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  1. Nobody parked there today. Lots of riders in Temagami.
  2. Since that Facebook post we have made a trail available on a limited basis and it is supposed to get really cold tomorrow so we will be able to pack some more trails. Still wet with no frost so it will be a while before we get to Latchford. Should be better going north and west. Lake Temiskaming reopened yesterday in the strong south wind. Let's hope the cold weather this week has no wind and the lake freezes over. I promise it wasn't me who moved your post. And oh yeah, there's a club meeting in Earlton at 7:30 tonight for anybody who wants to come.
  3. See you there Blake - coming north next weekend to help us fix the Earlton bridge? Bill
  4. There is a public lot in Temagami for trailer parking. When you arrive in Temagami take the first right by the Train Station. There is parking on either side of the road. Just don't park in the medical centre's parking lot.
  5. A Trail is good east of Elk Lake. It is an error in the reporting software that links the A107C. It will turn green as soon as our district Admin gets it figured out. West of Elk Lake should be okay but not great.
  6. The groomer being down doesn't explain why the railroad bed east of Elk Lake is yellow - different club and different groomer. I'm waiting for an update on that one.
  7. Cochrane will be excellent if you want to drive that far. Temagami north is still very good to excellent with some bare spots right around New Liskeard - unfortunately salt melts snow at road crossings. Lots of places to stay in and around New Liskeard right on the trail.
  8. The A Trail from Temagami to New Liskeard is being groomed right now. The short section that Tri-Town manages south of Temagami (17 km) will be groomed tomorrow night. Weather is supposed to be good through next week. Sun is making a mess of plowed roads so I'm not sure how the Wilson / Tonomo Lake roads are but they were good last week when I was down there.
  9. I don't check in here too often. Here is something we posted on the Tri-Town Sno Travellers Facebook page yesterday - edited to make sense. Tri-Town Sno Travellers cover from south of Temagami to about 20 km north of New Liskeard. Due to the great late season conditions we are doing a special Saturday ride this Saturday. We will be heading up to Lady Evelyn to Diamond Lake to Lake Temagami and back on the A Trail. We'll have lunch in Temagami. Trail passes will be required to come back on the A Trail. Bring extra gas if you think you will need it - it will be about 150 km to Tema
  10. We are grooming again in New Liskeard. We are only opening the A Trail from Haileybury north at present. North Bay is not doing their end so we will wait to see what happens next week before we head south. The L186 is also being groomed. Englehart and Earlton will be grooming as much as they can before the weekend. The riding should be pretty good by Saturday in the area. There may still be some bare spots in the fields because it was really windy when the snow came down. You should do well to start in New Liskeard and ride north and there will be some local routes available as well.
  11. The A107Q lake trail is now staked. Just waiting for the ITG to show it as green. Look for Bear Rock on your way. It should be obvious with our hideous signs.
  12. The problem is with the Interactive Trail Guide. The river down to the Waterfront Inn is shown as part of the A107Q which is not yet staked. The river through town is safe and marked. We are working on getting it marked as open, even if we don't get the A107Q marked tomorrow. You will find it is beaten flat and well travelled by the local fisherpeople. All the trails from Temagami to north of New Liskeard are freshly groomed as of tonight as long as the last operator out is able to finish the L190.
  13. If we don't get the lake trail staked from Quebec to New Liskeard turn right when you hit the river after leaving Notre Dame du Nord and take the L190 - L189 towards New Liskeard. We can only stake it on Saturday if it isn't snowing - you have to be able to see where you are going to put the stakes out. As soon as we are done staking (if we are able to do it) we will let the district manager know and she will mark it green on the ITG.
  14. Probably going to stake the Lake Trail from New Liskeard to Quebec on Saturday if anyone is bored and looking for something to do.
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