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  1. the TC167 appears to be a bit higher inside than some of the others. I am excited to pick it up and get shopping for a sled. I missed the whole year of sledding last year. That hasnt happened since i was about 4 and i am 57 now!
  2. Thanks for all the info! I saw on Kijiji a triton TC167 advertised at Factory Recreation in Midland. i called them and they had 2 in stock! I went up had a look and put a deposit on it! their price was inline with what Scottr mentioned above and the trailer is equipped the same. Now I have to look for a sled!
  3. Still an issue with availability. Most stores advertise that they are "on order" I need to buy a sled too, but i need the trailer first.
  4. i see their ads online. I cant find much info on the trailer I am interested in though. Also, it is priced $1800 more than the Bullitt and doesnt come with the sledding equipment like ski guides and mats
  5. correct, whereas others are 63 and more
  6. Looking to get back in to sledding this year after having to take last year off. I am looking at the Bullitt Pro Starr 7x16 at Action trailers. Looks like a nice trailer. The one thing I noticed looking at the specs is that the interior height is lower than some other similar models. If anyone has this trailer can they comment on whether the interior height is an issue with sleds that have windshields? I usually run a medium. Also any comments about experience with this trailer and or Action Trailers would be appreciated. Unfortunately I havent been able to personally look at this trailer yet. thanks
  7. Had a small dent on the top edge of my Triton a couple years ago. Insurance wrote if off because parts/ clamshell is unavailable. I got a great payout!
  8. Thanks. I remember meeting you guys there as well. Always great riding up there!
  9. Although I have no memory of the day or my time in Sunnybrook hospital (they took me by air ambulance) my wife and son saw it happen and gave me the details. On March 20th I decided to cut down a dead tree on the property not far from the house. I was about 20 feet up on the ladder. The 3rd branch i cut off was about 10 inches in diameter and when it hit the ground it shot back and hit the ladder. Although I had the top of the ladder tied off there was enough force for it to kick the bottom of the ladder out and I fell 20 feet to the ground landing on my left side and head. My first memory was when they moved me to rehab about a month after the fall. I had eyesight issues that resolved themselves at the 6 month mark. At the 7 month mark, I was able to get my drivers licence back. I still have no sense of taste or smell which happens to many who suffer a traumatic brain injury and also many who have had Covid. Unfortunately I got covid while in Sunnybrook after I finally got out of ICU. There is nothing the doctors can do to help me get it back. You can have similar injuries when falling 6 feet or falling 20 feet according to the doctors I have spoken to. I was 55 years old when it happened last year enjoying my first year of retirement. It has been a terrible journey for me and my family. Many dont survive falling from a ladder. I am a lucky one they tell me. Please be carful when using ladders. They brain injury therapists I saw in Whitby after I finally got home, told me that there isn't a time that they dont have at least 10 people who suffered a brain injury from a fall from a ladder.
  10. Good to know. I had to give up sledding this year because of a fall i had from a ladder in March resulting in a brain injury but hope to get back in for next year. First time I will miss a season for many years.....
  11. Spare ignition coil with coil connector. If you read the Dootalk forum you will know that there have been many failures on skidoo 1200 4 stroke engines that were related to the coil or coil connector. Coil is used, connector is new with pigtails for easy trail side fix A must for the tool kit. Comes with wrench to change coil Located in Newcastle
  12. Never tried the kitchen sink but did have a grill in there. I won’t get to know what can go in there, sold sled on the weekend and trailer today. Pinched nerve in my neck causing hands to be numb/ pins and needles
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