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  1. You should carry more insurance on your lawn mower than your sled.. Just a observation from your knowledge posts...
  2. I personally think that the biggest problem is staffing the place. Been to hh a number of times. A couple times seems more dramatic than nessary from the e staff. But that my observation.. Still quite a challenge. But you took it on. Continue. Or sell it..
  3. You run with a wide load banner?? 12 ft wide is permit width??
  4. Good point about the rooms. Just talked about it at breakfast..
  5. We will be coming from thunder bay area.
  6. Planned on wawa for Tuesday.?think we just go to dub. Save the road rash..
  7. Tree bears was great a few years ago. We were in New 2 bedroom cabins. Meals were great. Gas in town then. Would definitely go back..
  8. Drop and go north.. dry pine bay is likley real bad slush.
  9. You can park in alban at the community center. C trail runs around the property.Not sure about noelville .
  10. At least you can say you have volunteered.. Great job...
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