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  1. Thought you might be taking Greg when I saw the cutter pic..
  2. With up.to 30 mm of rain forecast and low snow amount. Go north... I was involved in the area trails for 18 years. You will not be happy...
  3. Freinds that live in the French river trailers to Elliott lake this week. Little more driving can save you a lot of grief..
  4. They are great people. Ross and Frenda. Forget the sons name but have met in the past.. Hope the best for all of them. Just shows what link in trail can do to affect many lives..
  5. A few years ago when we were there. The wing fell off. Over a bank I was told. Asked if they wanted help to get it out. Deal with it in the spring was the answer.. Hopefully it ca stay open in the future. Puts a dim light on snowmobile tours in my mind...
  6. Cabins are new builds also..
  7. Was a great spot a couple years ago when we were there. That was their first winter so I would say its likley only getting better.. Great meals and a comfy cabin..
  8. Rich Saul


    In the past was a sign on the lake and easy trail to follow..cross lakeshore into bestwestern parking lot. Was always a good spot. We traveled to and stayed many times for nnta meetings..
  9. You never mentioned that before did you.. Sounds like band camp...
  10. Iv met the couple that own the company on a couple different trips.. Very stand up folks. We have a few products by them.. Its top rated by us..
  11. Just stay another day... Problem solved..
  12. The turtle by pass is no more. At least for the sled trail. Not sure about atvs over the summer season. Spend the last 2 days with a 14ton linkbelt brushing ad moving the rock baracades. Brushed. Quick grading. Its ready to go...
  13. You seem to have a hard time getting over a lawn mower. Good thing you didn't order anything life threatening... Go buy some goats and get over it...
  14. No problem on the doos. I put heat deamon units on ours. Wife loves it..
  15. Canyon is easy access. Road is ploughed.. Half way is you own and operate you own grader to maintain the road.. Quite a different story.. Hopefully it is open this winter..
  16. Well said ski. Most people have no idea what the planning of just one week of operation would involve I running that lodge. As far as the dream of a card lock. Call wily Wonka and dream on. Be a shame to see the loop close again but its reality..
  17. Our longest tour was 12 days. Never had a fuel light come on. But wifes like to pee and have a soup for lunch on big tours. I'm sure they have there place.
  18. Just checking.. All these people who carry gas. Do you ever use it? I found it always ended up getting poured into to summer toy? Did the can on tour for a number of years and never needed or used it?
  19. Was a tandem fuel truck a couple years ago when we were there..
  20. Bad news from Ford for north bay . Likley wont help anything...
  21. We have caa rv coverage. No problem with a trailer. Had my sled delivered from searchmont to echo bay years back. Was not a issue then. I might have led them to believe it was the sled trailer they had to pick up...
  22. Better look at a map closer. C trail goes up near port loring now and follows c105d back to 69 to meet the old c trail..
  23. Or the ones on their 4 wheeler thinking it was groomed for them as they have never been out of the city in the winter before....
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