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  1. Congrats to the new executive. The board has chosen well and I'm expecting to hear great things about Snowcrest over the next few years.
  2. I don't care where it comes from. It is definitely a snowmobile topic that could grow to affect more than just 1 district and should be discussed. Much more relevant than most topics. Also, maybe it is something that should be addressed by the OFSC.
  3. I completely disagree. This is directly related and an integral part of snowmobiling; unlike many discussions on this board. My thoughts on this matter is that it should not be age but capability that determines if an operator be able to groom the trails. There is no fixed age to cut off the ability to drive a vehicle but there are guidelines/tests to do so. If there is a major concern in this area, the OFSC or District should establish guidelines/tests to determine if an operator is acceptable or not. These guidelines/tests would kick in at a certain age but could be used on any operator if there are concerns about their abilities. This probably would help identify anyone, regardless of age, that should not be driving a groomer.
  4. If you are consistently loading from the garage it would be wise to install some traction mats in the garage.
  5. I don't think there is any chance that the major components of MOTS will be reversed. The decision to put the merger of some districts on hold will have very little effect on MOTS. Very little thought was done on the original mergers. There was no business case developed that would show any cost savings from the mergers or potential costs of such mergers. Hopefully in the future the proper work will be done to clearly demonstrate why such a path is warranted.
  6. gator

    My update

    Didn't know that you were sick and it sounds like it was quite serious. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Congrats on quitting smoking. I did it 40 years ago and don't miss it. I couldn't afford to start smoking now. Best of luck on the eating well and cutting down on the weight. I don't have the will power to do it myself. Hoping to see you at the Snowcrest golf tournament again this year.
  7. As Blake says it may not be wise to cross highway 11. You may want to look into Hart of Muskoka, they are on Winhara Road just south of 118. They are right on the trail and are a supporter of the local club.
  8. I have a Garmin Nuvi 550 (Auto/marine no longer available) with a RAM mount attached to the extended glove box door. Map is from TrakMaps.
  9. Get a RAM mount that works with your model.
  10. Box 987, 67 Armstrong St. Bracebridge, ON P1L 1V2 P: 705-645-3123 | F: 705-645-3451 September 15, 2016 OPEN LETTER TO OFSC MEMBERS OFSC District 7 Muskoka would like to emphasize to the OFSC Board of Governors that our members are not against change. We, the volunteers of the District 7 board wish to make it clear again our unanimous opposition to the proposed District realignment and its associated costs as contained in the More on the Snow proposal for AGM 2016. Our dedicated core volunteers have been expected to shoulder ever increasing responsibilities with shrinking operational revenue each year, this is not a task that we are prepared to undertake. The District 7 board and other Districts have, on several occasions in writing to the OFSC President Remi Sauvé, voiced their concerns regarding the proposed re-alignment and aggressive timelines for the changes contained in the AGM 2016 information to membership. In his response to District concerns Mr. Sauvé stated the key reasons for the re-alignment of districts is to secure sustainability and stability for the future of the organization. This is a concern for District 7 which currently returns more than 50% of its gross permit revenues to the provincial organization for program management and redistribution to the Equalization Fund. This district is one of the most stable and sustainable entities, with paid annual permit sales in excess of 6700 units, and can stand on its own. If this district is unstable or unsustainable it is only because of an imbalance in the funding formula. Since the implementation of Framework for Change, District 7 has diligently been working on reducing expenditures within its control, administration costs, grooming, equipment maintenance and trail expenses have been under constant scrutiny. We have through the efforts of our members cut costs by tens of thousands of dollars each year which makes the district even more stable from a purely financial perspective. Can we do better, absolutely, but not under this new proposal for realignment and merging of District 7 and 10. The District 7 board believes that realignment is counterproductive and does not enhance grooming operations nor put More on the Snow for either Districts 7 or 10. We ask that the proposed merger of 7 and 10 be deferred for at least one year pending the implementation of the other components contained within the AGM 2016 package. SCORECARD MOTS 2015 - The key priorities of the strategic plan were: 1. Increase overall participation in organized snowmobiling by at least 6% to 100,000 paid permits – PASS/FAIL 2. Develop and commence implementation of a new organizational structure that: a. Reduces the number of layers of accountability (permit revenue) to two – PASS/FAIL b. Reduce the need for local clubs to be standalone NFP corporations – PASS/FAIL 3. Consistent with the new organizational structure, develop: a. A Groomer Fleet Asset Management Program and – PASS/FAIL Box 987, 67 Armstrong St. Bracebridge, ON P1L 1V2 P: 705-645-3123 | F: 705-645-3451 b. A Groomer Fleet Operational Management Program – PASS/FAIL 4. Continue to pursue long-term government support programs to generate at least $5 million per year – PASS/FAIL The lack of progress on the priorities set out for the BOG in 2016 should cause the membership to question why? Now, a year later, the priorities have not been successfully achieved or implemented; we are now as volunteers expected to engage in an entirely new set of priorities with a totally different focus!! At AGM 2015 we were directed to become a single permit selling entity in order to comply with one of the components of FFC and year one of MOTS. District 7 began working toward the integration of our 11 clubs, but without any guiding policies or procedures it proved to be a difficult path. Districts 7, as well as several other districts are concerned over the timelines and monumental volunteer time that will be required to complete what is being mandated in the 2016 – 2017 proposals. This is cause for great concern to the district and its board. District 7 has lost all confidence and credibility of the OFSC due to yearly program changes and lack of transparency. Volunteers are the backbone of this organization and a rapid implementation will wear them down, resulting in more resignations, bitterness, and infighting. The budget for MOTS is unclear and numbers need to be worked out and more importantly communicated to the volunteers. Only by implementing our following concerns, will District 7 accept MOTS 2016 and keep D7 viable:  Comprehensive Business Plan and Groomer Fleet Management Program  District Centralization and Trail Rationalization before any consideration of District Realignment  Reasonable timelines  Total transparent accountability
  11. I am against MOTS as it has been presented. That does not mean that I am against change; but there has to be a good plan in place backed up by lots of good data that supports the direction proposed by the plan. That is completely lacking in MOTS as presented by the OFSC. The OFSC could not plan itself out of a wet paper bag with a big tear in it. Bigger (as in amalgamating districts and having districts responsible for all aspects of snowmobiling) is not necessarily better. It is too easy to forget why you are there (good local trails and local support) in a bigger organization. Many amalgamated municipalities are now looking at leaving the larger organization as local issues are not being addressed. Lets make sure that we do not throw out the baby with the bath water. The OFSC must present the members with a detailed plan with sufficient financial and organizational data to support their proposal and it must have a realistic implementation schedule. Only with full information can the members make a proper educated decision. Without it we are rolling the dice and hoping that things work out.
  12. What a terrible erroneous comparison. It ain't over yet and when it is and if MOTS passes it is completely up to the volunteer if they want to continue or not and it is certainly not selfish for them to decide they cannot work in such an environment.
  13. Why do you think that the BOG delivered more detail? To me they have not provided any details and there is no justification either volunteer or financial wise that would convince any one to take this leap of faith. There are also no milestones that can be measured against to know that things are progressing to the desired end. The OFSC and BOG are doing what they do best: a complete lack of planning and when asked to come back with more details they introduce a completely new wrinkle (amalgamation) into the discussion. And the implementation schedule is unrealistic.
  14. This is the first time I've seen a Cat owner admit that a Cat can never make it back to its starting point....
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