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  1. Our longest tour was 12 days. Never had a fuel light come on. But wifes like to pee and have a soup for lunch on big tours. I'm sure they have there place.
  2. Just checking.. All these people who carry gas. Do you ever use it? I found it always ended up getting poured into to summer toy? Did the can on tour for a number of years and never needed or used it?
  3. Was a tandem fuel truck a couple years ago when we were there..
  4. Bad news from Ford for north bay . Likley wont help anything...
  5. We have caa rv coverage. No problem with a trailer. Had my sled delivered from searchmont to echo bay years back. Was not a issue then. I might have led them to believe it was the sled trailer they had to pick up...
  6. Better look at a map closer. C trail goes up near port loring now and follows c105d back to 69 to meet the old c trail..
  7. Or the ones on their 4 wheeler thinking it was groomed for them as they have never been out of the city in the winter before....
  8. Groceries by sled for us...
  9. Hopefully you are right. It's about all we got left here...
  10. Starting this weekend... Sorry... Likely getting ramped up as the trials open in the area..
  11. The writing was on the wall there.. See porterville is open at 11am. 4 days a week. Take out of course..
  12. We went to Bancroft this morning. Enough for me for a long time. I cant imagine going to a city. Freezer is full of beef and venison. Wont be going to far with all all the idiots on the loose..
  13. Sad isn't it.. Hopefully things slow up quickly..
  14. You win post ont the year in my books. Thanks Nunz..
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