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  1. sledjunk

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    The trip will go from New Liskeard to Timmins, Chapleau, Dubreuilville, Hearst, Cochrane, Gogama, Elk Lake, then back to New Liskeard. Should be a great trip. Now time for bed. Early start in the AM.
  2. sledjunk


    I am on my third year with mine. So far, I have not had any issues with battery life in all kinds of weather. Usually ride 9 - 5 or so in a day. Usually left on during lunch as well.
  3. sledjunk


    I ride with a Sena 20S, but unfortunately, none of my riding buddies do. (They don't want to talk to me, I guess ) It is great for music and even the occasional phone call.
  4. sledjunk

    NCDN Facebook updates...

    We appreciate you, Jeff
  5. sledjunk

    Only in sudbury

    Congratulations to both of you!
  6. sledjunk

    Canyon and C to Timmins from SRF ...

    Do CV's loop. You won't be disappointed. All of those trails are fantastic. One of the best areas, IMO!
  7. sledjunk

    QC puts the hammer down.

    I do not remember that.
  8. sledjunk

    D trail south of Wawa

    First, the light does not flash. Secondly, it is for signaling if you are last rider in your group (green), or not (amber). Not rocket science, and rarely do I find that we change positions during the day. I have a better chance of setting the light correctly than I do remembering which hand signal to use It is true that many riders do not know what the lights mean, but there are more every year. I have been using these in one form or another since 2007.
  9. Out of the saddle bag.
  10. sledjunk

    D trail south of Wawa

    See the second product on this page http://yamaheater.com/Products.php
  11. sledjunk

    E108 Seagrave to Lindsay

    Both sections are ours (Heart of Ontario) and while the groomer has been by there, there is not enough snow to open it yet. These trails are on private property, for the most part. No. It is NOT RUNABLE because the trail is CLOSED!
  12. sledjunk

    Chateau Guay or Moonlight which is Better

    Another good reason to prefer CG
  13. sledjunk

    QC puts the hammer down.

    He just can't hear himself over his exhaust
  14. sledjunk

    D trail south of Wawa

    You can watch for my rider alert light (amber or green) on the side of my sled. Likely be either 1 or 2 in the group.