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  1. Advertising themselves as open has nothing to do with the trails, actually, in at least 3 spots on there posts they've commented saying this does not mean trails are open and to follow what OFSC releases on trail availability
  2. You can trailer up there and ride off the OFSC closed trails. Them being open does not = A103 being open. Would you be upset if Shell posted they were open here in Guelph even though trails around here are closed?
  3. This, I’m quite interested but have no idea what everyone’s talking about
  4. Buddy’s mom was up there and said Perry sound had a few feet of snow, Not sure how accurate that really is but apparently she got her suv stuck…
  5. While I dont want either of them, itll be much worst under either, its maybe what "we" as Ontario residents need. Apparently the majority of people need their lives destroyed before they wake up and say enough.
  6. Eliminate enough pawns and you get to the King though.
  7. Update, I never got the sled going and missed all of last season. Had no intentions of buying another sled this year after last but ended up giving into temptation and buying a 96 Formula Z, 583. Hopefully it runs better then the last sled. Patiently waiting for snow now.
  8. Im running a 5.0 2012 F150, I just bought my first enclosed trailer (homemade) so it will be interesting to see the fuel difference. Im running 16L/100 KM as is no trailer. With it im going to guess itll be over 20, but it didnt seem to use much more when I pulled it the 100 km I did today. Little slower acceleration but thats to be expected, also, it was empty, so that also plays a big part.
  9. My intentions was to fog it, but I got deployed on 4 days notice, which left me having to move out of my place, so the sled went to hunt camp, I had the guys start er monthly while I was away. So i did some quick research, and said it was good if I just started it monthly.
  10. No, but I started the sled monthly and let it run to keep its from seizing, which I read up on online and they said if it was started monthly that was good for it? I also used fuel stabilizer, and he put all new gas in. Hopefully wasnt something I did, but hed already put some KM on it before it happened...
  11. My buddy just got back to me, he took my old FIII 600 out for the second ride of the season for him and blew the engine up. Hes not sure what is messed up but looks like I would have run into issues either way. Hes hoping just a top end. Engine died and seized, he got it unseized by playing with the clutch by hand, and then restarted, after 100 yards started making a sound. Either way id be having engine issue it seems. Gotta learn one way or another
  12. Tried WIFI, VPN to Toronto, Data, everything. says not available in my country or region.
  13. Clicked it and it says its not available in my country or region (Peterborough Ontario) weird.
  14. Cant find it on App Store (Iphone) is it named something other then OFSC Trail guide?
  15. I had a FIII 600 last year, but only used it for ice fishing, put less then 200 km on it. This year will be my first year actually riding. (Hopefully lol)
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