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  1. Did you ask if they could check to see if payment was issued? "Claimed" to me at least, means your request for refund was made but not that it was processed or paid. The last time we claimed the refund (pre Covid) I thought the refund was $46 and change.
  2. Pretty certain all Ontario groomers use only coloured fuel when available. I know ours have used coloured fuel since it was first made available. Groomers don't use fuel in the summer so current prices mean didely squat.
  3. Totally agree but I'd rather be sure I have the coverage. It 's really too bad my insurance agent didn't ask me about storage because he knows I have a boat.
  4. As an FYI, I found out earlier this year that my insurance company requires that I let them know if I have anything insured through them stored at an off site location. My boat is stored at an indoor cold storage facility. My insurance company requires the exact location, type of building, security features as well as fire suppression features and a few other questions. They charge me an extra $29.00 per year for the off site coverage. I'm mentioning this as I am sure that there are many like me that might not realize this notification is required by some insurance companies.
  5. Spring Tent Sale is now on at Royal Dist.
  6. Thanks for posting the links Ox. I've only read the first one of the 3 guys riding Alaska to Maine on 550 Polaris which is a very well written story of the 6000 mile trip.
  7. I have to wait a bit on mine for some more to load when I get to the bottom of the page. I think it is because our internet is slow on weekends, mornings and evenings.
  8. I'm following it on F/B Ox. It starts on Day 2 there.
  9. Welcome to the forum AlleyCat! Lots of info and a few laughs around here.
  10. I've got half a dozen stakes left to pull and a couple of small piles of stakes to pick up then done for season. The frosty mornings we have had helped a lot.
  11. If you have access to Facebook and haven't already, search for the above title for a very interesting read. These 3 retirement aged guys are riding new Arctic cats from Park Rapids, Minnesota to Fairbanks, Alaska. There are F/B posts for each day which detail what has happened and how far they got. Yesterday was day 26 and they are at Fort McPherson which is in the Northwest Territories.
  12. Right on. My bibs have a pocket on the front of both legs just above the knees. Wallet goes in left and phone in right. I always close the zippers when they go in and when I sit down onto the sled I reach down and feel for both before lift off.
  13. Read this just now on F/B: Robinson’s General Store in Dorset has found its new owners. Joanne Robinson, whose family founded the iconic business, wrote on Facebook that brothers Ven Komina and Satya Jyesta will take over operations. According to Robinson, the new family is targeting early April to reopen, taking a few weeks to transition back to full service. The business had been open since 1921 but closed at the start of January. She says like the community, her family was both disappointed and devastated when they learned the store closed in January and have been working in the background to get the business back open. “We look forward to the community welcoming the new people and giving them all the support they need to allow the store to thrive again,” said Robinson.
  14. That's basically what a Skidoo dealer principle told my Dad when we were picking up 2 new sleds in late 1971. I had no problem with that!
  15. Somebody stole a dust pan??? What is this world coming to!
  16. If you fuel in Moonbeam and take the L123 to Hearst without fuel in Mattice its 159 km.
  17. From North Bay Snowmobile Club Facebook page just now: (They groom to Temagami) We are coming the the end of the season soon. We have started to move our groomers back to their “summer homes”. Rain is coming this week & our goal if possible is to keep the trails open till the end of the weekend. We will advise if this changes, so I wouldn’t make any definite plans for NBSC trails. It is the 1st day of spring & we all know it’s coming to an end here, but if you still have that itch to ride I’m sure the gang father north will be happy to see you for a little longer. Please refer to the ITG for up to date trail status. #nbsc #northbayontario #district11 #nnta #thankyou #snowmobilelife #ofsc #springriding #thankyouforyoursupport #limitedstatus #knowbeforeyougo #northernontario #thankyouvolunteers
  18. You should do some research on engine reliability. Here's a quote from Jackstraw on QR of late: "2 blocks on the mach Z not including the original in 16,000 miles".
  19. By the location of the flag in the picture and the other sled trailer, it looks to me like the trailer parking area at the Quality inn.
  20. There is a significant snow event happening north of there today and tomorrow. In Timmins they are calling for up to 50 cm. ( 20") so trails to the north should be good for a while yet. You might want to consider driving a couple of hours further north to stage.
  21. Another post from North Bay Snowmobile Club 30 minutes ago: We have moved trails to limited. We are coming close to an end of our season The rain has really effected us this time. There will be some changes in status after we assess, no significant snow fall is coming our way unfortunately. We will keep you posted but boy was it great season with what Mother Nature dealt us! We appreciated all the riders that visited NBSC trails & District 11 this season, our volunteers, groomer operators, local businesses, supporters & our gracio… See more
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