    120 month finance @7.99%? Seems like a no brainer. http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Yamaha/SR+VIPER/Hawkesbury/Ontario/5_27599130_20121101101059908/?ms=snowmobiles&ursrc=pl&urp=7&urm=7&showcpo=ShowCPO
  4. rippintheyammi

    Used sled prices are insane!

    A sled is worth what someone is willing to pay. I just wish people would get more realistic with their prices so they don't get offended when I "low ball" them. I'm after an 08+ 600 carb. I believe they are around $10k new with a warranty - maybe less. What would an 08 or 09 be worth? I think any sled with 10,000km plus should be heavily discounted.
  5. rippintheyammi

    Used sled prices are insane!

    Does anyone else agree that prices for used sleds seem completely insane? I mean a 10 year old REV with 10,000km should not be $4000. I purchased an 09 Mxz 500ss with about 4000km for $4200 3 seasons ago. I'm currently looking for another used XP chassis and wondering when and if a decent one for a reasonable price will come along.
  6. rippintheyammi

    2015 MXZ-XRS renegade

    Rippin the winder'
  7. rippintheyammi

    First R.A.P. Tour

    Thanks for the tips. Our plan is to get started at my buddies place near Torrance, ride to pembroke to north bay and home. 2 nights and 3 days.
  8. rippintheyammi

    First R.A.P. Tour

    The sled should have no problem mechanically. My friend on the other hand may be in for quite a beating.
  9. rippintheyammi

    First R.A.P. Tour

    He refuses to. He has never ridden a new style sled. Two years ago he did 600km round trip to North Bay on it.
  10. rippintheyammi

    First R.A.P. Tour

    The plan is to do it over 3 days with a night in Pembroke and a night in North Bay. My one buddy is going to do it on a 1987 Yamaha Phazer. Any tips?
  11. rippintheyammi

    Snowcrest South Muskoka Trails 2016

    How are we looking after today? I have heard that there are huts out on ghurst bay and people might be running the back lakes. Just wondering if a ride from walker's point to ghurst might be doable this weekend even if the trails are closed.
  12. rippintheyammi

    Yamaha Phazer WANTED TO BUY

    Looking for a Phazer II from the early 90's that you are no longer using.
  13. rippintheyammi

    Couldnt wait for a groomer

    What are you using as a "groomer"?
  14. rippintheyammi

    Sled Video Thread