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  1. Are you sure the bulbs are still good? If the regulator has gone, it may have already blown the bulbs. The thumb warmer being too hot may be a clue. Did you check the voltage when the engine is running? Remember to check both AC and DC as it is likely that the lights and heaters are running off AC voltage. I am suspecting the regulator has gone.
  2. X2
  3. Congratulations on the sale. What is on the horizon, sled wise?
  4. Hope the show stays the same and doesn't deteriorate.
  5. Only us old guys And people whose grandfather's explained it to them, right irREVerent?
  6. Interesting! The limited range of 100 KM on a charge could be an issue, though. No max speed listed either.
  7. Not on FB and not interested. Sorry.
  8. When you go fishing, you never know what you'll catch!
  9. Hadn't heard that one. Love it! I will use it.
  10. Wow, you really have been going through some S##T. Good luck with everything. Hopefully the dog bite isn't too bad and doesn't get infected. I also hope the house isn't too expensive to repair. Good luck! We're pulling for you.
  11. Not when it is spread over three sleds (ok 2, but the second one is already gone) The house problems sure suck, though. Hope he can get some help from the seller / family
  12. X2! Great info, Schmied. Interesting to note, is the comparison of time with > 20000 KM. Certainly was a topsy-turvy year. Thanks for spending the time to gather the data.
  13. Deepest condolences on the loss of your friend and to his family.
  14. The sled was not sunk! IrREVerent is a stand up guy who would never think of doing that without full disclosure.