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    Thank you, Nunz and Karen! I enjoyed the party until I had to go home for my nap. Great seeing you guys along with your friends and family, including Slow Touring Guy, Mr. Secretary, iREVerent, Mr and Ms IQ Turbo, The Dutchman, Mr and Ms White Dragon, Mr and Ms Brappman, Mr and Ms Soupkids. (Not sure who else appeared after I left.) Best part was watching Nunz and friends gnawing the front off the Polaris cake.
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    This program is dead finally
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    Thanks so much for coming to our party it was great seeing all of you,
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    A big Thanks to Nunz and Karen for having us yesterday at their place for the bash!. It was a great day. Great seeing you guys, and always a pleasure hanging out and chatting. The only thing that could have been better, would have been if we were on the sleds, hanging out. It was great to see some familiar faces and some new ones. Thanks to Soupkids, Irreverent, Sledjunk, White Dragon, Blake G, ontarioF7... Great seeing the gang, hope to see you guys on the trails. Again, Happy birthday Mr.Polaris. Woot Woot....i am going to LOVE, the BRP/CANAM clock hanging on the wall in the Polaris man cave....
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    Found what I was looking for last night, and picked it up today. 2017 Grand Touring 1200 SE with 841 kms. I guess I'll leave the beastly cat in storage until I figure out what to do with it. I put a few hundred kms on it last winter.
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    I just picked up a used 2017 Mission trailer this week. 7 1/2’ x 16’ Towed nice heading north to cottage. Next weekend will start the clean up and check everything over.
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    Thanks for having us, Nunz and Karen. It was a great time seeing everyone and chatting about our favourite activity. I am really pumped about the upcoming season.
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    Mrs. Iq turbo politely reminded me, that I DO NOT, ever stop thinking about the NCDN..
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    Woot..Woot...... looks like besides it being Nunz birthday and a summer sucks party, it will be a OC Members reunion..
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    Hi Nunz..... Happy 50th birthday to you and all the best. I'm sure you will enjoy that day. It's a testament to you being a great guy that so many people appreciate you and are willing to celebrate with you. . I would have liked to attend but diabetes now seem to want to take me down..... as you know, I will fight every step of the way, I'm down to eating uncooked veggies etc and no carbs. Unfortunately, bbq's and beer I have to stay far away from and resistance is futile if I attend and see all that food and condiments. Have a "Butter Tart" with Blake G for me. However, enjoy your bday bash ..... moderation is paramount when you are over the hill Cheers.
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    Seeing this, this am, is making me start thinking of the NCDN... Oh i cannot wait.
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    If this shows up tomorrow, i am outta there..
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    Im dying to open a present I got from a good friend from OC, it has been sitting in my garage for a few weeks but am waiting to open it till the party. Karen has said she is going to record me opening the box, I am getting nervous lol.
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    Boy did I find the perfect present for Nunz. I hope she can find his place tomorrow.
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    Megan and I will be there around 6:30...looking forwarding to meeting new friends and seeing old ones. Yes SJ, directed at you.
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    Tread carefully. Seems every time I turn around, some tree hugging idiot wants a trail closed down so nobody ever uses it. It's almost an automatic win. Go ahead, and check out a "non motorised trail only" trail over 100 yards from the parking lot. I for one hate having tax dollars go to a single use trail that nobody ever uses.
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    For your very first OFSC annual meeting initiation you will be led to a room with a goat. Be brave.
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