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    Reading for me is no glasses but you don't want me to do anything else without glasses lol I got a Mission for this year as well and will be interested on how it works for me I have the BV2 and before that the Modulars I got onto those pretty quick without fogging I hope the same for the Mission
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    Do you wear glasses ?
  3. We don't have any around "the shack" 🤣
  4. Saw it today on the TV wow do those Ski Doos look good
  5. There also was an issue with not having a place for the groomer operator to stay after they said they would have it for them.
  6. Yup we know a fellow that was heading south to visit his son and when they scanned his passport then they asked him his vacs status. He declined to answer and was turned back.
  7. We drove to Florida in March and just a couple weeks ago. Gave our passports and answered the regular questions ( nothing about vacs ) and were on our way never an issue
  8. Quick question. Did you ever do the arrive Can app ? And link it to your passport ?
  9. 10 cents. Wow are you generous LoL
  10. Any word if and when they have the freeloader weekend?
  11. Looks like that at my end too
  12. Now that I look a bit closer maybe there was no fence and I kinda remember a building to the left of the pump I remember our leader went over there first and no one was there I thought he said it was bunks for the workers anyway after a couple rounds behind the pump he found the attendant
  13. We were there in 2020. Pump was outside the fence after a couple rides thru the complex finally a guy came out with a cash box.
  14. and it kinda sucks the G4 has 36 litre tank and the XS had 40 litre Oh well first world problems
  15. We went Fri 22 bucks to get in we had a good time ran into a friend here and there spent a bit of time at the Igrips booth Factory Rec was selling but shipped everything to you Aberfoyle Arctic Cat had a large booth Mission helmets sold super quick Quebec had 3 booths no one from Gaspe or Lac St Jean areas Buddy got his map updates for his GPS and a bite harder sharpening stone a couple of the guys got new Bergstrom carbides if something looked interesting we stopped and looked ATVs sleds classics trailers groomers we got all our maps we did talk with D13 and they advised us that Half Way Haven will not open this year they have made adjustments to all the grooming needed overall was well worth attending The day flew by was 730 before we knew it
  16. At our club meeting last night we talked about this a bit the guys think there isn't enough inventory to stock the show and the stores Apparently Factory Rec will be selling at the show but you take it home They ship it to you ???? That's what one guy said last night
  17. Is there a map of the show anywhere ? just trying to see who is there
  18. Not sure but I thought I saw your work cap on a shiny new truck the other day 🤣
  19. Maybe in 15 minutes that many were sold.
  20. You were early too. Low number ?
  21. Permits arrived today a different colour. Ordered 915 am Oct 1. Numbers are low 3000
  22. If someone slips they will remember and not step there again. LoL
  23. Nice. Lots of power and AWD probably. My one buddy used a VW SUV diesel to pull the same trailer. And trailer has brakes too probably
  24. very nice what is your tow vehicle ?
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