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  1. They will be coming home later today, a line of vehicles on their street has been arranged to welcome them!! Livin'
  2. Thanks for posting on this Nunz, I knew it needed to be on here, just didn't have the steam to do it. Thanks for all of the "big guns" of OC for responding before and after my post... you know who you are. Livin'
  3. I will pass along the well wishes to the Lester's from OC'ers. the thoughts and prayers of you all are much appreciated. I wasn't going to start a post about this because sometimes the politics of sledding can be unpleasant. This dog attack has and will be life changing for all of us who care about Sadie and her family. The dogs will be put down. Thanks Livin'
  4. I sent that from the Cozy!! At spectacle lake for lunch now. Livin'
  5. Mostly beside the road, should be fine. When it's good, it's real good. Rode by it this morning, looked good. Livin'
  6. No, not really. Its what's left of the old dis-jointed B trail. The one that use to cross Moose and Eagle lakes, when they had to shut it down Sir Sam's still wanted a trail to their door. The they left the B open to Bushwolfe lake road and named the staked portion the 12. Livin'
  7. Done this several times this year, rode it last Friday. Trail #11 is mostly lakes except for the old section of the B trail towards Whitney. Lakes were starting to smooth out on the weekend with the blowing snow. They were a little rough previously, that is more than likely why they are listed yellow. The land based section has been good most of the time this season. You can also get to the Whitney run from the B to Haliburton lake (not Head Lake in Haliburton Village as previously discussed!) Hope this helps. Livin'
  8. The PB, trail of drive or hydraulic fluid behind it. No, 179 is a ways away from the B through the park.
  9. It's been there since Thursday night's run. We came up on it on Friday at noon, 24 km's from Whitney. Tough spot to recover it from, never mind try to repair on the spot. That B trail is gonna be rough!! Livin'
  10. Thanks for posting this Diceman!! We will see if the local OPP is aware. Livin'
  11. Diceman, what Facebook site please? Tina and I are on this trail every time we ride out of the house (ALOT), the OPP need to be made aware of this. Livin'
  12. Checked it Saturday and Sunday -not staked as of Sunday morning. We won't ride it if not staked, has some weird currents.Rode Whitney trail both days as well, but had to road run to get to it!! Livin'
  13. There is another lot on CR #21 where the rail trail crosses. Livin'
  14. Day parking in Haliburton village right in town at Head lake Park. The ice crossing to B103 is right there, the B north of town is closed due to landowner issues so no access to the E or B to Whitney. Gates were open last Saturday but this was posted on their Faceplant site this week. Lot's of other spots to park during the day with trail access but no overnite as stated earlier on county properties and roads. The Pinestone will allow extended parking if you stay there for the first nite, but right now there really is nowhere to get to between the trail closures and the washouts on the trails east and west of town. Livin'
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