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  1. I have the PR187 because there will be times when I will be hauling my 2 136" Vectors and 121 Vector. Just like when I had the PR147, there are many times when I tow alone (single sled). When I do, I load from the back, and drive right up to the front. This gives you sufficient tongue weight and the trailer tows like a dream.
  2. Sudbury has been trying to discourage visiting sledders for years. They just don't groom anywhere near the motels, so you are welcome to ride STP if you tolerate 20 - 30 K of moguls first. Or trailer at the start and end of each day to a groomed trailhead.
  3. Just don't go through Oakwood.
  4. That was Community Cycle which was the building that Custom John would later occupy.
  5. In doing a cleanup of the garage, I came across the Bill of Sale for my 94 VMax. My son and I test rode the sled in the field behind the dealership in Sharon prior to signing the deal. There was a fair amount of snow in the field and riding was OK for a a test track. The deal was signed November 1, 1999!
  6. I concur with that. My previous truck was a 2000 6.5 L Turbo Diesel Chev 3500 LB Dually. It towed stuff like it wasn't there, but, as it was an occasional use vehicle, the high cost of maintenance killed me. When I upgraded in '13, I went with a F250 LB with a 6.2L Gasser. I absolutely hate the way it shifts, but it will tow, even though it seems to struggle even with a 'light' trailer. However, the maintenance costs have been much more palatable, and when you put your foot down, it will downshift 30 or 40 gears (OK, I might be exaggerating a bit) and finally get up and go. Then, it will pass anything except a gas station. Since I retired in 15, I have used the truck a little more regularly, but it is still not a high mileage use (120K Km) over 7 years. For my usage, I would not go back to diesel from my past experience.
  7. I went from a clamshell to the PR147. I have no experience with the 167 but I loved my PR147. I expect that I will have occurrences to have all 3 sleds (2 - 136" and 1 - 121) so I upgraded last year to a PR - 187. The trailer tows very nicely and I have no regrets.
  8. BP Thanks for the heads up about the EZ Adjust. Ordered it for my Vector.
  9. I found that HID bulbs and the lights reaimed for high beam seemed to work for me.
  10. And so, if you're not here, she called in her lover Just kidding, O2
  11. When I first took delivery of my previous trailer it was late November. To install ski guides, etc, I used a propane heater to make the work a little more comfortable. Worked well until it started raining inside the trailer from all the condensation.
  12. Sorry to hear about your back problems. Good luck with the sale.
  13. If trails were open today, here is a real life example of how this would work? I am in York Region, but our groomers are based out of Durham. Our trails that go through York would have to be groomed from Durham so that the York trails are groomed. The York trails would be open, but the freshly groomed trails to York would have to be closed. That means that all the Durham riders would not be able to ride their local trails because they lead to York, even though their are is 'clean'. I think this policy is going to lead to many people ignoring these 'closed' trails. It is an unworkable policy.
  14. So. People who are outside of, but near to, a stage 2 area can't ride, but people inside a stage 2 area can? Also, there is no restriction on traveling from a stage 2 area into any other area. It might not be a great idea, but there is no restriction. That is part of the reason that the Mayor of Markham was pushing for a restriction, but did not get it. BTW, Victoria Park Avenue, Woodbine Avenue, etc, were not closed at Steeles when York was still stage 3. Typical OFSC not staying in their lane.
  15. Even if the person isn't effective, the virus certainly is. If the person is infected, you can get the virus.
  16. I cook supper nearly every night of the year,and I'll be damned if I am going to cook when I am staying on a hotel on a sledding trip.
  17. Smooth Rock Esso does not have pay at the pump capability, or at least didn't last March. So everyone had to go in to pay, and it could get crowded in there.
  18. We have had the brush bar get pretzeled more than a few times when out. One incident actually twisted the drag frame. I am not sure how a cylinder would fare in that situation. We have not attempted it for that reason.
  19. Unfortunately, I have to agree with SF on this. Credit card companies will almost always agree with the cardholder. We shipped a computer, via tracked courier, to a customer who then reported to the CC company that he had not received it. They reversed the charge and it was left to us to sue to get the money. Last year, my son lost his permit before putting it on. Went the police report route, paid the $25 replacement fee. It did not arrive before our trip,but we could print the 10 day temporary permit,so that is what he rode with. That was the end of his season,so I reported that the replacement permit never arrived and the CC company credited me.
  20. Since the provincial government suspended the requirements for renewal until further notice, I have not renewed my plates for car or truck (due in May)
  21. Yes, the problem areas are currently Toronto, Ottawa and Peel. However, most of the sledders from those places will traveling elsewhere, carrying whatever with them. Then you get to restaurants where you remove your helmet, and let it drip on the table, along with your balaclava and gloves, hoping that the restaurants are doing the extra sanitizing required. From what I have heard, restaurants in Cochrane are already having problems getting sufficient staff. Apparently, with the shutdown, staff have found alternate employment. Westway has been leaving rooms 'fallow' between guests but they are not exactly sure what restrictions or plans will be in effect for winter.
  22. The more I think about it, the less I am inclined to buy a permit this year. If this increase in cases doesn't abate, it will be difficult to stay safe over the winter unless you are in a position to ride from home. Not really liking this but I figure, if things change for the better, paying the full price, or alternatively, buying day passes, may suffice. I may change my mind, but it sure isn't looking good
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