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  1. Inside. I don't know my any logical think person would stud the outside belts on a fanner.
  2. I have studs on my 570 fanner and never have had an issue. Sometimes there is 3 of us and a fish hut being towed.
  3. Early ice it will and in the spring melt. There is a maintained ice road when it's safe. I'm sure it has 15-20" now. I'm on 14" in the middle of the big lake.
  4. I probably got 60k miles on sleds in my young life. I'm a passionate guy and trive on adrenaline, I was losing the adrenaline always wanting to go fast and do the most miles. I'm sure I'll get back into it one day if my kid takes an interest.
  5. Yeah you don't strike me as much of a fisherman, especially if your wife's making decisions for you.
  6. A six week season every year and chasing snow. And polaris 😆
  7. Good. The sooner the boat comes out the better.
  8. You'll be fine. Just don't stop in the slush on that big heavy 4s. The slush is only a few inches deep now its been draining pretty good.
  9. Lots of slush all over the lake.
  10. Mine too. Living pretty well on simcoe it's all I do if I'm not up north chasing walleye. Beautiful boat.
  11. Even with the amount of fishing we plan on doing I'll eventually have a another sled and it will be a 4s, probably stay na thought. I was honestly getting board and was starting to lose that adrenaline I always had sledding. Sounds weird but being a fishing nut brings me that now.
  12. Merry Christmas to you guys too. Hopefully they get some snow and cold soon up north. Waiting to head in behind Kearney fishing in the new year. I haven't left totally Im just going to be poking around on a 570. Maybe I'll look to get back in when the kid is older but for know my money is wasted on boats and electronics.
  13. Yeah little bit. Probably only put 2 tanks of has through it. Still have an et340 at my dads if he decides to take an interest in a few years. He wants an atv so that'll come next spring or summer.
  14. Yep sold my sled and the kids sled. Kept the 570 fanner for ice fishing. Sold the cabin too. Bought a 28ft bunkhouse to have near water this coming camping season and bought a new fish trap and the a new fishing graph. Got tired of spending a fortune to chase snow and got addicted to fishing.
  15. I got a screen shot but its hard to read. Its in a document directly from the province. Just says stick to your region unless its for essential purposes.
  16. Specifically says ski hills are closed and snowmobiling is permitted to open. Sucks for people who have to travel to get to snow.
  17. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/153652745777205/ 2020 Indy XCR 850 - 2800 miles- 4500kms -153 studs 3 per bar with tunnel protection. - linq brackets. - hand guards mid shield. - cover. -spare belt. - warranty till Dec 2023 In excellent condition and serviced at dealer. $14000 obo
  18. Zero chance I stay at that filthy disgusting place again. Glad you had a good experience.
  19. Yep. I did 80 miles bouncing around in the 80s and D Monday. 37 was mint to just that 2 km or so of road. Might be rough now though.
  20. I packed down the top of the snowpack yesterday and alot of it was already. No lol. 50 has lots of rds and 88 is worse. Unload at the tourist centre and go over to parry sound and back and down the D to aspdin and do the 84 loop.
  21. I wouldn't be taking 88. Do 37, D up to Seguin and over to 83 then down to 82 then do the 84 loop. That's a good afternoon ride for you old boy.
  22. I went down 37 then went to take a peak at lone pine dr. Ugly for sure, turned around and back up a perfect 37 then into muskoka fries.
  23. I waited for you at Muskoka fries this morning. I asked the little sweetie if Blake was in yet? The chubby old guy she said?
  24. Steve we got a ride planned if you want to meet some fine folks at muskoka fries sunday morning then shoot up to my place and ride north a bit.
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