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  1. They say it's a bad year for avalanches in BC. I'd sure want to run with a guide or at least get some avey training before venturing out. Looks like it would be a blast though.
  2. Lol. This happens every year in the same locations.
  3. That end of the park is awesome. Great report.
  4. How do you like that setup in comparison to the na 900 ace? Is it much louder? Much worse on fuel? 120 - 130 hp does seem to be a good hp. Not sure why more aren't buying that version and instead are paying for the 180 hp version.
  5. Big washout on the trail. Need more snow and cold weather to repair.
  6. Up through North Bay is quick running (pipeline, railbeds and logging roads). It's slower trail coming back down through French River (Bush trail and very rugged canadian shield). Achievable, but you will have a long final day. Might want to reverse yohr order.
  7. That's awesome that yours arrived on time. I shouldn't poke fun. I swore off the 2 strokes. will never own one again.
  8. I know some are still waiting for frost (please help them). For the rest of us that have ventured out where did you go and what were the conditions like? We got our first 600 km in North of Mont Laurier a week ago. Well worth the trip. Early to mid season conditions and getting better. Only a couple washouts and no bare ground to speak of. Anyone been riding snow country, north bay, Sudbury or the bancroft areas? If you were to northern Ontario or into Quebec what did you find?
  9. Yeah in the Mont Laurier area they all seem to be working together to keep the rates high. It's the tourism tax that really bugs me. I get it for some of these lodges where they are maintaining 80 km of plowed road just to be open. Higher rates are justified. For others it seems a little much. I guess the flip side is they aren't closing due to lack of staff like you see in other areas. Riding single it's not that big of a hit. With the wife it does add up in a hurry. A three day $1500 trip is now $2500 by the time we buy permits, fuel food and lodging.
  10. It's definitely went up. What are you finding? $180 a night with meals included?
  11. Hydro one chopper north of Smooth Rock was out changing insulators a few years back. Was kinda neat to watch.
  12. Lol. When the trails open or when Polaris delivers all of their sleds? Both seem to be waiting for hell to freeze over.
  13. Thanks. Will do later this winter when the trails up there open up.
  14. Looking to stay in Bancroft? Or Whitney?
  15. When you start looking at a new sled what you have invested in accessories certainly plays into the equation. Was looking at Polaris. Can get the adaptor plates to run linq accessories on it. But then come to find out the Polaris 2 up accessory seat takes up a space for a linq bag in the back. Add to that you now have to mount the Polaris lock and ride connector to the tunnel and all of a sudden it means all new Polaris accessories to make it work. Makes you go back and reconsider the ski doo again where everything you have still works.
  16. Anyone on here own one of these? Just wondering how people are finding this new motor. Would be really interested to hear from someone who has one that was a past 900 ace owner on how the two compare.
  17. It's marketing. Ontario gave up on the idea. In Quebec they seem to have taken a somewhat different approach. Brp and intact sponsored it which hopefully offsets some of the costs to the fcmq. I expect marketing materials to arrive from both companies.
  18. Missing Link have a public lot near Stonecliffe. A ways south of Mattawa, but an option.
  19. Yep cross the bridge in town. Run out through millennium park and them take the sidewalk past the hotel. Gas is after it. not the most accessible, but it will work. You can usually get gas in lake st peter.
  20. There is a bridge over the river. So no issues there. Bancroft to Lake St Peter is railed. Then good forest access roads the majority if the way north from there to Whitney. I haven't ridden it this year yet, but it should be ok. The Granite in Bancroft is the place to eat lunch. Right where B106E, hwy 62 and hwy 28 meet. It's a good restaurant. There is a park n ride right at millennium park in town to unload st or 15 mins north at Birds creek is a better lot. Its right on 62 on the west side of the highway between the south baptiste lk rd and musclow Greenview rd. Have fun.
  21. I've got frost now though. Lol. 20 mm of rained soaked the ground and now it's froze.
  22. Whitney and Stonecliffe both have 4" - 6" in the forecast for tomorrow. The traditional snowbelt areas will start opening up in a week or two. Won't be great at first, but it will come. Maybe we got our January thaw early this year.
  23. Call the guys at tekrider that make the tekvest. They have what you're after. Not showing on their website, but I know it's a product they make. https://tekrider.com/ 9:30 in the video.
  24. Is the new trail to Hornepayne built?
  25. Any sign of groomed trails in Dubreville or Wawa?
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