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  1. Just when we had some cold weather to help freeze up some mud holes, we got lots of rain and what snow we had took a beating.
  2. ATTENTION ALL SLEDS! The Rolphton ESSO and Rolphton Restaurant & Motel would will be closed Wednesday February 12 from 9 am to noon! Due to a planned power outage by Hydro One!
  3. Great to see children enjoying snowmobiling! Thought I would share this photo from NRSA Poker Run last year!
  4. I rode that section of trail that is not an OFSC trail on Sunday, going down from 136 side to 137, it was icy on the hill. Locals use that trail a lot, myself the last few years I have only travelled this trail from the 136 to 137 side.
  5. Well it is been a up and down season this year! Lots of storms' damage causing extra trail work for volunteers but we survived it and are now enjoying the trails! This Saturday Feb 8 is our NRSA poker run which is ran out of the Bear's Den in Deep River which is trail access on the trail # 135. Registration start's at 9:30 to noon, 3 check points on the trail, plus a selfie checkpoint. Return to the Bear's Den by 4:30 pm. Krista and her dog Lexi had fun on Saturday, but can't wait for the NRSA Deep River Poker Run next Sat. Feb 8th where there will be not only cash p
  6. Finally some good new regarding the trails, check the ITG for latest trail conditions! https://ofsc.evtrails.com/#
  7. Finally some good new regarding the trails, check the ITG for latest trail conditions! https://ofsc.evtrails.com/#
  8. I not sure of the restaurants in Renfrew, as NRSA territory is west of Petawawa.
  9. Sure been a hard year for our volunteers, round 3 of clearing the trails was completed Sunday, but still lots of face slappers to clean up yet. We still need more snow for the season to began, so lets hope old man winter shows up soon!
  10. After spending the past couple of weeks cleaning up after the late November ice/snowstorm mother nature has once again hit the NRSA and District 6 trails hard. Trying to not burn out our volunteers we are in desperate need for more assistance to help clear the trails before they can be opened for the season. We realize that It is a busy time of the year for everyone so it is very hard to wait to organize trail days for this huge job, but volunteers are out trying to clear the trails, but we are looking for help!
  11. No really changes on the trails, only a small reroute on the trail 136. The A-trail crossing with the fencing was put up by the club to stop ATVs from going on the private landowner's property.
  12. NRSA volunteers have been busy getting ready for the upcoming season. Thought I would share a few pictures of trail work and if you're looking for a quick trail side stop in NRSA territory look for the newest stopping area, here is the video.
  13. Congratulation Nunz and have fun in your new task! Sure was great to see you at the AGM!
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