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  1. I was with TD years ago, won’t do business with them ever again. Banking, insurance etc. just don’t like them lol i e been with Allstate for a few years now for the house, wife’s car and sled/s. I think im paying around $200 just for liability. no theft or collision. I may add them, we’ll see what the rates are this year.
  2. It’s Garmin, they’re the best. The gauge looks great! I’d be very surprised if they didn’t offer an option to upload maps.
  3. I guess I’ll be keeping my 18’ viper…I know what I have hahaha! I don’t think the yami engine will fit in that new cat chassis, most likely just one of the reasons they threw in the towel…
  4. If it was teal in colour, it would be in my shop already! Good deal Nunz! 👍🏻
  5. That’s a first that I’ve heard, new crap breaks too.
  6. The 4 stroke’s definitely hold their value much better, no question. Especially the Yamahas. My wife would only put on about 1000-1500kms per season. So that would last her for quite some time. If it needed a rebuild around the 15,000km mark, I wouldn’t mind spending it to go another 15 or so.
  7. Ya the adventures models are priced a little higher. The Indy SP 650 is the entry level priced full size sled. I priced a 650 XC 137” the other night (and believe me, I wanted to send it!) 7S, and all the other goodies and it came out to $18,665+++ I figured since last year my quote came out to just under $18k for the Indy SP 650, (that we decided to back out on) that to go the next package up to get all QS3 shocks, 7S display, 1.35” track and some colour options would be worth the extra $3500 or so the next time we order.
  8. If your hesitant on going back to a 2 stroke, you need to try the new Polaris matryx chassis if you haven’t already. I’ve never been a Polaris guy and most of my sledding has been on Yamaha 4strokes, but I always have an open mind towards other brands. I did try a skidoo 850 about 4yrs ago but found the front end way too twitchy, far from planted, so I sold it after 450kms. Polaris chassis really is incredible though. Exact same planted feel as my viper, and the wife loved it too! This is why when the time comes, the wife will be getting a 650. Once I decide to upgrade from my viper, I’m seriously considering going back to a 2 stroke. If Polaris puts a turbo on the S4, which I think they will, I will opt for it instead over the 2stroke. The 2 stroke is very playful, felt like riding my old yzf 250, and very planted….and the 650 has more than enough power. EDIT: I just finished reading your post above, if it’s about wants, maybe the 850 Polaris turbo would be something to consider. You’ll get the planted feel, and lots of power.
  9. Not sure yet, I really would like to get the wife another sled, but I’m thinking we won’t be spring checking. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for some deals heading into the Fall this year instead, but she might be riding 2up again next season. When we do order, it will be a Polaris forsure though.
  10. I haven’t tried a 900 doo so can’t compare the 2, but I know forsure my viper has plenty of low to midrange grunt, it takes a while to get to top end speeds. I’m sure they’re close though
  11. The 998 is truly a thing of beauty, but like you said, you kinda have to be crazy to stretch it’s legs. I know when I have my viper maxed out (which is rare) across a lake at 150-160km/hr, that’s plenty fast for me lol. I have no desire to go faster! That’s just me though. I can only imagine WOT on a turbo 998. I tried one years ago for a very short distance and the power was incredible, it felt so good, but I certainly don’t need or want it. And to think some guys are tuning them to 300+Hp for the trail blows my mind. It’s partly a status thing…or just money to burn.
  12. I was just informed it’s raining in north bay right now and no sign of snow yet. They got a bit of snow earlier in the week, but I’m guessing the rain will be doing further damage anyways.
  13. Appreciate the report Tricky, and Thankyou! We’ve been looking at the forecast lately and trying to decide where we’re headed to. It looks like a bit of rain moving in, was supposed to be 25-35cm of snow but TWN has teased us once again unfortunately.
  14. Exactly, when the guy in the video has nothing good to say except for how “dialed” the gold paint looks on the spindle….🤷🏼‍♂️ viper is also the same as the past few years…. $3k more (basically gouging their clients) over last years price for a new sticker package. I love my Yamaha’s and now on my 3rd viper in the cat chassis, but my money will be going elsewhere when the time comes for new sleds. I realize prices are crazy on everything right now, but the doo & poo are at least being fair with their price increases. That’s just what I’ve noticed. 650 Indy SP is $500 more than last year…exact same sled. Doo & Poo have gone up around $500-$1000 over last years pricing. Yamaha is gouging, and I don’t like it.
  15. The 25-35cm this Friday will help
  16. I’ve already made my decision and it’s a hard pass lol. it was an easy decision for me
  17. Pricey sled! I hope your not financing at the 10.99% rate! 🤣
  18. Thanks for the info PLC. My wife is fine with riding wherever…she’s riding 2up anyways, and has no choice! Lol
  19. Parts of fergus were absolutely mint this morning. Managed to put on 90km. hillsburgh, Dundalk, parts of Orangeville were very good yesterday. Wife and I did 190km and it was awesome! Plenty of snow out there! There are definitely some thin areas, but no biggie considering the winter we’ve had. I know a guy that went to Durham today and he said he’s never seen it so good!
  20. I see that picture and it reminds me of my wife doin the same thing up in burks falls! Haha!
  21. Just wondering what the current conditions are like in north bay right now. The wife and I are thinking about our last ride of the season this coming weekend and weather looks good for the weekend also. if anyone has any info on current riding conditions, that would be great! These are the day rides we’d be considering. Thanks guys!
  22. That 4S should do minimum 90mph. Something had to be wrong with that sled you demoed @soupkids
  23. This is why they’re selling out fast, hardly any sleds to offer. Pretty easy to do…
  24. I just saw a post on FB Halliburton is having some issues with receiving parts for one of the groomers. Basically, they’re down to one groomer.
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