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  1. Tomorrow’s Colorado Low will put a few inches down if you aren’t too far south. I think the big story will be the following few days to week. Muskoka and North is setting up for some good lake effect snow.
  2. 36 hrs worth of snow this weekend
  3. I filled some cans dec 23. This station is my usual go to for good premium. I’m sure they’ve refilled the tanks by now, but it ruined my day. Machine ran like it had water in the fuel, sputtered and stalling on low idle. I should of known when I blew out my driveway that morning, blower ran like crap. Pic doesn’t do justice, but the fuel was bright green. Just a heads up.
  4. 5th ride this year so far. Before ya chirp me, this is my buds property. Rain last night and early this morning. Base is setting up nice.
  5. Grey highlands this morning
  6. My bud didn’t make it too far on his property today.
  7. I’ve cut a few before. Bring it inside to warm up, rough cut with tin snips, and finish with a bench belt sander. You can reuse the trim if it comes off clean, but I do remember seeing trim for sale at royal years ago if you need new.
  8. Just a heads up. The last storm we had caused significant erosion not seen since 1986. Many new hazards have been exposed, in particular tree stumps and cement drains. It would be safest if sleds kept to the shore ice, once its frozen thick enough. But be aware that water depths can be up to 4’ as much as 40’ from the shoreline, and over 6’ at 100’.
  9. First pic is my bud in grey highlands yesterday morning before the lake effect, said this morning the amount of snow is doubled. He put in 89 km packing his trails, he owns a Nordic center. 2nd pic is cwood this morning at lake level.
  10. Collingwood. Quite a few sledders in my neighbourhood, and on nights like tonight, we go for a road rip and stop at anyone with open garages (with sleds) and have a bevy and show off your iron etc. It’s a first snow tradition around here.
  11. Parking lot at work 5 min ago. Dang!
  12. Cwood/Wasaga 4” of dense snow. Saw sled tracks this morning on shoulder of road. Forecasted for a good les event next 24-36 hrs.
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