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  1. Spare ignition coil with coil connector. If you read the Dootalk forum you will know that there have been many failures on skidoo 1200 4 stroke engines that were related to the coil or coil connector. Coil is used, connector is new with pigtails for easy trail side fix A must for the tool kit. Comes with wrench to change coil Located in Newcastle
  2. Never tried the kitchen sink but did have a grill in there. I won’t get to know what can go in there, sold sled on the weekend and trailer today. Pinched nerve in my neck causing hands to be numb/ pins and needles
  3. I have the big one. You can take everything you need in there and it isnt bad looking on the sled either. You can stack on top of it too. Heads up, check the hinge pins, both mine fell out on first ride.
  4. barberch


    lot is there. I have only parked in it once because it seems nobody know how to park. Lots of room on the shoulder of the road. Have fun!
  5. I was rereading the document and it is vague of course. You definitely cant stay in a cabin or cottage but it refers to a different section for motels.
  6. thats awesome having accurate distances shown to towns and destinations. Thanks
  7. There was a statement about no short term stays at hotels etc so they masy cancel anyway
  8. barberch


    B was decent of Friday. Groomer was out but spent a lot of time doing necessary brushing.
  9. barberch


    looking at options for friday. Thanks
  10. barberch


    where did you trailer to?
  11. same thing would happen today by not showing any logging.
  12. barberch


    we did the same. Unfortunetly we also included trail 311 on the east side. Big hole a little over a foot deep. We messaged the club and they closed it.
  13. they were grooming during the day when we were there too. The trail doesnt get a chance to set up and is quickly destroyed
  14. going to try it out again tomorrow!
  15. you ride with the shield up? Why?
  16. Maybe but it might be money well spent.
  17. its getting better each year!
  18. I like it. I would also like it if they could show where logging is taking place on a trail and where a trail is actually on a road. fingers crossed.....
  19. they show how many hours has passed since the trail was groomed
  20. When riding in the Haliburton area there are many signs saying it is land owned by the forest
  21. do they have trouble with it in Quebec? I havent read that there were issues
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