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  1. sledjunk

    Heavy Boots?

    OK. That is my only suggestion as I am leaning toward a lighter boot rather than what you are after. Not criticizing, just different strokes. Good luck with your search and let us know what you find as I don't doubt that others may be looking for something similar.
  2. sledjunk

    Heavy Boots?

    Actually, a little quick research, shows that these boots are air insulated to temperatures to -20F and below. They are designed so that of you get them filled with water, you can just dump it out and continue on, as the insulation is still dry. I just did a search for mickey mouse military boots and found this location https://www.mickeymouseboots.com/pages/faq
  3. sledjunk

    Heavy Boots?

    My son ice fishes and he purchased a pair of ex military style boots commonly called 'mickey mouse' boots. He picked them up at Novi a couple of years ago and loves them. They appear to be a heavy 'rubber' boot with little to no insulation, but are designed for other layers for warmth.
  4. sledjunk


    True! It's not like I need it or am ready for it. But I did have higher expectations after AGM. Silly me!
  5. sledjunk


    Just got the same email for each of my two permits. At AGM, they were touting that the new fulfillment house would be able to process things much quicker. My permits were both ordered October 1, yet it took two weeks to get sent out. If they are two weeks behind off the bat, when do they get caught up???? In February?
  6. sledjunk

    Jolly Roger /Super 8

    Very positive news. Hope it turns around quickly.
  7. sledjunk


    You have to scroll down to the next checkbox and then at the end there is a finally an accept or some such thing.
  8. sledjunk

    Rest in Peace

    Condolences to family and friends. R.I.P.
  9. sledjunk

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Back at you and Kim! And all others on here!
  10. sledjunk

    FS 2007 Vector GT

    Yes, I did.
  11. Neat! I'll have to go to the post office and see if mine is there.
  12. sledjunk


    At least you didn't get Purolost. Missed a package last Thursday and they haven't been able to get it to THEIR 'local' dropoff for a week!
  13. sledjunk

    FS 2007 Vector GT

    Snow is coming and this sled is still available.
  14. sledjunk

    Announcement coming soon

    I thought it was 'salmon'
  15. sledjunk


    Good for you, and thank you!!!