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  1. Motorhead

    Best sledding accessory!

    I like yours better than my friends set. I always tease him as his look more like two vibrators . Long trips they are functional
  2. Motorhead

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    Not exactly it was an impulse buy to run the kids around and to the lake. Never know what you find on kijiji. Lol.
  3. Motorhead

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    My cabin in the woods . Muskoka.
  4. Motorhead

    AJ Lester

    This is so sad. I read the news at work as I always keep updated on my cottage happenings. It really bummed me out. I hope the little girl makes as best of recovery as she can as well as her parents. Words can't describe the emotions they all must be going through. As for the dogs they do need to be dispatched. My wife rescues all breeds of dogs from everywhere. I woke up this morning with her Mexico pit bull mix licking my face. This dog was beat starved mutilated and more prior to rescue. Now after a year it's trusting and loving of humans again. Most time owners are the problem.
  5. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Sorry only can offer a split rabbit.
  6. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Then there is the rabbit factor. Hit this rabbit seconds before the engine coughed up.
  7. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Had the pto crank bearing let go. Did not strip down entirety to see all the carnage. Bits of bearing visable thru intake . Piston not coming up to TDC. Time was the factor so had a used motor thrown in . Met Marc at plazez auto wreckers and was a great experience. Knows his stuff and had me running in 4 days from the incident. Just was cold calling people on my ride back from Quebec. Have over 3000km on this replacement engine now. If the hours were accurate on the used one I should be good for a couple more seasons. Gas and brp oil were not the factor in the failure.
  8. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    I can accept that a two stroke is basically a ticking bomb . No surprises. A little disappointed that the 850 is not what skidoo made it out to be. Not any better than the 800. I traded my 2014 800 in running with near same km that mine blew. 10000km . Going to keep my 1200 for a long time .
  9. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Your very thorough on your mechanical analysis. Have to wonder why the average rider would buy one without this knowledge. Not a fan of dealers that slap back in the same old parts till the warranty is up. Gotta wonder about that key thing . In this day and age holding a key till it runs is primative. My friends are all so spooked about the kick back if you let it go premature. I will check the Mc master Carr site out. Love that place.
  10. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Wow great pictures. I will suggest the better bushing material to him. Again he was hoping they would have debugged there system after 5 model years. Thanks for the dimensions and tip . Also can tease him about the Saturn shifter.
  11. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    I will tell him that. Surely that must be in the Yamicats owners manual somewhere. Lol. I have a 2016 1200 that I just pull the lever and go.
  12. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    The funny thing is since his first failure he avoids reverse like this virus. But it got him again.
  13. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Maybe the bushing is the closest one of your solutions. If it does flat spot and damage the shift fork pads that could be it. It's still a pain that he spent over $40000 since 2014 on two yamicats. And they can't make the right changes on a 2019 srx. Oils and what not are not a factor in this. This is poor engineering. I on the other hand only have to change engines. Lol
  14. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Both of his lost reverse on one and drive on the other. Have not had the chance to look hard into one but neither of your solutions seem to resemble this problem. I had to try and move the srx out of my trailer and it seemed to be a shifting issue because of the noise. As it was warranty I did not look. The gears stripped on the spline if that makes any sense . Something about the shifting fork not moving them over enough.
  15. Motorhead

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Holding up good so far. Put over 3000km on the used engine. Should be good to the 20k mark now. It's a bit of a Frankenstein sled considering the tunnel was replaced as well when the track blew off last March. Wish they had just wrote it off but they repaired it. All in all its still a great sled. I am going to keep it as the value on it now is garbage. I have a 2016 1200 as a back up anyway. Took that for my week run in Quebec. Matter of fact it was on the same trip this year my motor blew that the next day his chaincase let go. We always maintain stuff and let things warm up and such but crap still happens