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  1. Bigfish

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    Not seasonal......just progress (I think) First pic - Sheppard and Kennedy (where I grew up) looking west sometime in the 50's Second Pic - Sheppard and Kennedy more recently!
  2. I'm sorry I don't know what the selling price was, as I was listing it for my nephew in Bracebridge. But knowing him, I'm sure it was close to the asking price.
  3. Bigfish

    Gas - Stoney Lake - Reid's Store

  4. Bigfish

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    Haven't heard about the OFSC AGM in September. Whether it will be cancelled or not.
  5. Bigfish

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    Apparently they can do it online. Just ask the meat packing plants in Alberta!
  6. Bigfish

    Vintage Photos - 2019-2010

    I LIKE it! ^^^^^^^
  7. Bigfish

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    Not negative, more like reality! (sorry to say)
  8. Bigfish

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    Virus spread at snowmobile rally in Sask. https://regina.ctvnews.ca/snowmobile-rally-source-of-18-new-covid-19-cases-in-sask-1.4872668
  9. Bigfish

    Summerizing routine

    signfan, I'm located just south of you on Rice Lake. We have a member of our club who has been servicing and rebuilding shocks for several years now. Once this virus thingy is over, you are welcome to drop them off here and I will get them done for you at a much lesser cost than you will find elsewhere.
  10. Bigfish

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    In the early 80's, I think
  11. Bigfish

    Tekvest or variants

    I'd like to wear one, but haven't found one that didn't feel like I was wearing a straight jacket. All I've tried have been bulky, awkward, and very restrictive. Perhaps I'm too large (250 lbs) for anything "off the rack" What I wear in all temps is just a t-shirt and sweat pants plus jacket and bibs.
  12. Bigfish

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Staged in Havelock on Saturday and ran up to our camp in Lake St Peter. Came back on Sunday. Trails were in great shape considering it was the weekend, Total of 330 KM
  13. Sorry boot dat! OPP LOOKING FOR INFORMATION REGARDING SNOWMOBILE COLLISION (OTONABEE-SOUTH MONAGHAN TOWNSHIP, ON) - Members of the Peterborough County Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and emergency services were called to assist after two snowmobiles collided on Rice Lake south of the First Nation Territory of Hiawatha. The collision occurred on February 16, 2020 at approximately 10:50pm. A group of approximately fifteen people were travelling together on snowmobiles when the collision occurred. A male suffered serious injuri es and was transported to a Toronto area hospital by Ornge Air Ambulance. A female suffered minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Two males travelling separately attended the scene due to a large fire resulting from the snowmobiles colliding. Members of the group became angry at the males and assaulted them. Members trained in Collision Reconstruction attended to measure and document the scene. Police are looking to speak with anyone who may have witnessed or has any information regarding this incident. Police urge the public to call in tips on this case, or others, to the Peterborough OPP at 705-742-0401, the non-emergency line (888) 310-1122 or to Crime Stoppers.