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    2015 Yamaha Vector LTX (19064 Km)
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    2012 Yamaha RS Vector (Ms. SJ) (20100 Km)
    2007 Yamaha Vector GT (Moosifer) (29000 Km)
    2002 VMAX 700 DLX (Sold)
    2001 VMAX 600 DLX (Sold)

    Best Year 16 / 17 7923 Km
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    7923 Km New Record
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    3887 Km :-(
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    7254 Km New Record
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    6794 Km
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    6879 Km Woo Hoo
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    4795 Km
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    4161 Km
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    Sledding, Car Rallying, Ham Radio
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  1. Has anything improved?
  2. Not likely!
  3. Great post, Denis. As Slomo said, they do look small but are probably still young and growing. When we were there a few years ago, there was only 1 lonely bear and my daughter was a little disappointed. We toured the snowmobile museum, but the rest of the buildings were closed, IIRC. It was between Christmas and New Years. Sorry to hear that Terry's was closed, but hopefully it will be open better than ever for next winter. Maybe, they'll even be open for breakfast.
  4. Bonfire? Didn't you just get new sleds? Sorry, couldn't resist Count me in, sounds like a great time
  5. Many other municipalities, including Sault Ste. Marie, have a similar scheme. I know the Sault has had it for a number of years.
  6. All my Yammies are safely tucked away at home. But yeah, I do go off trail, but not intentionally
  7. At least then, the idiots would stay on the trail
  8. Marni Smith (Dist 4 Governor) is the new 2nd VP. Congratulations to Marni. I think she'll do an excellent job in her new role.
  9. X2! Well said, Canuck.
  10. Congratulations on the new sled, Blake. Hope you love it.
  11. Ahhh! Here you were my new hero and now you've gone and ruined it
  12. I only get stuck every other day, on average. Usually much less than 3 hours, too.
  13. Maid's Cottage in Newmarket is definitely my favourite.
  14. I'm still trying to hit 10K. After that I might set it higher. 70K would take a really good winter . At an average of 50 Km/h, it would take 1400 hours. At roughly 5 hours riding a day,( 5 hours allows time for breaks, lunch, etc), it is only 280 days of riding. Piece of cake, right? You in?
  15. I am similar, except that I also do a change at the 4 - 5 K mark as well. BTW, the 70000 Km season must have been a blast