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  1. Switched the traler up a bit..

    I like the bench, but how far does it stick out from the wall when folded. It seems like the legs fold behind it so they would take up the about 2 inches plus the thickness of the bench (3/4?).
  2. OC group ride

    Does the QI (or whatever it is called now) still have a restaurant that does not serve dinner, or closes early (can't remember which). AFAIK, the restaurant service was very limited which is why I haven't visited that facility for a few years for sledding. Hopefully, some locals will chime in as to whether, or not, this location is of the quality and service that it was when we had the OC ride there.
  3. Novi Snowmobile Show, November 3 - 5

    You are a lot closer than I am. If I leave at 2, I won't get to the border until 6.
  4. OC group ride

    D12 is a great area.
  5. Novi Snowmobile Show, November 3 - 5

    We are staying at the Doubletree by Hilton, but there are a number of others. Check out the link for the show that I posted above and follow to the nearby accommodations. There is a Marriott, Hilton Garden Inn, and others.
  6. Novi Snowmobile Show, November 3 - 5

    Ski I have never gone for more than 1 day. I assume that admission and parking is for each day only. Is this a correct assumption?
  7. OC group ride

    I'll take the blame for the cool summer. I have been doing my snow dance since April.
  8. The Novi show is coming up in a couple of weeks. Is anyone going (besides our group)? Let me know if and when and we can try to meet up for a chat. We will be driving to Novi on Friday, Nov 3 and attending the show on Saturday, returning home on Sunday. This has become an annual ritual for us, and is another way to get stoked for the upcoming season. For those who have never been, this show is about the size of the Toronto Show, but is primarily a 'selling' show, with lots of vendors of all brands of sleds and even some of the large US clothing suppliers like Upnorth Sports. Lots of deals on previous season clothing from the manufacturers. The web page does not really give much information, but here is the link Hope to see some members there.
  9. OC group ride

    I'm interested! From experience, a suggestion would be to find a location with accommodations and food so that participants can stay over and extend the experience if they choose. Good luck.
  10. Snowmobile Show

    I saw Livin', irREVerent, STG, 14Snow, Snocrazy, WB, and a couple of others. The show seemed bigger with more real vendors (actually selling things). Enjoyed the day
  11. Snowmobile Show

    I am planning to be there about the start of the show as well. I'll be wearing my red OC hat (if I remember to take it )
  12. Hey Trail Map

    The new program is using OpenStreetMaps as the base map as opposed to GoogleMaps. If you could add via points, it would be much nicer. IIRC, this is the functionality that the Quebec interactive map had about six or seven years ago. Their new one is different.
  13. 2016 Blzzard 600 H.O. E-TEC for sale

    Finally getting a Yamaha????
  14. Hey Trail Map

    It is pretty impressive, so far. The routing is pretty good.