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  1. Thanks to Nunz and Karen for hosting this. It was a great time and nice to meet some new members and to reunite with others. BTW, Blake, it is the Maid's Cottage, not the Cottage Maid. They placed first at the Midland Butter Tart Festival in 2016 and 2017.
  2. You are correct about pushing them, but the Inreach does, at least on the surface, seem to be superior. Based upon suspending the service in the off season, the rate could be compatible with the annual rate from the SPOT. Of course, if I needed to use the SPOT in the off season, it is available.
  3. X3. It was always on my 'Must Do" list. Glad I went there and enjoyed their hospitality. Sounds like it was none too soon as there will be no more chances. Good luck to Marie and Bill.
  4. I agree! Both shows have their purposes and advantages.
  5. Unpinned. Thanks for the effort.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Hope you find a trailer soon.
  7. Time for more investigation. This sounds interesting.
  8. Thanks! It is always good to get a real world evaluation. Do you know how the SOS function gets routed to the 'local' services?
  9. The Gen2 and Gen3 units do a much better job of tracking. I have had all three models and like the improvements. The SPOT units have been quite reliable. We have had two model 1 units fail after many years. However, we have had more failures with the Trace units.
  10. From what little I have read, I too believe the InReach is a better system in total. However, it is pretty pricey, both in terms of hardware and subscription, in comparison. For the club, it is totally out of reach from a price perspective. For me personally, I think it is still too expensive to get to the same level as the SPOT. I would likely be looking at the $35/mo plan for Jan - April which would be about $140 each season. Not bad, but the $350 and up for the device is a bit much. Still worth investigating, though. We still prefer to use SPOT for the groomers, because the AtlasTRAX system has no provision for sending messages and cannot be made accessible to the general public. The messaging is a H & S issue as far as we are concerned, especially with the "911" button. Providing the tracking to the public shows our riders our grooming activity and where the permit dollars are being used. The Sat Phone would likely be the overall best solution, but may be cost prohibitive. Also, it would not provide any tracking, and I am not sure how the emergency services would be dispatched without a call to the specific service in your area. It may have functionality for a global response, but I am not sure about it.
  11. I thought about posting this in the Technical Forum but figured that it would attract more attention here. I just received an email from SPOT regarding their rate increases to the subscription fees. (Trace now $149.99 US, additional $14.99 US Network Fee). I have been quite satisfied with the SPOT service and peace of mind for almost 10 years personally, and we have a number of units (4 SPOT and 3 Trace) for the club. However, I feel it is time to at least look at the newer alternatives that are on the market and re-evaluate if this is indeed still the best option. The SPOT Units ( we have all 3 versions) are used to send OK messages, Help messages, and (God Forbid) 911 messages. The Trace units are set to track every 5 minutes and are fed to our grooming tracking web page. My personal SPOT unit is a Gen 3 with Tracking and Roadside Assistance services as well. Does anyone have any experience with the other systems that are available, and the pros and cons of these systems. I have briefly looked at the InReach products and at first blush seem too expensive for my / our purposes. Thanks
  12. Congratulations!
  13. I tried the WD-40 but went back to Goo-Gone. I find it works faster and easier. Be careful, though. Another product called Goof Off can be kind of harsh.
  14. Has anything improved?