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  1. Lucky you! I have nothin but dandelions growing in my lawn!
  2. Monkton arena gives you easy trail access.
  3. Hmmm. A grey area like depending on the officers mood does he enforce the 50k/h speed limit? Share some links regarding the officers busting drivers with out of date stickers. I missed that on the news. Thanks
  4. I haven't moved and didn't receive my renewal notice. Is it because of this? https://www.ontario.ca/page/extended-validation-periods
  5. Watching those leaf sprung machines bash through the moguled bush trail @ 14:20 brings back memories.
  6. You need to do your homework before you post. https://wiikwemkoong.ca
  7. I think the ones with a financial interest in you such as hotels, restaurant owners, will welcome you. But at gas stations, restaurants your likely to run into local patrons that are not as welcoming.
  8. I was referring to this: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/m-chigeeng-first-nations-manitoulin-island-highway-checkpoints-1.5555552
  9. They may not do it, but it's clear, visitors from the south will not be welcome in the north. I'm not inclined to go where I'm not welcomed. The natives closed the highway on Manitoulin last spring/summer.
  10. Large, This forum has turned into a soapbox for people to use to bitch about politics.
  11. Speaking of vintage I saw this beauty on kijiji. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile/stratford-on/mercury-rocket-lightening/1541846271 I was in my early teens when a neighboring farmer got one of those. Everyone on our road was aghast at the obscene 30 hp sled! Who needs that much power!
  12. I think we're kidding ourselves to think we could maintain a safe distance and/or wear masks & not contaminate one another when spending a number of days on a sled trip with a group of friends/relatives. I don't think the masks would cut it for even the ride north in the confined space of a pickup truck with someone outside your home bubble. Grilled asparagus is awesome!!
  13. Campbell Soup = X brand Keep your eye out for the next Johnnie Walker or Glenfiddich contest! The prize would be more to what your liking.
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