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  1. It was a section of ice in Mexico.
  2. At north of 70mph, did not stop to inspect ice up close.
  3. Good to know. While food n service was terrific, prices seemed a hair on the high side.
  4. Decent ride out of Port Perry club house today. Not sure how they do it, but ports trails heading east were pretty damm good, got a lil rough closer I got to the Ganny with it getting a hair on the sketchy side closer I got to Rice Lake. You can see clubs have made the most outta the limited snow they have, your efforts are very much appreciated. Lunch at Rhinos, Halibut n fries, wow it was good. Thankfully, with only me, myself and I on the ride, no arguments and nothing but great conversation. Add to that, sled ran n performed like it should, great day.
  5. Been on a sled since the early 60s and from my experience with sledders around me, those that have a good head on their shoulders by keeping within the speed required to always stay on their side of the trail, never blow corners and don't pour a handful of beers down their throats at every chance are seldom if ever the ones responsible for a crash. Typically the half in the bag rider is the one you have to wait for at every road crossing all morning but once they've got a belly full of hero juice are the ones out front, same ones that blow a corner and stuff it into the bush. Just as dangerous
  6. Much appreciated, hook up next time but thank you for the offer.
  7. Guide shows red so assume lake not staked / safe.
  8. Anyone riding out of the clubhouse n heading East tomorrow? Looking to do a first ride of the season shake down, likely headed out to Rice Lake for bite to eat n back n perhaps tour of the inner Ganny trails on way back.
  9. Sorry thought you meant that as a general question for when everything wide open.
  10. Couple years back on one way section in the Ganny, over a crest of a hill next thing I see, group parked taking up the entire trail having a chat n snacks. Slide to a stop, greeted by concerned do gooders yelling n screaming I could have killed someone, are you freakin kidding me? Was I riding the posted speed limit, no I was not. Same breath, who could ever imagine you'd come across a group of adults so completely and utterly clueless that they'd stop in a spot like that putting both themselves and me at risk. I'd hazzard to guess even at exactly the speed limit, antics involved to avoid hit
  11. Too fast = the speed at which you can no longer keep the sled on your side of the trail..............period!!
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