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  1. A guy in our group had one fail a few years back that wouldn't come out of reverse. We teased and wanted him to ride back to the cottage in reverse. lol. It took us over an hour to mess with the limited tools we had, got it disassembled enough to mechanically disengage it. I think it is something BRP has addressed and improved, however I really have no knowledge of this. Electronic/electrical gadgets are great when they work. However the other side of me embraces the KISS system often as well.
  2. That's awesome. Good to hear. Looks like you may have a touch more space than I do in mine? My trailer is a tilting clamshell (Triton elite) and you mentioned yours might be modified a touch. We use our trailer very seldom anymore other than trying to go on a trip up north that never seems to work out. lol. Is that a medium shield in those pics? Ours is different with mirrors mounted on the side curtains.
  3. Its a snug fit no doubt. I put mine in a touch further than most maybe? Like the little extra tongue weight. Therefore windshields have to come off. - medium windshield. The RAS X front end on a '21 sits a touch higher as well than that of earlier G4's.
  4. Thank you Gentlemen! Hope everyone has a great late season ride!! We will make our decision in the next day or two. Haven't rode in the north for many years. Approaching 3k for the season. Would be awesome to add in a northern trip. might have just upgraded the ride as well.
  5. all decent trail access as well? Thank You in advance for the replies.
  6. Where is best place to stay in Kap? Super 8? We are thinking for next weekend - 19-21.
  7. Everyone but me it seems. lol. Several in my riding cycles have ordered, including my father. He traded his machine in last week (pretty sure it sold in a day) whole other topic on here. So he's at my place as we speak riding my machine. I should be good for a break in of the new Mach. As you say.
  8. Yes. above 60. lol. For where we ride in central Ontario its awesome. Enjoy it myself as well. And yes totally agree its all about preference. You enjoy the NCDN and I enjoy reading your posts. If we rode areas like that regularly, yes I'd be on a tuned 900T for sure, and likely the same for her. For me (us) haven't been in 20ish yrs. We will get back there someday just not for now. With all that said, can't wait to try the Mach next season!!
  9. some good info above. I upgraded my wife's from a grand touring sport (500ss) to a G4 adrenaline 900NA. Took a few rides to be honest, she loved the sport but that's all history. Would never go back now. I will go against turbo doo recommendation, although it is a very valid one. (130hp version) Below 60mph it has lots of pull for what it is, it's only above that they fall apart power wise. Another consideration is you can run 87 octane if that's your preference, or what's available on a ride.
  10. Opeongo groomer was down. Pretty sure they only have one unit? I would check with the club before heading there. Traffic, fresh snow and lack of grooming?? - last weekend B out of Whitney was trashed big time. Might be good now, but...
  11. The arena. High school or even at the beach directly beside trail. arena will have the most room. as mentioned staging area at superior propane is very popular. trail conditions improve considerably above burnt river.
  12. correct B106E from north of LSP to Whitney has not been groomed through the closure - (changing health units). With the change in restrictions it should be open in the next couple days, club was working on the trail today. MLSS will also be able to connect on the 175 to Madawaska and E109 east towards Combermere. MLSS facebook has a post regarding this. ITG will update accordingly.
  13. Both above comments are correct to my understanding. The district is not allowing grooming past an intersection that leads to another municipality (health unit) and the trail is to be posted as closed. However, The club was allowed to brush and clear all trails in their system. Example of b106e and 177. Just to north, you would cross Mackenzie lake road and enter next municipality. Second example would be b106e and 178. Maple leaf can’t go north from there (towards Whitney) because it also leads to other municipalities (and other snowmobile clubs). The only grooming that maple leaf ca
  14. Can never be to prepared. lol.
  15. Willy

    Val D'or

    Thanks PLC. I may reach out to him. I feel its worth communicating the circumstance. I can somewhat agree with tireless comments - suck it up. I get it, however it wasn't our choice not to go. We are making a conscious choice to do what is being asked of us. For that I feel it would be honourable to grant a partial refund or pick days now for next season. Some option. If we can't go then, then of course we suck it up. Secondly, I don't think that is the best way to promote your sport, nor tourism in your province. I am most taken away at the tone and
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