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  1. Here's a list of Ontario sled rentals that the Intrepid one made some time ago. There may be changes by now. I thought I had read somewhere that Horwood Lodge has rentals but couldn't find anything on their site : Operators Who Offer Ontario Snowmobile Rentals Baysville (Muskoka): Baysville Marina Cochrane (Northeastern Ontario): Cochrane Snowmobile Rentals Dorset (Muskoka): Mountain Trout House Marina Dwight (Muskoka): Back Country Tours (also offers guided tours) Embrun (Eastern Ontario): Loiselle Sports Gravenhurst: Campbell’s Landing Haileybury: Work ‘n Play Haliburton: Back Country Tours, Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve King City (Central Ontario): Ontario Powersports Rentals Ltd. Kirkland Lake (Northeastern Ontario): Speedy Snowmobile Rentals Minden: Harper Powersports Orillia (Central Ontario): Cottage Country Tours (also offers guided tours) Penetanguishene (Central Ontario): Diverse Rentals (also offers guided tours) Perth (Eastern Ontario): Outdoor Adventure Rental Port Carling: SWS Rentals Port Sydney (Muskoka): Muskoka Wild (also offers guided tours) Sault Ste Marie: River City Motorsports Shanty Bay: Smart Adventure Programs South River: Eagle Lake Narrows Country Store (also offers guided tours) Temiskaming Shores: Temiskaming Powersports Wawa (Algoma Country): Jones Power Sports Lodgings Who Offer Snowmobile Packages & Ontario Snowmobile Rentals Dubreuilville (Algoma Country): Magpie Relay Durham (Midwestern Ontario): Homestead Resort Haliburton: Bonnie View Inn, Pinestone Resort, Sandy Lake Resort Huntsville (Muskoka): Hidden Valley Resort, Deerhurst Resort Searchmont (Algoma Country): Mountainview Lodge Shanty Bay: Horseshoe Resort Muskoka: JW Marriot—The Rosseau Resort & Spa Port Stanton (Muskoka): Bayview Wildwood Resort Whitney (Algonquin Park): Couples Resort
  2. Equal to purchase price of new snowmobile maybe if you can lock down a plane load of riders 2 or3 times. That's quite an issue in itself. The part you did not mention is that you do have equity in a year old snowmobile at the end of the season.
  3. I think most of the guys on OC at least, have their sleds equipped to their liking and want to ride them when they go north. It doesn't make sense to own an expensive sled with associated costs and leave it sitting at home. In a lot of cases there are there are 2-4 people going north together and sharing the costs of fuel and rooms so its likely still much cheaper than flying and renting. In our groups case, the trip up and home gives us a chance to enjoy the conversations and being with friends.
  4. I would guess you are right in your thinking that the runway maintenance in the wintertime might be too much for the use it would get. The issue with flying into Timmins to rent and ride is that I don't think there is any place to rent a sled right in Timmins.
  5. Got my permit ordered. It opened at 9 AM. I have received my confirmation email but can't decipher permit # from the coding.
  6. Do any airlines provide regular flights to/from in the winter from our area or TO?
  7. $1350.00 including tax for 4 days and they have a 600 Indy at Cochrane Rentals.
  8. You would have to find him first V2. He has been very illusive since he sold the clubhouse and property. Ed was a long rider for being in his mid 70's.
  9. Things are changing in Quebec like Ontario. I was reading a post on QR not long ago from a guy doing a bike trip on the north shore of Gaspe. Basically saying that some regular sled stops have posted that they won't be open this winter, some are closed certain days now or have shortened open hours due to lack of employees. Sounds like trip planners this winter may have to be on the phone more checking out food/fuel availability and maybe pre-booking accommodations if you haven't in the past.
  10. Wow, you're going over to the 4 stroke dark side eh?
  11. I believe there will be 3 Wing Nights this year held at the Greenwood Rod & Gun ( where St. Agatha S.C. clubhouse used to be). The first one is November 4th Nick. Thanks to Greenwood R&G for letting the club use their facility!
  12. https://actiontrailers.ca/shop/build-a-trailer/snowmobile-motorcycle/inline-hybrid/sled-shed-aluminum-pro-starr-bullet-series-rear-ramp-door-7-wide-inline-hybrid-snowmobile/ The above is link to specs which say inside height is 58"
  13. They should not be allowed to ship 2023 models with functioning DESS until they complete the 2022's they delivered incomplete. I understand they may but it's not right in my opinion.
  14. 80% of Arctic Cats are still on the trail! The other 20% made it home.
  15. Motel Caribou was quite small. If the only option you would want to book real early.
  16. You could ride from Amos to Matagami and then to Lebel sur Quevillon (or vis versa) and have a pretty easy day. 330 km. but quite fast down the west side.
  17. Are the handlebars on the 600 adjustable? have they been adjusted to your preference? If not, adjusting may allow some more clearance.
  18. Condolences to Daryl's family. Rest in piece Daryl and Thank You for all you did for snowmobiling.
  19. For those that don't follow Quebec Rider forum here is a Restodoo:
  20. Agreed on knowing what you need. The last few years whenever I'm part shopping I look up what I need on line if I can and take the part or SKU number with me. I let the person behind the counter look the part needed up and then I compare the numbers . If we agree all is good. If we don't, I question why our numbers differ. I find I'm having better luck getting what I need the first time and being retired gives me time to shop this way.
  21. Does your club use social media such as Twitter and Facebook?(even though my adult offspring tell me Facebook is for old people LOL). if you have been putting the information you have posted here on these other social media, then I'm not sure what else you can do other than maybe taking out some ad's telling people there will be no club trails this coming winter due to lack of help. Good Luck and I hope some help appears so your club can keep going.
  22. Where do you do most of your snowmobile riding?
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