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  1. it's fixed, good thing. Another hour or two and all the trailers would be headed for Ottawa or Owen Sound!! Livin'
  2. If your intention is to ride the 60 series trails, we have done this several times this year and drop at Raven Landing. This is not my usual riding area and don't know all the drop spots but this one has worked for us. Livin'
  3. Just go to My Muskoka Now Dr Charles Gravedigger, Dr Cheerios equal in Muskoka ends his press release in we should consider lockdown. Nothing to do with sledders. Unless he does it. Livin'
  4. Sure can, Blake. Just need one of them trail riding, off trail, ditch banging, new Ski -Doo, BRP, name like some sort of cat sleds!! Livin'
  5. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt!! I'm pretty sure "I spent a week there one night" and don't have a shirt. Bigfish, you are the man! FYI everyone, shortly after I posted the floating bridge was good we received an email from the town it is indeed repaired. Livin'
  6. I was in Minden today, not riding. Drove by and the barricades are gone. So it looks like good to go. Also noticed the old Rockcliffe Hotel has been sold, Some of you older ones probably have some interesting stories from this place. I know I do! Livin'
  7. I have no idea how these will get to market. A current Ski-Doo dealer should know as they have been publicly announced by BRP. I'll be talking with my dealer today, I'll see what they know. I do believe they will be like the Mach Z, limited edition and pricey!! Livin'
  8. Funny you should mention the lack of chatter about the Lynx coming here! I think there are two problems here. The impression they are only for off trail and the recent Turbo/HP wars that are taking place. Here's a little bit of insight on the new to us Lynx Rave RE. I received a phone call yesterday asking if Teener and I would like to check out this sled!! I agreed and we were to head over today. We rode over to the sled's location and when we pulled up it stood out like a (good) sore thumb. This thing just oozes cool!! I am not going to get into a technical report, but one thing n
  9. Rode from Kinmount to Whitney and well beyond today. The B trail from Haliburton Lake to Whitney has been very good this year, we have ridden it several times. The ungroomed part is from the logging road to the T intersection for HCSA MLSS and Opeongo and is very ridable. The section of trail after that into Whitney was probably the best it has ever been today. Our experience with the "RED, closed because of the plague trails" has been it depends on your pain threshold and how bad you want to get to where you are going. This one is a 1 out of 10 with 1 being the least amount of pain! We have
  10. yamadan700 Thank You for posting this local report!! We were looking for a loop from our place that we hadn't ridden a thousand times, and with the lake being staked and the 503 open we decided to go for it. Left Kinmount and headed South to we could do our loop counter clockwise. All trails were excellent to mint and we had one of the best rides of this season. This is a very doable loop at 200 plus km's. We will do this again. We did return to the Rail Trail using the 9 trail and it sucked (rough, ungroomed) but it was only 20k and was not expected to match the rest of our ride.
  11. The bridge "normally" looks exactly like the picture in this thread except for the barriers at either end and the "twist" at the far end of the bridge. It's a floating bridge, not a suspended bridge. The town owns it and in the spring they crane it over to the town side riverbank and it becomes the town dock! I rode it Monday and noticed it was listing to the right heading out of town, It is usually snow and ice build up that causes that but not this time. The town reports there is a leak in the flotation system and it should be repaired Tuesday. Livin'
  12. Checked this out earlier today and it is indeed staked, did not ride it as it was not part of our loop we were riding today. Met a couple of riders at the B and B to Hali lake and they said they just rode it. We went up and checked it from the the south and it is staked, only did a visual for our ride tomorrow. Still shows red in the ITG for some reason. Now for a bonus 3 day ride report. Wednesday, trailered to Poverty Hill on the Whitney run and rode North as far as allowed. The problem washout up top was mint as was the rest of the trail. We ran south to Boyce Bradley Rd and was mint as wel
  13. It's staked. Still riding, check in later.
  14. Drove up to have a look at Hali lake on Friday. No stakes as of then, I have said it before, if that lake is not staked... DON'T GO. It is too bad we lost the way in through Moose and Eagle, they are long frozen safe. Hali Lake is unsafe and unpredictable in cold years, it just got into the minus 20's here the last few days, should set up soon. There is no issue with PHU boundaries, that problem is where HCSA, Maple Leaf, and Opeongo meet (Whitney) and where Paudash and Maple Leaf meet south of Lake St Peter. Livin'
  15. LMAO!! I did indeed struggle with that post. I had some brief dealings with him when I was HCSA President. His pet project was to re-open the trails through the QE 2 park. Doubt that will ever happen. Livin'
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