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  1. sledjunk

    Beer cans on trails

    Oh. Please don't!
  2. sledjunk

    Beer cans on trails

    I agree with both of you. My feeling is that things can happen too fast on the trails with unwanted results, without anything to dampen reaction time. I might be a 'lightweight' when it comes to drinking, but I feel that any impairment is too much on the trails, or roads for that matter. My feeling is that someone drinking on the trails does not only affect them, it also affects me. Either by jeopardizing my safety, or, God forbid, by ruining my trip by having to deal with the consequences after the fact. JMO.
  3. sledjunk

    Mileage this season, so far...

    6792 Km this year. Not a great year for me. Main shock in the skid broke early in the season and replacements have been tough to get and tune.
  4. sledjunk

    Cochrane Update..

    Talk about 'doin' the Mashed Potato'
  5. sledjunk

    Cochrane Update..

    Moosifer and I just came back from a week in Cochrane. Trails were awesome for the most part. Saturday had warmed up and they were a little (OK, a lot) like riding mashed potatoes. Tuesday, we were expecting others to arrive, but unfortunately a couple were not able to make it. However, while sitting in the room, a Jeep pulls up outside our room, and the driver rolls down the window and gives us the finger! Turned out he was one of the people that joined us in Quebec with Nunz and recognized my sled We rode to Kap on Wednesday and introduced some friends to Beardmore and Nursery Loop (sorry locals ) Got to ride with 79Cat again. Great week (1530 Km) and end of the season.
  6. sledjunk

    OFSC Trail Guide

    Actually, if you zoom in on Google maps, it shows Whitney as Airy. The old IAFG used Google maps as the base and now they have changed to OpenStreetMaps as a base.
  7. sledjunk

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Finished off at 6792. Not bad considering my slow start. Finished off with a great week of riding with my son in Cochrane where we added another 1530 Km.
  8. sledjunk

    New liskeard up through hearst

    We rode there last week and it seemed like they stopped grooming. Driving by Sunday AM, we could see the moguls on the trail from the truck. Continue to Cochrane! Trails are still excellent here. Did the Canyon yesterday and rode to Kap area the day before.
  9. sledjunk

    Cochrane Update..

    Rode to Kap yesterday. Did Beardmore and Nursery on the way back. Excellent conditions!
  10. Funny guy! Are you coming north this week?
  11. sledjunk

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    I have not personally stayed there, but reports from friends say, "Don't do it!"
  12. sledjunk

    Cochrane to Hearst Mar 22 2019

    We are in room 26 at Westway. Say hi if you are around.
  13. sledjunk

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    Condolences to the family and friends. IMO, the guy went the way I would wish on anyone, doing what he loved to do! Albeit, too early at 67, but I am of the firm belief that when your time is up, its up. My personal choice would be to go exactly in this manner, preferably on a wide smooth fast trail on a bright sunny day
  14. sledjunk

    Thank You Tatachikapika Lodge

    Great place and great hosts. I would go back as well.
  15. sledjunk

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    I have to agree. Cochrane is even getting hard to find restaurants that are open. Brian was mentioning that a lot of them close when they are not busy ? Tried to order a pizza Tuesday night and there was no answer at any of the numbers. Finally ordered a pizza from JR's. Not bad. Terry's was closed when we went there for lunch on Monday. The only place that is close to full service is the Thriftlodge (such as it is) as it has Terry's onsite. But with the 'flexible' hours, I don't know how long that will survive.