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  1. Took me 3 times and 45 minutes each time, (hung up after 45 the first 2) I let the TD advisor know that i thought that it was not acceptable and might be enough for me to look for a local broker
  2. I had to re enter my email once and didnt get the confirmation email again this year. I emailed them and Lisa sent it to me right away.
  3. sorry, I just saw this. We always stay at the westway
  4. Rode to NL from Cochrane today. Trails were great. 162 was a bit choppy but lots of snow cover. When in towns and road crossings, it is expected to be low snow at this time of year
  5. rode in Twin Mountains trails mainly after picking up my sled from the dealer. 1500 km maintenance done. Trails were a little icy but with the snow that was falling, no overheating. Trails were smooth! 160 km home by 3 pm
  6. ran the Haultain trail from E107 to 28 yesterday. It was in great shape. Very scenic too Mississauga Lake is still showing red too.
  7. had a great ride today out of Apsley. down to Stoney, across Kassabog, up to Chandos, Paudash ( missed the right turn to Malcolm Road so ended up riding the side of the road up to E110) thru Cardiff, across Baptiste, then up to the E and back thru Harcourt and back to Apsley. Trails were great! Especially Stoney Lake and Maple Leaf. About 260 kms. Lots of people out enjoying the day.
  8. too bad. My original plan was for friday but I had to change it because I have to help out and work a couple night shifts .
  9. thinking I might come up that way tomorrow... I want to hit the trails down to Stoney and up to Paudash while they are green
  10. I had a track fail in Sudbury one year. Only about 4500kms .
  11. A few years ago, we drove to Cochrane for the first time. Day 1 we road to Kap and back doing all the side trails. Day 2 sled started on 2 cylinders instead of 3. Went to the dealer and they diagnosed it a a failed coil. No coil available anywhere north of GTA. Loaded up the sleds and drove the 7.5 hours home. At least it happened in the hotel parking lot and not out on the trail.
  12. never a good thing when they dont start
  13. there is gas in Millbrook but it is a 8 km ride from the forest. Nice trail, I did it yesterday. Probably a bit of road scrape to get to the gas station from the road....
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