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  1. We rode Around Cochrane yesterday (130kms) and trails were awesome! Today we rode from Cochrane to Hearst and we had 10/10 tabletop trails except for the A from Opasitaka to almost Hearst. That ~20km was rough due to a groomer being down. Absolutely no complaints from our crew!! Great to be back up here!
  2. Thanks for the no BS report Denis. With some of the only trails available province wide and it being the holidays, tabletop and 10/10 trails can’t be a realistic expectation. Like you said, folks have lives and PBR as well as the other clubs up there are doing their best. We’re headed up next week and hopefully its slowed down a bit and a lot of the traffic has gone back to work.
  3. I did the same thing this year. I got rid of my landscape trailer that I used for my SxS, and I also sold my Triton Hybrid that I used for the sleds. I looked at a lot of trailers and ended up with a 7’ wide, 18’ long with a 5’ vee. It’ll easily hold 3 sleds as well as my SxS and an ATV. Check out www.becknertrIlers.com. I saved thousands buying direct!
  4. What’s the name of the hotel in Hearst that’s just off the A as you come into town from the East? ITG isn’t showing hotels up there for some reason?
  5. Thanks! I looked at a lot of different trailers and was recommended to Beckner by a fellow sledder. Folks have come from Quebec and Newfoundland to buy their trailers. I also saved thousands buying direct from the factory!
  6. Check out Beckner Trailers. All Canadian and custom made. Very happy with my purchase! 7’x18’ with a 5’ vee.
  7. The validation sticker is about 1”x1”. Not a big deal compared to the Blue & White license plate. Get the custom #’s put the Val sticker on. Trust me, no one will notice.
  8. I recommend Caliber as well. I’m installing their stuff on my new trailer. But....Parts Canada was unable to supply everything, and we ended up going with Royal. Cost N extra $200
  9. Was at my Cat Dealer yesterday, and their price on a leftover '19 T-Cat with iAct was virtually the same as Spring Checking a '20 identical sled after all the incentives. Now....why buy a '19 when you can buy a '20 unless there's an insurance difference.
  10. Everyone has done it. Lotsa new "Loops" & "Tours" to do with Green all over the province.
  11. If Cat is coming out with an 880 2 stroke with 185hp named the "Riot", then you can surely bet that Yammy will also have an 880 2 stroke with 185hp and they'll probably have a snakes name on it Same as iAct on the '19 Cats....Yammy has iQs.
  12. Is it doable in a Day? ITG says ~400kms. Just wondering what the trails like?
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