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  1. I actually feel ashamed and don't want to tell people I'm from north Bay.
  2. at the price they want for these I made my own. Actually I just looked at the itek ones and that's not too bad a price. Mine look just like that but without the fancy cutout.
  3. I past you on saturday actually somewhere between Moonbeam and Kap. I was in the lead of 4 driving a white camo cat. I seen your name on your shield.
  4. Awesome, I got in touch with the snowmobile club and they gave me a few suggestions. Thanks a lot doo.
  5. Is there a place to park your truck for a few days around there? Looking at off loading there and riding up to Cochrane for a few days. Wouldn't be staying at any hotels in Kirkland though.
  6. This is my playground when I'm at the cottage. It takes a lot of snow to cover all the rock that is in this area. Big reason why the seasons tend to be short there. I"ve been running off trail in this area for weeks now. Very scenic area.
  7. That sign is right in the back of my yard. My neighbour has it there now that he is retired, or close to it, he is home a lot more and it bugs the hell out of him. I'm a bit further from the hydro line than him but I do here the cans when I'm outside. Some will smash it going right past that sign. There a lot of real ignorant people out there. I have a tune on my 9000 but with the stock exhaust for this very reason. No extra noise with it at all. Its about as high as you can go without playing with the exhaust.
  8. I'd be doing that on a wing and a prayer with my sled. I would be well into my last gallon by the time I rolled into shining tree.
  9. You do realize that you will be handing the cop your unlocked phone for 20 minutes in their car while they write you up. My porn is for my eyes only
  10. I had the 2017 crosstrek 7000 and put 4500 miles on it. It was flawless really. This was my first cat. The engine is very reliable and coming off a 1200 ski doo the cat chassis impressed me a lot. The suspension was good but this model had the cheaper versions on it and could bottom out pretty easy in the big whoops in the northern corridor. I decided the next year to go up to the ZR9000 and love it just the same, actually more only because this one has the nice shock package. I have about 4000 miles on this one and between the two I had zero tri hub issues. The early ones didn't have the abil
  11. There's a surprise. I'll never buy anything from them. I actually bought my sled from Rockland Wheels near Ottawa and they took care of it. They sent me a new seat cover under warranty. He was saying this was a common problem and has warrantied many of them.
  12. I went to Rockland wheels last year........at this time of year and bought a left over 2017 ZR9000 LTD for $11,500 plus tax and pdi with 0% financing available. It was a no brainer. And the closest sidewinder was still sitting at $18K at the time. Was the best thing I ever did. First cat I ever bought, they are a terrific sled.
  13. lmao. That would certainly seem to fit. Flash is actually something from my dads youth and it flowed over to me when I was young so I use it for sentimental reasons. I was actually able to buy the sled back from insurance and rebuilt it then the next year I hit a rock and had to fix the front again so since then I nicknamed it crash n burn.
  14. Unfortunately I have first hand knowledge of this happening to my sled somewhere around 2011-12 only it wasn't me pumping the gas but the attendant. He was using the locking mechanism and relied on it self stopping.............which it didn't and gas spewed up and the fumes caught fire from the exhaust. But we were able to put it out using snow. I jammed snow in the gas tank to stop the fumes and got it out after about a minute. The gas station had NO fire extinguishers on site. They should have been charged but nothing actually happened. Not even submitting a police report initiated anything.
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