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  1. I bought an A-arm from this seller, excepted my offer and shipped to me,75 bucks may or may not have all the parts you need,, valcourtvttmotoneige
  2. mostly for the people on them, having said that there still may be some people on cruise ships that never had any covid, and they are not getting off,lol
  3. I wonder how the other 34 public health offices feel about the one that shut the trails, he basically gave them all a big FU,,, March 5: B.C. announces eight new cases, including Canada's first-ever case possibly contracted within the community, rather than through travel or contact with other cases.
  4. in the beginning they had contact tracing, is was not in the community until spring break, contact tracing is not a problem,, this is good info, A timeline of COVID-19 in Canada (yahoo.com)
  5. spring break was our killer, add 2 extra weeks and guess what,,, most if not all cases arriving by plane were documented, right down to the first case, it was spring break when it got into the community,,, Epidemiological summary of COVID-19 cases in Canada - Canada.ca
  6. most people will not read this,,, a shame, they look to lay blame on someone else,human nature,,,
  7. after this cold snap, and pending restrictions, this year or next, I am looking for the areas to stay away from on Lake Nipissing, I have a place near sucker creek and do not know this area at all, any help is greatly appreciated,,, I understand the biggest part of the lake likely freezes safe, but looking at riding the West Arm and area. I can see that any bridges and narrows have not froze yet, will they? thanks,
  8. so much privilege going on here, if I was to ever leave the sport it would be because of conversations like this,,, I watched as trailer after trailer headed north under the lock down, then the problem was instead of staging outside of town, most stage in towns, unload and carry on like kids with no supervision, the general public has never understood sledding, ever, and we give them the fuel to hate us even more, and then gather in groups, then piss and moan at the government cause its all their fault, well peeps look in the f^&&king mirror, that is where the problem is,,, the world is bigger then your tiny minds,,,,, flames on, MFs,,,
  9. that is awesome,, make sure to get some surprise pics,,,,
  10. thanks for the honourable mention re:leaf,,, I was able to ride with Dave a few times, and my best riding partner the Big "H", aka Larry Hunter, it may have been Larry that got Dave into sledding as they where neighbours?? They can both R.I.P. together, and ride the trails together forever, Larry passed in Jan 2008, so Dave and I would go for a ride and many times we talked about our adventures with the Big "H",,, story makers are taken to soon, story tellers get to keep making and telling of the new and old adventures,,, always tell your stories,,,, Dave was always on duty,,,,,
  11. anything other then raising your hand so say hello or to let the guy behind you know you are slowing or stopping is a joke, if you can do so in a safe manner. The reason they want you to use hand signals is because to do so safely means you are are going straight and running at 50 kmph. Some guys try and use hand singles at a high rate of speed and drift past center of trail,,,
  12. got my new Tiger 6 and going through a riding curve,lol

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