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  1. I have looked into those in the past. The only issue I had was road spray covering the lens so what is behind you is no longer visible on the screen
  2. I was able to get my Venture 151 into a 10' clam, by building a ramp of sorts to get the ski tips right into the nose of the trailer. The windshield is a medium height one and the roof would clear by about 3/4 of an inch. However it is much easier since I got the 12' trailer
  3. Hate when there are shedders on the trail, make things real hairy!
  4. I've watched a number of the videos on the Taiga, and I must say I'm impressed! 180 hp instantly is insane. (0 t0 120 kph in 2.9 secs) However the 130 km radius is very disappointing. I'd buy one if only I could get Revrnd to make a Linq bracket for a couple of spare battery packs
  5. I do the same. Got this unit from West Marine years ago Plus it is reversible (suck or blow)
  6. Thought I would order something green this year. Order placed in February........still waiting!!!!!
  7. Look at the previous answer I gave
  8. No agreement has been reached with the Northumberland County Forest!
  9. Think I still have mine somewhere!!
  10. Look at the blue line running through that area. That's why!
  11. The cause is not determined as yet (maybe even mouse nests), but the majority of the hydraulic hose were damaged. I believe this was a 2004 Gordy Bell!
  12. Another blow to our club happened yesterday. The venerable old Gordy Bell caught fire! Not a major fire, but it will probably not be repaired. That leaves us with just the one groomer, but with the forest trails closed we should be able to manage.
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