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  1. Looks good, Blake
  2. sledjunk

    New Snowcrest Executives

    You will have to ask your executive members to fess up to being Sherpa on here.
  3. sledjunk

    New Snowcrest Executives

    Say hi to Sherpa for me
  4. sledjunk

    New Snowcrest Executives

    Congrats to the new executive and thanks for stepping up! I know a few of those people and they are good people!
  5. sledjunk

    2019 - 2020 FCMQ Permit Prices

    That is something, I wish we had here. But, of course, that would require enforcement.
  6. sledjunk

    2019 - 2020 FCMQ Permit Prices

    In general, yes, I am sure. In the following, the years referenced are from the motion presented at last year's AGM. The motion last year was for the permit pricing for 2020. Every year, the plan presents a 'matrix' of four scenarios. A and B options are based upon no government decision regarding registration revenue and C and D is where there is a decision where the OFSC gets $30 or more from registrations. Options A and C are where full season permit sales for the upcoming (2018 - 2019) season are less than 5% more than the previous (2017 - 2018) season, and B and D are where full season permit sales for the upcoming (2018 - 2019) season are more than 5% over the previous (2017 - 2018) season. There are then prices for the year following the upcoming (2019 -2020) season presented for each of those scenarios. So, based upon 2018 - 2019 sales, the prices for 2019 - 2020 can be predetermined and the MTO approval process can start before the 2018 - season has even started. With the MTO process taking months to complete, the time from the AGM to the start of the permit sales is too short to do much better than this.
  7. sledjunk

    2019 - 2020 FCMQ Permit Prices

    The pricing is now voted on according to an algorithm based upon the previous year's sales. AFAIK, the actual seasonal sales have gone down last year, with a spike in daily sales. Unless the sales have increased over 5% (I think), the prices will be the same. I am not 100% sure about the sales figures, but I am pretty sure that I am correct.
  8. sledjunk

    groomer guy

    Get well soon, Luc! Thanks skidooboy for the heads up
  9. Great timing. Truck was going in next Tuesday for inspection. Now just for regular maintenance. Also, new trailer will not need sticker. WooHoo!
  10. Sounds like a plan!
  11. sledjunk

    Best cord for heated visor??

    I have repaired a few for friends where the outside rubber had split, and then whr wires were the only thing left.
  12. sledjunk

    Best cord for heated visor??

    But so do a lot of the helmet ones.
  13. sledjunk

    Best cord for heated visor??

    Welcome to the forum. I like your invention. Best of luck with your product. BTW, I deleted your duplicate post.
  14. sledjunk

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    All I can offer is second hand information, but a number of my friends have moved to the TC-167 and similar trailers. The narrower trailers seem to tow easier as they tuck into the truck's windstream. The added advantage is that the visibility down the side of a 7 foot trailer is much better that the 101" wide. Loading seems to be very easy as well, as the sleds are driven straight in but park in a staggered configuration. I am sure that irREVerent, Nunz, and many others could weigh in with more first hand experiences.
  15. But the cube van probably was already over the 4500 Kg. I believe if you tow a trailer with a vehicle of lesser weight that is yellow stickered, then the combined weight comes into play. If the GVWR of a vehicle is 3000 Kg, then as long as the combined weight is under 4500 Kg then the trailer does not need a sticker, even if the truck has one. I think that is the point mike37 was trying to make. Part of the confusion is when do you use actual weight (if running empty) or the GVWR of the trailer.