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  1. You are correct Stoney. If you have Facebook you can search for their page and follow the posts. They did what the OPP told them they had to do and then went looking to find the updated information and answers to there questions. Sounds like they found out the OPP were wrong in what they told the Forest people.
  2. I'm pretty sure they do not have ventilators in nursing homes. They would not have the other equipment necessary or qualified personnel on staff to support them.
  3. I'm sure they have been given bad advice by the OPP whom they said told them that they (meaning riders) have to be from Haliburton County. Lets not try to destroy their business because of that.
  4. I bet it hasn't been that long in your mind. LOL
  5. If my memory serves the snow level in Barrie deal was called the snow guarantee but like you, I do not believe it ever had to pay out.
  6. I live beside a regional highway 10 minutes out of Waterloo. I can tell you that traffic volume on the highway dropped dramatically during the first lockdown and has dropped as much with this lockdown. Time will tell if it continues the same for the rest of the lockdown.
  7. On their Facebook page when questioned about the Haliburton County only, they replied with the following "Nope the OPP where very specific that they have to be from Haliburton County."
  8. Waterloo Region is a health unit within the Central West Health Region. There is a lot of confusion regarding Health units.
  9. Actually Denis on my map the area from the east end of SRF to just west of the river is still showing red. I'm guessing this would be to do with the LUA for the town that the club has spoken about.
  10. Waterloo region is our local health unit and where the OFSC is asking us to ride.
  11. Just a word of caution on the first map shown in the above website. Don't just go by the colours shown on the map. The 6 colours are for the health regions or Districts. You need to magnify most of the regions to find the individual health units which are the ones the OFSC are talking about.
  12. Welcome back TD! I was wondering if you had decided to go sleddin before lockdown.
  13. The big difference is that the GTSA is no longer in existance and all grooming is controlled by the district and the individual groomer captains with input from the clubs involved in our area.
  14. Agreed. As well, I'm sure there will be a considerable amount of funds clawed back from the Districts due to trails not being opened and grooming not being done.
  15. Can you please post it so that we can read it. I googled but couldn't find what you are talking about. Thanks in advance.
  16. Actually the farm you speak of was between Waterloo and Bamberg on Weimar Line. That groomer was moved from there to near Elmira approximately 4 years ago. It hasn't groomed the Baden area for at least that long.
  17. And yet the same website you quoted ( Status of Cases in WDG | WDG Public Health ) states that the intensive care occupancy 7 day moving average as of Monday January11/21 is 86.8%. It should also be noted that WDG health includes more hospitals than were named in the news report I wrote about (10 total I believe) and all those hospitals may or may not keep Covid patients on an ongoing basis. Who's right?
  18. They (not sure who that is) weren't alone as very many other areas of Canada and other countries are having the same issue. I'm pretty sure those in power like most of us were hoping the previously imposed measures would work. Few if any of those in power have been through anything like this before. Its real easy to point blame but if you or I were in their position would we make better choices? My crystal ball doesn't work that well.
  19. The reality is that patients are being moved to make some room in ICU units in hospitals that have full or close to full ICU units in high covid case areas. If any of us had a family member or friend that happened to have a terrible accident in one of the high Covid 19 areas or any area for that matter and needed to be in an ICU bed I'm certain all of us would want a bed to be available for them. On the local evening news last night, they gave numbers of ICU beds that were available at city hospitals in our area (Guelph, KW, Cambridge). One had 3, and three had 2 ICU beds available with 3 patients having already been transferred from the Toronto area and more expected.
  20. The way I read it, if they close the trails before the Feb. 16 cutoff date because of Covid, they only have to open one/some trail(s) sometime before the end of the season to negate the $50.00 credit.
  21. If you took at least one other person with you, you and your rig would be essential to getting him his exercise. I'd buy it!
  22. Groomer operators would be no different than the person on the Olympia ice cleaner at the outdoor skating rink. He has to travel to work.
  23. Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean by your statement. Does it mean that if you bought a ticket to the show in previous years you get the magazine free and since ther was no show this past year now they want you to buy a subsription??
  24. Went from near Waterloo to Goderich yesterday afternoon and although there were no open trials all the way up there, every trail crossing had been well travelled.
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