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  1. I'll be signing off permanently today. It's a sad but realistic time, where we have to know when to fold 'em and know when to hold 'em !

    The sleds and all the gear that goes with them has hit the road ; to be enjoyed by new owners. 

    Thanks to all the OC'ers who have contributed to our enjoyment of sledding over the years !

    Cheers and as SLED ED once said to me  " Keep the rubber side on the snow "


  2. SOLD !!! The whole enchalada ! All the gear and the trailer ! We hope the new owners enjoy the sport as much as we did.
  3. With help from the smart one ; here are pictures of the sleds for sale .
  4. I have two Skidoo GSX s for sale .Both are in great condition.Very reliable. Sold the cottage and have back issues = no sledding ! Bummer for me : good for you ! #1 ; 2006 GSX 550 fan , studded ,w/cover ,tail bag. Bought new and well maintained.Runs excellent ,Carbs serviced regularly. 6500 km. Never ridden hard. ASKING $ 3000.00 A very good family sled. #2 ; 2012 Gsx 600 E-Tech This sled is mint .Wife didn't drive it much .Only about 1800 MILES on it .Still looks and runs like new. w/ tail bag and cover. ASKING $5700.00 Really fast sled .
  5. I agree with 02sled , the restaurant is a must. The signage and online info needs a serious redo. Make it clean and tasty - they will come !
  6. We always liked the convenience of the Jolly Roger.The trails in that area are among the best within our preferred distance for trailering. Can anyone confirm that the new owners of JR are opening up with improved conditions ? Sure would like to support them when the snow arrives !
  7. I wish the boneheads who blew the stop sign on the Sequin on Friday could see the consequences of not stopping. Don't wish anyone harm ,but, when you get AIR over a rail crossing beside four stopped sleds ---- well FACK !!!! I am a retired first responder and I have seen the results of stupid. Wish the sledder well.
  8. Thanks 02 , We saw that a short while ago; it's a big one ! Gone now ! Four of us just came back from riding the Sequin and found every thing in tip top shape The northern portion of C where the hydro contractors are working is very hit and miss for snow on the trail .One section of about 100m is all mud ! Stay spaced out and go one at a time or go straight to the car wash ! We took the club trail back to Parry Sound and enjoyed that too . Thanks to Wild Bill for suggesting the Tappattoo ! We really enjoyed our stay there and will go back !
  9. Just wondering why the trails around and south of Parry Sound are yellow ? Are the lakes getting bad or is it a groomer problem? We are taking Bill's suggestion and are heading to Tapatoo on Thurs. and are looking forward to some easy riding cuz we'er old and need to feel safe ! Any body ride the lakes to the south of Tapatoo ? Do we have any alternatives to riding them in order to explore that area ? Any help is appreciated .
  10. We rode that trail on Thursday and my back is killing me . We know the groomer was going out on Thurs. night , I hope the weekenders get a better ride than we did. ! I would personally like to thank the asshats who are responsible for all the closures in the area ! Our ride to Whitney was very hit and miss as far as conditions go ; You groomer guys have a tough system to take care of --- Thank You !
  11. Color me green . Cheers .!.
  12. Thx ,, that's a big help !
  13. Thanks Rev-man , we are in the planning stages and the more info we get the more comfortable we get . I'm waiting for my sled to be released from it's badly needed maintenance appointment or we would be riding instead of typing !
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