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  1. Have received further clarification since posting this. The rules outlined by signfan are correct. Trails between green/yellow areas can open. Trails between orange/red areas cannot. Does not make sense to me that 2 neighbouring areas that are both orange or red could not open connecting trails. What’s the difference if both areas are the same colour. But then again there are lots of things connected with the pandemic that don’t make sense.
  2. As I understand it health units that are the same colour can open the connector trails. Different colour, trail stays closed.
  3. I don’t believe the act says what you claim. A prescribed trail does not provide exclusive access to the land. A “prescribed trail requires a motorized snow vehicle to have a valid permit” . The land use agreement provides the limitations on who can be on the land. Some are exclusive. Some are not. So if a prescribed trail is located on land that has a non exclusive land use agreement, any snowmobile ( subject to the permitted exclusions) must have a valid permit even if the prescribed trail is on crown land. Since an atv is not covered under the MSVA, they would not require a valid permit
  4. Here is a link to the Set Fines for each Act in Ontario. IIRC you would need to add the Victims Surcharge to the fine listed to get to your out of pocket cost. https://www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/how-do-i/set-fines/set-fines-i/
  5. The Set Fines listed on the Ont Govt site are: Schedule 4.0.1 Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act Item Offence Section Set Fine 1. Fail to comply with an order made during a declared emergency 7.0.11 (1) (a) $750.00 2. Obstruct any person exercising a power in accordance with an order made during a declared emergency 7.0.11 (1) (a) $1000.00 3. Obstruct any person performing a duty
  6. Scotty, part of the confusion is that the English version of the FCMQ website has not been updated. I also applied for the OpenHouse permit last night and the dates still show Jan 16/17.
  7. Big Pete

    Val D'or

    Our District held a Zoom call with the SAVE Team in Eastern Ontario last week. That is exactly the message we got. They will work with local detachments to increase presence on trail as much as they can. If clubs have particular problem areas they should report in to SAVE and they will try to put extra coverage in place. my overall impression was they want to do a good job for the clubs without being too draconian in nature. They understand there will be confusion around trail closures between PHU so there will be fair amount of education going on in that regard. As to the basics (pe
  8. I suspect the OFSC staff worked very hard with MTO and other ministries to persuade the govt that snowmobiling not be included with the ski hills. I think they argued that snowmobilers as a group are a responsible lot and would respect the self imposed travel limits. If we don’t, the govt will move to put snowmobiling in the non essential category and we will be forced to close all trails again. We also need to say a prayer that no outbreaks are attributable to snowmobilers travelling outside their home PHU. Would be just another reason to close trails.
  9. Absolutely correct 02. The Occupiers Liability Act provides for a different (lower) standard of care where “no fee has been charged”. It basically eliminates liability for the occupier provided they have not knowingly created a hazard vs the standard in common law requiring the occupier to keep people safe. The question of free permits is very complicated. Has anybody ever read the terms and conditions that accompany the purchase transaction. It’s a complex legal transaction that protects the club/district/OFSC/ and volunteers and landowners. How would you propose to have the permi
  10. 1. Permit upgrades are permitted after December 1 in the same season only and allow for credits of amounts paid against the purchase of a higher valued permit in the following circumstances: a. The upgrade by the same registered owner of a Classic permit to a Seasonal permit. b. The upgrade of the most recently purchased multi-day permit to a full season permit by the same registered owner on the same snowmobile to a maximum of the value of the new permit. Contact permits@ofsc.on.ca for the exact process. Note that if you have purchased multiple multi-day pass
  11. Some more great news from Upper Canada Snowmobile Region (UCSR D-1). This agreement secures 72kms of Top A Trail for this season which allows the United Counties of Prescott-Russell and VIA Rail to work a new deal. Congrats to the executive and volunteers at Eastern Ontario Snowmobile Club and the UCSR District Office for the countless hours that have gone into this . http://en.prescott-russell.on.ca/news/what_s_new/ucpr_and_via_rail_canada_extend_lease?fbclid=IwAR29-ERU7wz3c-NJ4EcM17SEWVsVzpF1wTfclEGK77KYTNHqSZyoOLoboYI
  12. My condolences to SJ's family and friends. Like many, I never had the pleasure to meet Sled Junk face to face but his thoughtful contributions to this board will be dearly missed. Rest In Peace.
  13. That’s the way it should go. But you have to actually be able to talk to someone. 4 calls over a number of days, at various times during the day and was on hold for up to 45 minutes each time before I gave up. edit: just saw this on the tdinsurnance.com website. 1-2 hour wait time.
  14. Good luck with TD. I cancelled a sled policy on line on Nov 2nd. Got the email confirmation confirming receipt and stating I would have a follow up confirmation in 2-4 days. No response to date after a second online request on Nov 7 and 4 phone attempts of at least 45 minutes on hold each time. terrible service. Will look to move the other sled at renewal.
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