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  1. sledjunk

    eye in the sky

    Revrnd, mike37 rides a 600 ACE and he has no trouble keeping up with us up north. Of course, none of us are really speed demons, but he did keep ApeXMAN worried on the ride to Cochrane
  2. sledjunk

    Welcome to OC - Please read this first

    Welcome to the forum, Paul. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  3. sledjunk

    Post,email, pass around please!

    I must admit it is the first of his (Ned Nickerson) ramblings that I fully agree with. Very well written article and he finally earned a bit of his pay, IMO. I am not a fan, but credit where credit is due.
  4. sledjunk

    Cochrane Update..

    Thank you for that! Looks fantastic!
  5. sledjunk

    Kap Snow Rovers Facebook Page..

    X5, but I am not on Facebook
  6. sledjunk

    Ofsc site not showing any of trails for me

    I now know that when you cross the bridge, get off the throttle!!!! Coming the other way, still surprises me sometimes
  7. sledjunk

    Ohhh Boy.. And so it begins...

    Not until after Christmas
  8. sledjunk

    Some OC Celebrities?

    If you look closer, you will see the back of the stop sign on the other side of that 'hill' (road crossing).
  9. sledjunk

    eye in the sky

    True. But the legal system is much different in QC. Liabilities are capped at a very low (compared to Ontario) amount and it is much harder to win a case. It all comes back to money, unfortunately.
  10. sledjunk

    eye in the sky

    Agreed. On top of that, you would have volunteers determining the speed limits. These are NOT engineered trails and therefore a set speed limit is the only way to go.
  11. sledjunk

    Some OC Celebrities?

    You keep flip flopping between "You guys abandoned me in Timmins" and "I left before Timmins"
  12. sledjunk

    Some OC Celebrities?

    You say that like it was voluntary
  13. sledjunk

    Some OC Celebrities?

    I saw that!