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  1. Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
  2. Looking for some suggestions for places to stay in Quebec & day trip out of. Don't really want to do a saddlebag tour this year. We normally like to ride in the 250-300kms per day & would like to find a decent location to stay at for a 3-4 days & ride out of 1 place. We have ridden northern Ontario so many times over the last 20 plus years that our group is looking for a change. Any first hand experience at different spots would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  3. We are planning a trip that will have us leaving North Bay next week but we will not need a hotel/motel. Just wondering if anyone knows of a place we can park 2 trucks & trailers for 4 days while we are on our tour. We are certainly prepared to pay to park but just don't really know of any place that is close to a trail that might work for us. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Just spoke with the groomer operators in Baysville & they are out packing as I write this. With the cold the swamps are all froze up but there is still a lack of snow. With the terrain in that area, there needs a fair amount of snow to fill in the holes that they just don't have yet. They are also doing some brushing as well. Once some more snow comes things will happen quickly as the initial packing & brushing is well under way.
  5. Called District 5 office & the response was awesome. They had someone get in touch with me today & minor issue resolved. Calling the district office certainly gets a quick response! All seamless & easy.
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows what's holding up the L123 west of Kap from opening. The "A" trail to the north obviously been open & green for a while & I am surprised L123 hasn't at lest gone yellow yet. Headed up to Kap on Saturday & was hoping to ride that section of trail. Any info would be appreciated.
  7. Anyone know why the OFSC trail map does not show either warm up shacks or clubhouses? I just "Clicked" on the map to show club houses & nothing appears, not even the biggest one I have been to in Moonbeam is shown. There are several other warm up shacks that I know are there but none of them appear on the map. With all the restaurants closed for indoor dining it would be nice to see on a map where a warm up shack is or a clubhouse so you can plan your stops. Its also kind of a safety thing when your up in the northern corridor in the middle of nowhere at least you could see how far you are from shelter if the need arose.
  8. All good. Just spoke to district office & they are having someone reach out to us. Thanks
  9. Does anyone on this forum have contact info for the club responsible for the trail that runs between Stratford Honda & the Home Hardware store in Stratford? Got to work this morning & see that the trail has just been staked this past weekend. There will need to be a few additional stakes placed & I am just wondering who to contact. Any assistance would be appreciated!
  10. If you look at the map above, the exit is directly across from the "k" in "Muskoka" on opposite shore.. not on the shore where Muskoka is written. When you get off the lake turn left on the road & follow road about 1.5 kms...cross Bruenell road and about 300 meters down the road you will see the trail on the left that takes you directly to the gas station in Baysville. Follow the tracks, lots of ice but ice gets thin very fast towards the narrows so STAY CLEAR and stay to the right when approaching exit. There are a couple of pressure cracks on the way down the lake so keep your eyes open. If you get back on the lake at this end make sure you are at the same cottage... the road bends and twists a couple of times and its easy to end up down a road that you dont want.
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