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  1. Lookin, pretty thin. Hope it changes soon. Ski
  2. if you are putting heat in, you wont need the rubber. the floor will be damp at best, and dry for the most part within a day or two. highly recommend a smart stat so you can turn the heat on and off and monitor it from home. then you can turn it on before arrival, and leave it on until the floor is dry a day or two after you leave. going that route the floor will dry out weekly. Ski
  3. Snow and ice taking a beating. Going to be over 40 f today... going to get worse, before it gets better. Ski
  4. this is what we do as well. if you have power in the garage, throw a 220v "milk barn heater" and or infrared style heater(s), in the garage. depending on the size, all you really have to do is get the space above 35f, and things will get soft, and melt off. nothing like having clean dry sleds each morning to ride. We have 3 small heaters in our small 12x24 garage, I turn them on the second we get there, and turn them off as we leave from our stay. I can get it as warm as 70 in there, if I want/need. Usually I shoot for about 50-55. I have one 220 heater mounted near the ceiling with the fan. I have a 110v infrared heater mounted mid way down one long wall, and one small space heater on the floor, mid way down the opposite long wall. once you melt things out, and then turn the heat off, the cold will usually evaporate the little water that was left from the previous nights melt off. I have had up to 5 or 6 sleds in the garage at night, and the floor may be damp, but, not water or ice covered by any means. the last night of our stay, the sleds go into the garage, the next morning (our departure morning), I go out, the sleds are mostly melted out, I spray the entire rear and front suspensions, inc the drive axles, idler wheels, rails, track clips, with wd40, (it is MADE for this), to disperse water. then I top off the oil, fuel, give them a good once over, so I know, when we return to ride again, the sleds are ready to roll out of the garage, and ready for anything we are to do with them. It really only takes a few minutes to do this but, it adds so much more life to your sleds. stops rust in its tracks, lets you visually inspect the whole sled to find issues, before they strand you, and just gives you the peace of mind, you will (should) have an uneventful mechanical experience, your next trip. just consider it, a labor of love. Ski
  5. yep, if you have ever filled out the Arrive Can Ap (not mandated at this time, now) they already have your vax status on the border crossing doc list, that they track you on. they have a written tracking online for every border crossing you have made in the last 20 years (or more). that is why they ask, when was the last time you crossed, they ask you where you are going, and when you are coming back. they look for inconsistencies in your trips, stories, claims of what you are getting, or brining, going to/from with you etc... when they see a pattern, or a inconsistency, it gives them "grounds" for a secondary search. your results may vary. they scan your license plate and track that as well. they know who owns, or drives certain plated vehicles, this lines up with the passport, or ID provided at the window. they know who should be in that auto, prior to you even getting to the window. Ski
  6. Nope, thank your boy JB, for announcing the pandemic was over, then not following through to remove the restrictions. Ski (FJB)
  7. It is like pre-pandemic at the border, for US residents going to Canada. Unfortunately, the US has not reciprocated that at this time. Ski
  8. Warm up, rain has put a hurt on the snow and river ice. The nice thing is, once it does get cold and the snow comes, it will help "protect" the rocks, stumps from sled impacts. Sets up a nice base for the season. Water levels are high in the entire Algoma region.
  9. ah, not enough snow for slush, yet. actually wind blowing snow off the ice. the next 4 days above freezing may set us back a bit. but, it is coming. Ski
  10. Beauty of a day Eh? I need to do this with you sometime! Ski
  11. I know some people left the site, and when they did they either deleted or attempted to delete some, most, or all of their posts. hope this is not the case for you. good luck, Ski
  12. Dan plowed the house driveway. The river is fully frozen now. Almost game time. Ski
  13. like short track, or mid length tracks dont tear up the trails. broad brush. Ski
  14. they're not? 6 bux a litre last year... there is a maintained road going to them. it isnt like they are like halfway haven, and they have to maintain the road to base camp. if they were not making money, they wouldnt be open, and wouldnt be doing it. just my .02 Ski
  15. the way they act, I dont understand why anyone buys anything there. Ski
  16. Makin more ice river is almost skimmed over. Ski
  17. Makin ice. Open area is where a small creek comes in to the river, near the boat launch. Sending updates from the deer stand. Opening day. Ski
  18. nope, camera lens is on one side of the bulb. you turn it so it is "horizoned" and the fine tune it, to your view/liking, with the bulbs position. this camera has a long contact area for power so you, and loosen it quite a bit, to get level, if your flood light adjustment doesnt fully get you where you need to be. Ski
  19. @stoney, If you have motion detection activated, you can just go to the times when the camera has a motion event. then you are not needlessly searching. they know most people want that feature so, it gets you to buy in to their products. Ski
  20. @stoney, I answered your questions, within you quoted message. let me know if you have anymore. I dont mind helping at all. Ski
  21. Sengled LED Camera's. just need a flood light socket, and wifi. can turn them on, off, record, turn on and off the light, set up for motion detection etc... best of all, they look like regular flood lights so, no one sees, or thinks there is a camera. has two way communication too. you can turn on the listening portion, and or the microphone, and talk/listen through the camera. Made in Canada too! Ski
  22. New high speed internet connection gives us access to having cams at the barn. Looking from the barn, the Magpie river is to your left, where the D trail heads north to Hornepayne. Looking up to the right takes you to the fuel station, and to D South, F East. Ski
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