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  1. Thanks for this post to remind to me to go back in the garage and add some silicon around the belly pan clutch area on the current bush/kids sled I have. Looked at that two hours ago. Water on the primary clutch is never good, even with just top water on the lakes. Been in the water in the dark with 3 other buddies.. prefer not to go back. Grew up on lakes west of Sudbury.. so sooner or later we pushed our luck too far.. but luckily no lives lost and knowledge gained. The frozen seat was a kind reminder every morning left on the previously sunk sled. ( 92 Indy 440
  2. OK.. will take the first snow/melt cycle as a base and wait for the next storm to get things rolling. Close to -20 tonight will help some wet spots.
  3. This board has gone quiet. Anyone have news in the area or status quo for the region? I see a new groomer on FB if memory serves to replace the old. Perhaps FB has taken over as the place for updates. Happy trails ... once this current Christmas rain storm runs its course. - large
  4. Glad the lawyers on both sides came to an agreement on the wording. I was in the thick of this last year with Ottawa, and it is certainly a challenging process, with only a few having the true legal input/final say. Looking good.. just need to keep the volunteers going on setup .. and then some cold and snow. The cold this week in the east should lock up some swamps with no snow cover to insulate
  5. Anyone have luck getting their 40 bucks back on the QC without the $20 admin fee? Paid 340 this week and then submitted the insurance refund an hour later ( 10 day window max ) We shall see what cheque I get in the mail.. for $20 or $40? I was fortunate enough to buy a camp in QC this summer @ the south end of the 386, so a pass was a no brainer for me to support the local club once again, even though the north end of the 386 is all closed due to logging this season. Stayed at that same cabin @ Rabaska in the past... was much more water when there in mid/end of
  6. The BEAST moved a bunch of trails yellow(in internal maps) this AM ( after a combined 45 hour grooming blitz Friday in a snowstorm ) .. but we don't have access to the ITG... so we are asking the district now to update. There is a chance this update will not occur until Monday AM. We have asked for years for access to the ITG to be dynamic, but there is no trust to allow that. Sucks for the public to have stale data.. which is worst case.. the ITG update may occur any time.
  7. Losing SPOT is another loss. Was great to see when a trail that only gets groomed once every week or two was covered. Used it for the Long Lk to Penage Trail many times, as it only gets a few passes a year and swamps end the trip short most often. Now we have to ask the volunteers which just adds to their burden, if they answer at all. Another step backwards IMO . Our permit $ pays for the the GPS HW and only a select few local volunteers get to make use of the data it generates. What a waste.
  8. It is a bush trail down a gully with a small wood bridge at the bottom. Only a few hundred yards long in all. The steeper hill is on the east side... no issue with studs but there can be some small icy sections that a rookie could get stuck on. There is usually a small creek on the west side.. we are taking about 4 inches of water and a few rocks.. very minor. If your group is doing the RAP I assume you can all handle 2 minutes of bush trail riding. Don't worry about it. I've driven through it a few times and had my daughter on the back last time. A non issue,
  9. Interesting the CBC has not got a hold of the problems around the city of Ottawa yet. I can tell you all there has been a tons of negotiations this week with the city risk/lawyers and the OFSC/insurance vendors. We have a keen sledder on the council working OT for this. The city is very keen to get the trails open but has to cover their butt of course. There is no forecast when this may resolve... but we all know the local season here end the first/second week of March due to the warming sun killing the road sections of trail. In our case(Ottawa clubs on city land) there wa
  10. I am in the middle of one of these negotiations. The press release is all true from the one example I am in.. .. simply horrible timing to do such a review. April would have a been a great month to start this. More stress and hassle for the few core volunteers that run the trails.... I just spent my lunch at work dealing with updates around this .. sometimes I ask myself why.
  11. The red is now at all Hwy crossings in D6. Someone is doing this for a reason, and if I had to guess lawyers and liability are in the mix.
  12. All quiet for few weeks.. Still in hanging tree clean up mode? They are relentless.
  13. Any trail changes in the area this year? Hwy 17 A trail crossing just east of Deep River looked a bit more closed/fenced than the signage I saw in the spring.
  14. Any response from the King? Probably up to the local owner to decide where to spend $?
  15. The forecast keeps cooling off.. looks like a prime weekend coming up in this area, with temps below zero all weekend.... where was this weather a month ago? I hope that the volunteers are not burnt out yet have and good fortune keeping the groomers on the snow. Saw all the 2019 sleds last night in Kanata.... something for me to buy in 3 years once they depreciate
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