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    Rode yesterday Very brownish at lindsay , 4 miles south of fenlon it gets alot better. Also glenarm rd. trail very good ,congrats heart of ont.
  2. Feb 13th clarnington ins. agreement was signed. As to why ganney E108 has not been groomed threw the ganney to bewdley is a big mystery. polictics?
  3. Northumberland forest issues were fixed over weeks ago. Hear rumors internal Ganney club problems?
  4. All trails surrounding blue line, in same area are groomed . Maybe it's the ganny clubs got internal problems.
  5. The lake it's best been in years, island trail is bush and farmers fields great ride even has castle to vue on the way.
  6. Does anyone know why E108 the main trail across southern ontario from the ganney to bewdley has not been groomed after getting clarington problem resolved. JUST wondering maybe OFSC can solve problem'
  7. I'm confused I thought all police work north of major cities, was their revenue cash grab work.
  8. Reach in your nose and pull ont a colour match. Hee Hee, dont take this wrong I'm a long time cat fan, just never liked the newer lime greens.
  9. On Tuesday rode from Hiawatha to the southwest shoreline between two islands then, followed the south shoreline to Bewdley. Saw trucks and cars on ice at gores landing.
  10. Looking for local information on whether Haliburton lake is staked our is ridden across yet. Thanks. ps don't tell me to look at ofsc trail guild, I won't local input.
  11. I think Enforcement* Enforcement *Enforcement * and HIGH fines would work, but police in my area when you do see them only check license sticker and insurance. Not once have I seen a cop do the paperwork for no permit.
  12. I've been using these for years, it's the only way to make Yamaha's tuner skis go around a corner with out under steering.
  13. I got a ticket for 407 use a year ago, it was for a boat and trailer I owned 14 years ago. I guess the new owners never changed it into there names, so I had to file a police report for a STOLEN plate. Lets see what happen's if that plate is scan by opp on any road.
  14. I think the free weekend permit is a all season thing, never seen so many sled WITH OUT permits this year. Cops only check for licence and ins.
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