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  1. I have 2 klim suits. One is a valdez jacket with free ride pant, non insulated, the other is insulated. The valdez is older, the insulated one season old. Layering is better imo, rode in that set up down to minus forty. Will not bother with insulated gear in future when I buy again. The suit is too warm at times.
  2. I had to tow a yamaha warrior up oh crap hill with my cat....my belt was not happy.
  3. Once again folks can make new memories at an old haunt. 4 new cabins, a shop, and a new bears den. Good news.
  4. BRP announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a company that specializes in e-drive systems and transmissions, reinforcing its know-how in electric vehicles technology. Here’s the scoop from Valcourt: BRP announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Great Wall Motor Austria GmbH, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motor based in Baoding, China. This leading EV R&D center based in Kottingbrunn, Austria, specializes in e-drive systems and transmissions and currently employs highly skilled individuals who will receive ongoing employment as part of this agreement. “We look forward to welcoming the 53 very qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and professionals as we continue reinforcing our EV expertise required to deploy our ambitious strategy. This acquisition will further strengthen our know-how in e-motor, inverter hardware and software development,” said Thomas Uhr, chief technology officer at BRP.
  5. I agree. The truck usually requires both lanes. Many people become confused, even though I have my four ways on and take half the left ane, many still speed up beside me. They realize it was a bad move in a hurry. Happens all the time.
  6. It was redesigned due to ice build up, not structural integrity.
  7. The only sled cat makes available to order is the zr8000 with atac shocks. That and mountain sleds. The rest are sold out.
  8. Blew my engine. Sourced one used and took it to Wayne Dillaboughs cat dealer. Great guy. He found a couple of issues one he pulled the old one which drove labour up. Took pictures of everything to keep me in the loop and did 7 hours of labor which he did not bill me for. Small family business he turns wrenches as well. Great dealer.
  9. Lots of sleds out on the corridor today, over a foot of snow fell....hell of a tough drive made worse by seeing sleds.
  10. Was through hwy 11 today. Still decent, but was some bare patches starting. Plus 7 and sunny in hearst.
  11. zoso

    F'in Rain

    Fat lady was belting out her swan song all day....
  12. The domio is designed with nothing inside the helmet. It has great reviews and is 25% off right now.
  13. zoso

    F'in Rain

    Sunday looks bad.
  14. We ran into the same around espanola last week. Simply not enough coverage for the groomers to work. They certainly were trying their best with what they had. Mother nature is a b.
  15. zoso

    Lake Simcoe

    Could we then say...fat bastard...the 4 stroke sled.....left a floater.....?
  16. Where will they get the sleds to display? Used ones from this year?
  17. Had a great time up at agnew lake lodge. New owners are awesome. Spent time with friends from massey and webbwood. Did some ice fishing on a few back lakes. Caught a splake. Rode some trails and had dinner with our friends each night as they kept their sleds there for the week. A couple of days before our departure the f1100 puked out all the oil. The old cat with 65000 kms on it ran great, go figure. Cassandra had to head back to work so she gave us her vector to use. Great time.
  18. Omg, so sad. I went to school with George. Great guy back then and clearly continued to be. RIP.
  19. Yup. Plan your route so that lunch can happen in a warm up shack. Be creative, plan ahead and no doubt your lunch can be better than take out.
  20. No doubt we need a separate offence written into law. That being trespass on ofsc trail. 500 minimum fine would be good. Then we need stop back to be out there handing out tickets. There is no excuse not to buy a pass.
  21. Rode to Athens for fuel and to ensure all is good mechanically before we head north. Happy to say both sleds ran perfect. Trails were nice, good coverage and groomed.
  22. Anyone know if it will be open?
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