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  1. bought it last year. ski
  2. he is on a doo now. ski
  3. the main guillotine's are still up front but, they have a secondary system, which is on the sides of the cylinders. you can get at the outer ones but, the inner ones are impossible. Ski
  4. the latest procross/proclimb chassis (changed in 2018) is now called the ascender chassis, narrower panels, new powerplants. other than the pain in the ass powervalve cleaning (must remove cylinders to get "all" of them) they are a nice riding chassis. at least you only have to clean the PV's every 3500 miles. just in time for a top end. I am not a big rider forward guy but, I meshed with the ascender from day 1. Ski
  5. the US is all but done, tracking the virus, and reporting it on the news anymore. My wife works health care at two separate hospitals in 2 states (Michigan, and Wisconsin). neither of her facilities has single covid patient. they stop sharing infected/vax status too because, they (and everyone) realizes, the vax doesnt prevent you from getting it, giving it, or whether or not it will help or hinder your hospital status. Ski
  6. the person getting tested is responsible for the lodging/quarantine fees. Ski
  7. from 2 days ago... https://torontosun.com/news/national/two-doses-are-no-longer-enough-canadians-required-to-get-covid-shot-every-nine-months/wcm/bae4cf26-f76c-46d4-ab49-ba9b9dfcb0c5/amp/?fbclid=IwAR1gwCGLS8ndpQG52Bv50JHqeN-3DRUTnhX8CwOsc_0rCSQlzTXPLt5XXGU Ski
  8. Dont make any plans, the border will open freely anytime soon, or relaxing vax mandates. the Canadian gov't is now pushing, you are not fully vaxed, unless you have a vaccine/booster, every 9 months. this could really change the border again. they have already locked the current rules in place until the end of September, effectively ruining tourism dollar recovery for the 3rd summer in a row. If they truly push for the every 9 months thing, I will be severely pressuring my wife to sell our place. Ski
  9. no change ox, still need to be vaxed to go to canada, and canadians need to be vaxed to come here, or even travel out of canada. Ski
  10. I have saw all I need to on the forums with broken/damaged rails, very few track options, track failures, tunnels buckling, and the reports of terrible trail manners. with as much trail as we ride to get to our play areas, balancing on a single rail doesnt sound appealing. I will stick to my dual rails, thank you. Ski
  11. as Bartles & James used to say... "Thank you, for your support". Ski
  12. non riotX has trail spindles skis, and track too to get the offtrail front end geometry, track, gearing, chaincase, you have to go with the alpha rail set up. hence, my statement. Ski
  13. Been on Cat's since 2009, have had good luck with them, for the most part, unless it was self inflicted. once they took their Mountain, and then Crossover platforms, to the single rail (Alpha) suspension, I was out as a new sled buyer. just not a fan. I will probably ride and rebuild my 2018 XF High Country, until the dual rail comes back, or I quit sledding. Ski
  14. man that fb post is something else. one or two people (locals by their profile) supporting the camp, and the rest just piling on, story after story of bad stuff. the clubs, district, and the ofsc should just stop grooming it. problem solved. Ski
  15. as long as you are vaxed @Ox, you can cross now... no pre-testing to come into Canada anymore, since Friday April 1st. guessing they will drop the vax mandate, but, ask for pre-cross testing to prove you are not sick, sometime in the near future. Ski
  16. looking at the forecast, I may have some huge fresh snow pics for you on weds, or thursday. calling for over a foot between tomorrow night and thursday. gives us some fresh to play with, to get one last chance at fishing, from town, without trailering. Ski
  17. learned not to leave them down going across tracks. they will make it over, or do what yours did, only to snap at the bend a few klicks down the trail. the hard snap they get hitting the steel, makes them brittle, and they will break very soon after hitting an rr track. sorry for your luck. Ski
  18. Goin fast. hoping the cooler temps, and some snow in the forecast will allow us to ride from town for the last weeks of walleye season. maybe denis can chime in on trail conditions, he is there in town right now. Ski
  19. you will want, and need a guide. to route you around, and through dangers, and haul the fuel required for this trip. this is for experienced riders with at least cross over sleds, for track length, depth for floatation. there are pics on FB from Pat Dubreuil doing this a few weeks ago. there are several portages around water areas, one looks to be a nasty side hill, donkey trail. there is a young lady in Hearst with her father guiding right from the companion. Ski
  20. the thing is with warm ups, the snow is still there but, the clubs cant groom. they will do more damage than good. you need below freezing temps to groom, and then to set the trail up. the warmer it is, the more snow sticks in the drag and to the pan, not making for a good final product. add in, we wont stop riding, and not totally whoop out a trail... then even when it gets colder... the groomers cant fix what we destroyed. most of the time by that time, especially a heavy volume trail, is beyond repair. the best case scenario is the clubs close the trail and we honor it a day before the warm up. one groom before the warm up to set things up for after the warm up. when the temps drop again, the trail can open again. then the system will survive longer, and be smoother. I can hear it now, those complaining the trails are not being groomed, or the trails are so whooped they are rattling their teeth out. happens every year. Ski
  21. this will help... https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/federal-government-to-drop-pre-departure-testing-1.6386763?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar&fbclid=IwAR3trbQknZVblYciZ4t1IWxptqSvLmuf0Rl3yTQ96Mqw6J8U0jscA1udSc4 still need to be vaxed, for now, still need to use the arrivecan ap (easy) but, the pre-testing is coming to an end. Ski
  22. Big Lake Effect is correct @Ox... last day for fluffy stuff, the warm up starts tomorrow. beginning of the end. had a great day in the back country yesterday. Ski
  23. as always, enjoy your trip adventure stories. we are heading up this morning for a week. if you have the time, and want to head north, let me know. Ski
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